How to Fix Authentication Problem in Wi-Fi Connection

“Authentication Error” is one of the common errors that we have encountered at least once while trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network. The device refuses to connect with the Wireless Network no matter how much you try. The authentication problem occurs both in Android phones and computer. The problem even occurs on iPhone, iPad and Macbook as well. There can be multiple reasons as why your phone or laptop can’t connect to wifi network. 

The authentication problem occurs when you try to connect a Wi-Fi network with the right password and the device refused to connect. Normally the device saves the password entered and gets connected to the network. However in this case a message is delivered at the bottom saying “Authentication Error” or “Authentication Problem”. The error can be removed by following some simple troubleshooting steps. You can follow our below guide to fix the Authentication problem in Android, iPhone and computers. 

How to fix Wi-Fi Authentication Error Problem

The connection problem can be fixed in many ways. We are going to provide your multiple troubleshooting tips to fix Android WiFi authentication error.

  1. The Password Problem

A wrong password is the major issue in getting the authentication error. Make sure that password entered is correct. You should also check for the Capslock ON/OFF key. Normally people don’t type in their password that has capital letters especially on home networks or their mobile hotspots. The Capslock key becomes ON by mistake and people keep tying in their password on the network and it keeps on giving Authentication error.

If you think that you are entering the right password and the problem still exists then you should take another device. Connect that device to the network that you are trying to connect and enter the same password. If the device gets connected then you have the right password. Most of the time the password check will solve the problem.

  1. Forget the Network and Connect Again

The second method is one of the best methods to fix the problem. You can try to reset the connection between device and wireless router. It can be any device such as Android phone, iPhone or Computer. In computers you can directly delete the network. You can reset by forgetting the connection from the wireless settings. You can remove the Wi-Fi connection and add it back as new connection. It will fix the connection 90% of the time.

Follow the below steps to forget the network and connect again –

  1. Go to “Settingsapp on your Android or iPhone or iPad.
  2. Go to “Wi-Fi” option. It can be under “Connections” on Android.
  3. Find the WiFi network connection that you want to connect to. Long press on its name and you will get 2 options i.e. Forget Network and Modify Network.
  4. Select Forget Network. The network will disappear from the list.
  5. Search for the network. Once the same connection appears then try to connect again with the same password.
  6. If everything goes right then your device will be able to authenticate successfully to the wireless router.

If you are unable to make the successful connection then you should move on to 3rd method to fix it.

  1. Check for Duplicate Wireless Networks

Duplicate Wireless Networks are another problems, which people encounter in metro areas. Nowadays every one has wireless router installed at their home because it has become very cheap to get broadband data. As most people are not that technical, they don’t change the default name of the router. Even the company people who setup the router for the first time don’t change it. You may encounter multiple wireless networks named “LinkSys” or “Cisco” etc… You should exactly know which one to connect.

If you are entering the right password in the wrong Wi-Fi connection then it’s a no brainer that you will encounter Wi-Fi Authentication error on your device.

One of the finest solutions to this problem is to rename your wireless network. You can easily rename it if it’s a home connection. You can change your Hotspot name very easily by going to Wi-Fi Hotspot settings on your Android phone or iPhone or iPad.

  1. Toggle Wi-Fi Button

Sometimes bigger problems have a very small solution to it. You can try switching off/on Wi-Fi on your device. You can do it from the notification area at the top or bottom of the phone (depends on phone). You can go to settings and find the Wi-Fi option. Open the Wi-Fi option and switch it off. After few second turn it back ON and then try to reconnect to the wireless network with the right password.

  1. Toggle Airplane Mode

Airplane mode is one of the best useful things on your device. It fixes most of the connection problems related to mobile networks, wireless networks and Bluetooth. Turn off the Airplane mode for few seconds and then turn it back ON. Your Wi-Fi will start searching for networks. Find the network that you want to connect to. Enter the right password and click on connect. If everything goes right then device will make a successful connection with the network. You can find the Airplane mode option in the settings and in the top/bottom slide menus of your Android phone/iPhone/iPad.

  1. Perform Network Settings Reset on Android Phones

If you have Android Marshmallow installed on your Android phone then you can perform a reset on network settings. The Reset network settings option is given in the Marshmallow option only. It will help erase all details related to network. Follow the below steps to reset networks settings on Android M-

  • Go to Settings app of your Android M.
  • Select “Backup and Reset” in the given options.
  • Now go to “Network Settings reset” button in the options.
  • Press the “Reset Settings” option. You will be shown a warning. Press “Reset Settings” again to refresh all network settings.
  • Go back to Wi-Fi option and try connection to your desired wireless network.

It will refresh all settings related to mobile networks, wireless network and Bluetooth. All the previous network settings will be wiped off. It’s very helpful in fixing the Wireless authentication and Bluetooth problems of Android phone.

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Reset Network Settings on iPhone/iPad

Network settings can be easily made to default by performing a reset on network settings. iPhone/iPad have direct option to reset network settings which will help you get rid of password, authentication, obtaining IP Address, out of range and other wireless connection problems.

Follow the below steps to perform a reset of network settings in iOS devices:

  • Go to “Settings” of your iPhone/iPad.
  • Go to “General” option.
  • Select “Reset” option.
  • Press the “Network Settings Reset” option.
  • Enter your passcode.
  • Once it’s completed then try to connect again by going to Wi-Fi option in settings.

It will refresh all network settings removing authentication problems if any.

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  1. OS Update

Make sure that your Android or iPhone is up to date. Sometimes updates can fix all issues related to wireless networks, mobile networks and other connectivity issues. You can update your Android or iPhone very easily by going into the settings app. Follow the steps below to update your system-

  • Go to Settings app of Android or iPhone or iPad.
  • For Android: Go to About Phone >> System Updates
  • For iPhone and iPad: Go to General >> System Updates

If any recent update is available then download the software and install it to get latest features and error fixes. It can help with the Wi-Fi connection issues.

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  1. Factory Data Reset

Factory Data reset will fix your entire problem at once. Whether the problem is related to wireless connectivity, mobile network not available or Bluetooth connectivity or any file data transfer, it’s going to fix everything. Factory data reset will erase everything on your Android or iPhone or iPad. It will erase all documents, contacts, apps, images, video, music and other things that you installed after purchasing the phone. Data factory reset will also erase your network settings. Don’t forget to save all data before you go ahead with factory data reset on your Android phone or iPhone or iPad.

Factory data reset can be performed on Android or iPhone device by following the simple steps below:

  • For Android: Go to Settings >> Back up and Reset >> Factory Data Reset
  • For iPhone and iPad: Settings >> General >> Reset >> Erase all content and settings
  • Once you do a factory reset then go to Wi-Fi and try to connect to the wireless network again with the right password.

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Check out video below to see everything in action:

Hopefully your Wi-Fi authentication problem will go away with this simple method.

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