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Top 10 Photo to Cartoon Picture Apps for Android

At times you may need to create a cartoon avatar of yourself as a profile picture at some websites. Adding hilarious cartoons to increase user engagement on social sites is another instance where you need a cartoon picture app. There are many other instances where you may need a cartoon picture application.

Many photo to cartoon picture conversion Apps available for the Android mobiles and other Android devices. There are paid and free versions of such software. However, finding the best cartoon picture app is a tedious task. We will look into top 10 photo to cartoon picture apps for the Android devices in this articles.

Top 10 Photo to Cartoon Picture Apps

Compiling the list of the top 10 photo to cartoon picture app is not that easy. Different applications have pros and cons. In spite of such difficulties, I have compiled a list of top 10 Photo to Cartoon Picture Apps, and is given below.

1. MomentCam (₹33.00 – ₹700.00 per item)

Top 10 Photo to Cartoon Picture Apps for Android - MomentCam

MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers is a very popular cartoon making app. In-app Products cost varies from ₹33.00 to ₹700.00 per item. Some of the main features of MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers are listed below.

  • Personalized cartoons.
  • Personalized background.
  • Animated emoticons.
  • Win exciting prizes by sharing your work with MomentCam community!

2. Deep Art Effects (₹70.00 – ₹220.00 per item)

Deep Art Effects

Deep Art Effects – AI Photo Filter & Art Filter is a popular app for converting images to cartoons. There is a basic version and a premium version. In-app Products costs ₹70.00 – ₹220.00 per item. Some of the benefits of the app are given below.

  • Upload any photo.
  • HD Resolution for artworks.
  • More than 50 filters from leading artists.
  • Use cloud provided by the app to manage your artworks.

3. Cartoon Photo Editor

Cartoon Photo Editor

Cartoon Photo Editor is a free photo to cartoon software app. This software has many benefits, some of which are explained below.

  • Supports auto-focus
  • Apply amazing range of cool and artistic effects to the pictures.
  • Effects like cartoon, crosshatch, oil painting, pencil, thermal vision, sketch, etc.
  • With a single tap of your finger, you can save a picture or even a new picture.
  • Use both front and back camera.

4. Camart


Camart – cartoon photo is a free app for converting images into cartoons. It has many features. Some of the main features are explained below.

  • Apply real time effects
  • You can take photos, selfies and videos using this app.
  • Many artistic and cartoon effects
  • Switch between the back and front camera

5. Cartoon Photo Editor – Pictures Cartoon Drawing

Cartoon Photo Editor - Pictures Cartoon Drawing

Cartoon Photo Editor – Pictures Cartoon Drawing is yet another picture to cartoon convertor app. some of the features of this app is listed below.

  • Convert any picture into cartoon drawing.
  • Cartoon Photo editor with different cartoon filters.
  • Cartoon and pencil art Filters.
  • Drawing and color pencil sketch effect.

6. Sketch Me

Sketch Me

Sketch Me is a a free app to convert photos into drawing, cartoons or sketch images. Some of the features of this app are listed below.

  • Effects like black strokes, color sketch, cartoon, halftone, hatching, pastel, pencil sketch, stamp, white strokes, etc.
  • Edge strength.
  • Opacity adjustment.
  • Adjust brightness, contrast and saturation.

7. Pencil Sketch Art

Pencil Sketch Art

Pencil Sketch Art is another free picture to Cartoon conversion app. Some of the main features of Pencil Sketch Art are listed below.

  • Convert any picture into a cartoon drawing.
  • Cartoon photo editor.
  • Cartoon photo filter(s).
  • Photo to caricature converter.
  • Cartoon photo frame.
  • Cartoon yourself.

8. ArtistA


ArtistA Cartoon & Sketch Filter & Artistic Effects is one of the best apps when it comes to converting pictures into cartoons. Some of the main features of this app is listed below.

  • Art filters inspired by famous artists.
  • Cartoon effects.
  • Photo editor app with artist cartoon effects.
  • Photo painting and editing, oil painting and cartoon style photo effects.
  • Prism effects.

