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Some Chrome users have complaints of failure to load some web pages. They also get the error DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. What Is the DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN Error? All devices connected to the internet have an IP address. DNS is the abbreviation for Domain Name System that is used to locate the website address corresponding to an IP address. Hence, […]

Fix This Device is Not Configured Correctly (Code 1)

How does it feel like when you boot your computer and bump into something like this Device is Not Configured Correctly (Code 1). It is irritating, right? This Device is Not Configured Correctly. (code 1) the message is a standard driver error that is seen in the computer’s status box. This error is mainly seen when […]

How To Fix Unexpected Network Error 0x8007003b Easily

Network Error 0X8007003B is an error that some Windows operating system users encounter when transferring large files with size exceeding 100 MB using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to their computers or laptops. The error message “0X8007003B: an unexpected network error has occurred” is displayed when this network error occurs. In this article. we […]

How To Fix Circular Kernel Context Logger Error 0xc0000035

Some Windows users have reported that they were getting the “Circular Kernel Context Logger” error with the error code, 0xc0000035. Corrupted or incomplete system files, system registry problems, viruses, insufficient RAM memory, etc, are the main reasons for the Circular Kernel Context Logger error 0xc0000035. Details on Kernel Context Logger Error 0xc0000035 The error code […]

Fix Selected Boot Image Did Not Authenticate Easily

HP is one of the best PCs you will get in the market. It’s BIOS loads devices and the entire system after checking for errors. Sometimes, you will get the “selected boot image did not authenticate.” error. This error was rare in the previous versions of Windows. The failure is mostly associated with upgrades and […]