How to Play Youtube in Background on iPhone 2020 (Works on iOS 13/12/11)

As you know, Youtube is the most popular video app both on iOS and Android. You can literally search for any kind of video on Youtube. You can search for your favourite how to’s videos or recently released music videos. You can even upload videos on your Youtube account and make it public so that any one can watch. You can even make money from Youtube if you fulfill their basic criteria of making money. Youtube is too popular so they have methods in action so that you can’t play Youtube in the background. You have to watch the video in order to listen to your favorite songs on iOS or Android.

Youtube app can be minimised on iPhone/iPad but it will stop working. You can’t play videos while the app is minimised. You want to work on other apps while listening to your favorite music which just released on Youtube only but you can’t do that. The app should always be open on iPhone/iPad.

Few months back, people were able to play Youtube in the Background on iPhone using a simple trick. You had to open Youtube in Chrome. Use the desktop site version of the Youtube. Play your favorite video. Minimise the app. Open the control center and click on the play button of the media player there. This method was working nicely but somehow Youtube fixed it soon. Now you can’t do that.

We have found a new method which works in same way as method explained above but with little more trick.

Here is the method step by step to Play Youtube in Background iPhone:

  1. Open your internet browser. (Safari, Chrome or Firefox). I have tested on Chrome and Safari.
  2. Open
  3. Go to browser settings and choose Desktop Version of the site.
  4. Search for your favourite video and play it on your iPhone/iPad.
  5. Now video will play full screen on your iPhone. Swipe the screen to go back to browser.
  6. Now use the play button on the video to play it again.
  7. Video will again play in full mode.
  8. Now Minimise the Safari/chrome app while video is still playing.
  9. As soon as you will minimise, video will stop playing.
  10. Open the safari/chrome from background apps again. You will be able to see the video in full mode with a play button at bottom of the video.
  11. Tap on the play button and it will resume playing again.
  12. Now Minimise the app.
  13. And voila! It will continue to play in the background.
  14. Now you can open the safari/chrome app again. Choose any video that you want to play and you don’t have to repeat this whole process. You can now play any video in the background till you close the Safari/Chrome app on your iPhone/iPad.
  15. You can play youtube in Background on iPhone having iOS 12, iOS 11, iOS 10.

Watch Below Video for Live Demonstration of this method:

Watch the full video and do as described. If you mess up in the middle then you have to start from the beginning. You can listen to youtube playing in background on my iPhone 7. I have tested the same on iPhone X/6 as well and the method worked perfectly.

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