9. Cartoon Pictures

Cartoon Pictures

Cartoon pictures is a software app to convert pictures to cartoons. Some of the benefits of this app is given below.

  • Cartoon Photo editor with different cartoon filters.
  • Powerful cartoon effects.
  • Photo editing, photo painting, animation filters and cartoon photo effects.
  • Convert picture into a cartoon drawing.
  • Photo to caricature.
  • Cartoon camera.

10. Cartoon Photo Filter Effect

Cartoon photo filter effect

Cartoon photo filter effect is a free app to convert your images into cartoons. Some of the key features of this app are listed below.

  • Artistic & Cartoon Styles.
  • Features like crosshatch, ketch, oil painting, pencil, thermal vision, and much more.
  • Stylish Filters.
  • Pinch to zoom

Conclusion: There are times when you need a photo to cartoon convertor. There are many free and paid versions of photo to cartoon picture apps for the Android devices. I have provided a list of the top 10 photo to cartoon picture apps for Android devices in this article.

First, we will look into two leading paid apps. MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers is one such popular image to cartoon converter app. Deep Art Effects – AI Photo Filter & Art Filter – is another such software app for Cartoon work on Android mobiles and other Android devices.

Some of the popular free apps are listed here. Cartoon Photo Editor, Camart – cartoon photo, Cartoon Photo Editor – Pictures Cartoon Drawing, Sketch Me! – Sketch & Cartoon, Pencil Sketch Art – Cartoon Photo Editor, ArtistA Cartoon & Sketch Filter & Artistic Effects, Cartoon Pictures – Cartoon Photo Editor, and Cartoon photo filter effect are some of the popular free Photo to Cartoon Picture Apps for Android.

Top 5 Barometer Pressure Forecast Apps for Android 2020

With the massive changes in technology and android development, many smartphones nowadays have inbuilt sensors one of them being the famous barometer. With such technology being available for phones, one can now download and install barometer pressure forecast apps that can be used to measure atmospheric pressure. Besides, that functionality, these apps can this useful in helping one to determine their geo-location.

Primarily, the barometer is designed to carry out just a few of its traditional purposes and its presence in phones does not necessarily allow the sensor does to perform of all its functions.

For that case, developers have gone an extra mile to come up with programs (applications) that can utilize it well. There are barometer applications on the internet but the challenging part comes in on how to choose the best program and why specifically you need it.

Due to many environmental factors, many people are now affected by changes in weather conditions. One can prepare himself on how he will deal with this. For you to be well prepared, you will need to use some of the barometer pressure forecast apps available. Using these apps, one can can view the atmospheric pressure forecast and then make plans from te data that has been gathered by the app.

These apps have been in so much demand that is why we have taken time to list down the best 5 applications with which you can measure atmospheric pressure. Besides measuring the atmospheric pressure, they have many extra useful features.

That said all that is required of you is to install a special barometer program from Play Market. Below are some of the applications that you can install for your android device:

1.     Barometer Plus

barometer pressure forecast apps- Barometer Plus

Barometer Plus is one of the easy to use atmospheric pressure tracker and barometer application.

Being aware of the level of atmospheric pressure helps one to improve the condition especially for some of us who suffer from unrelenting headaches. These problems can be curbed if you can track the level of atmospheric pressure and how it affects your well-being using the Barometer Plus app.

Also, there are many different ways you can use this application. For people who like fishing or for those fishermen out there, you can make good use of this app to track the changes in air pressure and get the best result.

The Barometer Plus app has a modern and unique design making it one of the best barometer pressure forecast apps for android to be developed. It utilizes the sensors on your android device show only current information about atmospheric pressure.

Units supported by the application:

The following units are supported by the Barometer Plus application

  • millimeters of mercury
  • hectopascal
  • torr
  • millibar
  • inches of mercury

The Barometer Plus app usually store its history of data collected in the history tab from which you can be able to see the level of atmospheric pressure changes occurred over the past week.

For you get the accurate forecasts or predictions you have to specify your location because they are generated depending on those predefined locations. The app refreshes twice a day just to improve the accuracy of any information that you receive.

If you need any hourly forecasts, then you should generalize them to “night, morning, day, evening” or “night, day”.

High forecast accuracy is achieved through the use of hybrid weather forecasting technology. It is based on a continuous analysis of data flows and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Apart from predicting the pressure levels of the atmosphere, this app can also with measure the height level. The application automatically calibrates the sensor data. To do this, use satellite GPS data.

The Barometer Plus application is free for download on Google Play Store.

The main features of the Barometer Plus app:

  • It contains both the barometer and an altimeter
  • The design is made in a classical analog style
  • Notification (alerts) of pressure changes can be set
  • You can customize the barometer to your liking (there are several themes and backgrounds to choose from).

2.     Barometer Reborn

This application normally displays the forecast of atmospheric pressure predicted for the next 7 days. Barometer Reborn can automatically track your location using GPS location tracker. Also, it has the ability to update the weather widget of your android device after a specified time interval.

Barometer Reborn -barometer pressure forecast apps

When you open the application a screen fires up containing all the necessary information. The window or the screen that is displayed by default shows you information about atmospheric pressure. You can also add extra indicators that you need the application to display. For example, air temperature, humidity and wind speed.

Selecting specific days can be done using swipe and if you want to view the hourly forecast of a particular day, you will have to select the Today Weather tab which is located at the very bottom of the screen.

What the app contains

  • The barometer reborn also has a clock displaying the current time and the name of the city selected by default. This can be found in the upper left corner of the screen. Again, in the upper right corner, there are function keys that give you the ability to activate the weather widget.
  • Well, there is also two function keys found at the top of the screen which you can use to update data in the app and change the current city by default.
  • Among the functions, you can use the “Add Location” key to change or add your location.
  • The “Maps and Media” allows you to change the background of the screen.
  • The “Nearby Stations” soft key allows you to view your current location on the map.
  • The “Refresh all” button gives you the functionality to update data in the program.
  • Finally the app also has an “Advanced” soft key which allows you to work with the program settings and edit the list of locations.

It is easy to use the Barometer Reborn application because its settings are very conveniently divided into groups. This makes it easy for you to find the desired variable parameter. 

Using this atmospheric pressure meter app

You will be able to monitor how changes in atmospheric pressure impacts or affects your well-being. It is beneficial to people with migraines and seasonal health changes.

Knowing in advance about the upcoming changes, you can try to reduce their unpleasant effect to a minimum. For example, if the barometer shows an increase in pressure, then you should try to reduce the physical loads to the minimum.

Also, if you are suffering from respiratory diseases (such as asthma) or hypertension and you notice a pressure reduction from the app, then know that it is time you need to be the open air.

The main functions and features of the app:

  • It has a nice user-friendly interface 
  • Shows current atmospheric pressure
  • Supports multiple units: hPa, inHg, mmHg, psi, atm
  • You can use a widget on your home screen
  • One can also set notifications about atmospheric pressure changes.

3.     Barometer & Altimeter

The Barometer & Altimeter application is also one of the to five barometer pressure forecasting apps for android that can help you to find out the level of atmospheric pressure.

barometer pressure forecast apps barometer and altimeter

Using the app

  • When you first open the app, it will ask you to choose a geographical area from a list of the locations provided to you. There are two ways to do this: mark on the map and find in the catalog.
  • After that, you can configure the forecast. Set the duration, step, resolution and choose what data you want to see.

Just like the Barometer Reborn, this application also provides a forecast about  the strength and direction of the wind.

The weather data gathered and analysed by this app is usually provided or displayed to the user. These formats include; overlaid on a map, in the form of graphs or in tables.

Overview of the functions of the app

  • On the map, winds are indicated by standard arrows, pressure – isobars. Precipitation levels are marked by the darkening of various shades. A single click on the map will pull out a tool tip box with detailed information in case you forget what is indicated.
  • The play icon at seen at the bottom of the screen is used to turn on the animation. The animation is for showing how the weather changes over a forecast period of time.
  • There is a Meteogram which displays a graph of changes for each weather parameter. This graphic information is very useful especially if you need to quickly get an idea of ​​any changes in atmospheric pressure.

Under the settings tab, one can specify which units of measure they want the forecast to be displayed. You can choose the format as Knots, kilometres per hour, miles per hour or on the Beaufort scale for wind speed. Y=You can choose to set degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit for temperature. The pressure is displayed by default in millibars or inches of mercury.

One cooler feature about this app is the fact that is has excellent graphics and animation. This enables it to offer you a detailed forecast of atmospheric pressure in an organized and cool manner. Also, you can view the hourly forecast for the current day or week.

What is so unique about this app?

  • Based on your location, you will receive detailed information about the level of atmospheric pressure
  • If the program cannot analyze data using the built-in GPS it find data from the Internet hence it allows you to accurately know the atmospheric pressure, temperature, wind speed, visibility, and altitude above sea level all the time.
  • The app is certainly an additional help for those of you who love extreme species sports and for other situations.
  • The Barometer & Altimeter application does not take up much space in your android device and also it does not require high power consumption of the battery like game applications.
  • It has a simple interface and is easy to use. 

4.      WeatherX Forecast

When it comes to best barometer pressure forecast apps for android, the WeatherX Forecast application cannot luck from the list. WeatherX forecast application majors its forecast of atmospheric pressure on the terrain. This is a beautiful alternative to submitting forecasts in the form of an hourly chart.


It has the ability to supply you with a 7-day hourly forecast of atmospheric pressure. The statistics gathered in the application are presented in the form of maps, tables, and graphs.

Familiarizing with the app

  • The main screen of the app has two graphs. One graph is for details of the forecast for the next 48 hours. The app normally displays it at the top of the screen. The bottom graph provides information on changes in temperature over 7 days.
  • Secondly, the main information in the application is divided into several lines which provide information for about the atmospheric pressure for the next three hours.

The application WeatherX Forecast gets your current location or selects a location from the database. The program supports metric units.

It as well has a GPS tracking too and other essential tools for route planning. This app has some extra features that will be useful for those who are travelling. It has the ability to pull out the fastest route and at the same time calculate the best departure date.

There are also 3D weather maps with QuickView. This allows you to view forecasts simultaneously in several cities. In addition, apart from the set of features of the application WeatherX Forecast has, it also offers support for push notifications.

5.     Altimeter & Barometer

barometer pressure forecast apps -altimeter and barometer

The Altimeter & Barometer application has the capability to get you a forecast of atmospheric pressure for 7 days.

Also, unlike other barometer pressure apps that have been developed out there, the application is available for almost any city in the world. Weather info updates every 6 hours.

The app has three modes for displaying forecasts to choose from. The three modes are broken down into the current forecast for the today, the forecast for two days in advance and the forecast for 7 days in advance.

Using the app

  • When you first open this application, a window will pop up asking you to select a city. For the accurate functioning of the app, make sure that you provide the exact city that you are currently in because the weather forecasting depends on it. You can do this using the on-screen keyboard.
  • The main menu interface of the program is presented in the form of a screen on which the main controls are located. They are necessary to optimize the work with the app.
  • You can switch between different modes of the application using the function buttons available. They are located at the bottom of the app. Therefore, you can navigate through the app for you to be able to view information about changes in atmospheric pressure.

The seven-day displays data on the current level of atmospheric pressure. The list of cities contains more than 58 thousand settlements. If necessary, the desired city can be entered manually. To search for cities and add them to the list at the bottom of the window there are soft buttons.

From the “Settings” menu one can configure:

  • auto-update
  • units
  • Interface language
  • today screen

You can schedule Auto-updates in the app. This allows you to select the time for updating the weather.

The “Today” screen in the app gives you the ability to select the number of forecasts and the sizes of the icons you want. The app will display on the screen the information each contains.


Medical statistics have shown that more than half of people do react in some way to weather changes. However, some people may react practically unnoticeable, but for some, on the contrary, could suffer from any changes in the weather, pressure or magnetic storms very hard.

Also, changes in the weather can cause problems to those who have chronic joint diseases, cardiovascular system, in people with low or high blood pressure.

Therefore, having information about the upcoming changes can reduce their unpleasant effect to some extent. To be able to predict such changes, you need to download and install at least one of the above barometer pressure forecast apps for android.

It is true that not everyone knows that many Android devices have interesting features such as a barometer. For some, they know it is there but they don’t know why it is needed on the phone. If you did not know, now you know. Barometer pressure forecast apps are only for predicting the atmospheric pressure.

Top 5 Eye Color Changing Apps for Android 2020

For some of us working with full versions of PC applications becomes a tedious thing to deal with. If you are not a pro or maybe if you don’t have the basic skills, performing simple actions like change the color of an image or a drawing can seem to be so complex. Thanks to our able developers who have gone an extra step to come up with android apps that can just perform almost the same tasks. Using Eye Color Changing Apps you can go a step ahead to change the color of your eyes. Something that will take you hours when using designs software.

Eye color changing apps today can pretty much substitute most if not all the features of the famous editors like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

In this article, I have discussed some of the best apps that you can use to change color of your eyes in a photo.

Do you want to find out if those lenses you are yarning for will suit you? Or maybe let’s say, would you like to know what you would look like if you were an alien?

There is only one way to find out. Try one of the apps below to find out! But before you try out any, how about you first understand what each has to offer?

Lets dive right in.

1.     Eye Color Studio

eye color changing apps -eye color studio

For those of you who by any chance have tried to use eye color changing apps you know that it’s no secret that you can easily change the color of your eyes using an app. You don’t have to blindly buy a set of lenses.

If you don’t want to worry about buying lenses just for a photo shoot session, and at the same time you want to surprise someone with new eye color then you should trying and use a simple and convenient application called Eye Color Studio.

This application will change your eye color and still you will look very natural. Just make sure that you do not overdo it with brightness.

Using the app

  • When you start the app, it will automatically fire up a pre-made model, with which you can use to “try on” the different colors of the eyes at your disposal.
  • In order for you to insert your own photo, simply click on the New Photo button and then select Gallery. This is if you want to choose a photo from your device gallery. If you want to take a new photo, don’t select Gallery but instead tap the Camera option.
  • Once you have selected the specific photo you want, now select your own eye contour. This is a step that you should be careful and attentive with because if you choose the contour of the eye without paying attention to it, then result will not impress you.

The only task you have is to select the eye without eyelids and then select the iris shape. Do not be stranded if you find that it is big. The important thing is that it covers the entire iris of the photo.

You don’t have to crop everything by yourself as well. Everything that remains will be automatically cut off. This happens because you had already selected the shape of your eye.

Now when you are through with the contour adjustment, you can select one of the eye categories and admire the final result.


For you to make your eyes look a bit natural and not seem like they were edited, make sure that you use the slider on the right to reduce or increase the transparency of the superimposed photo.

You can also compare the edited image with the original and see which sections have been exaggerated. To do this, tap on the Compare button.

  • If you ascertain that everything is perfect,  click the Finalize button in order to finish the magic.

2.     Adobe Photoshop Fix

eye color changing apps -photosop fix

One of the popular apps that can do almost every designing task on the globe are those by adobe.

For those of you who appreciate traditions then Adobe Photoshop Fix should be your choice. Apart from its popularity, Adobe has so long been on the market. This makes them to produce some of the best software for things such as changing eye color.

In fact, Adobe Photoshop Fix has emerged to be one of the most recommended eye color changing apps for android.

What makes it more admirable is the fact that it has a much wider functionality than just changing eye color.

You can use Adobe Photoshop Fix to get rid of any drawbacks on your face and smooth uneven surfaces, heal, darken or lighten any part of your face just to make sure that your selfie looks good. You are also free to play around with the colors and other characteristics of the whole picture and see what you can come up with.

Using the app

If you want to change the color of your yes using this app you need to use the ‘Paint’ tool.

It works in a weird manner but if you have enough patience, the result will look so natural in that nobody will be able to notice even that you changed the eye color for real or just in the app.

The hardest part though is to choose the right size of the brush to use but if you can do that quickly, then the remaining process will not take you long.

Adobe Photoshop Fix has several other features unlike other eye color changing apps you will find out there. With it, you can not only change the color of your eyes but also that of your hair and other details using the same ‘paint’ tool that is somehow universal here.


Before you rush in and start being creative and then find yourself stranded at some point, you should know that tweaking or changing the size or intensity of the brush requires you to tap on the tool and pull it up or down. This is pretty much intuitive, so I’m sure you’re going to learn it fast.

This eye color changing app does not contain any ads, however, you will be required to go through a quick procedure of signing up.

Finally, you can become more creative and use this application for other design deliverables instead of just changing the color of your eyes. Utilize it well and get rid of that pimple on your face. We highly recommended you try it out!

3.      Eye Color Changer Editor

Eye color editor-eye color changing apps

However simple the  Eye Color Changer Editor might seem, it still remains to be in our list of top eye color changing apps for android.

It is a simple application that is intended to change eye color on photos instantly.

Have you have been dreaming of bright blue or green eyes? Well, now you can make that dream come true by using Eye Color Changer Editor Application!

It is somehow discouraging to have a picture with bright blue eyes but normally your eyes are dark. Don’t be dragged behind by such thoughts. If you will be fascinated by the look you get from the picture you just edited, you can rush to a nearby store and acquire the same eye color lenses and amaze everyone with your eyes!

Eye Lens Photo Editor app has various eye color styles and color lens. This app uses a unique blending technique that many apps don’t use so that your new eye color will look natural.

The Easy Gesture Control features makes it easy to  change the size of your eyes, adjust the opacity using your fingertips. You can place different lenses on the left and right eyes to create an unusual effect.

Finally you can share your masterpieces on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and many more. So, get out there and make your eyes most beautiful, stylish and attractive in a way that no one can resist the look!

4.     Perfect365

For those of you who thought that there are no makeup applications, you are wrong.  Perfect365 app is a cool makeup app that has lots of makeup tools, such as lipsticks, eye-shadows, liners, brushes, and so on and many more.

perfect 365

Perfect365 suits our list of best eye color changing apps for your smart phone because it has a lot of tools for dealing with the eyes, including changing eye color.

While using the app, you can choose not only the color itself but also tweak the shape of eyes that you would like to have. The fact that you choose these details separately is a real advantage.

As it has always been the case, there is nothing that does not have it downfalls. We found out that this app has one disadvantage. The drawback is that application does not have calibration and therefore sometimes round eye masks do not fit eyes as needed. However, apart from that single disadvantage, the app is pretty cool to use.

5.     NiceEyes

Nice eyes-eye color changing apps

NiceEyes – Eye Color Changer is an excellent Android photo editing tool that you can use to get a different taste from your photos.

This eye color changing app was primarily developed to adjust the eye color in a photo.

NiceEyes ey color changer app comes with a lot of color variations so that everyone can find something to embellish their eyes with.

Beside the color solutions that this application provides, it also gives you the ability to change the shape of your eyes to different options. You can choose to tweak them to and insert a cat or snake eyes, increase the size of the pupil, insert fire into the eyes or even make them rainbow. There is indeed a lot of design options you can choose from.

In addition to changing the shape and color of the eyes, NiceEyes – Eye Color Changer has come with a powerful photo editor with a minimal set of tools.

All your edited photos can be saved directly to the gallery and also you can connect the editor is to some of your social networks. This just so you can instantly share your newly edited photos with your friends and family and see what they have to say about your creativity.

One thing that makes this application to be loved by most people is the interface. This app has a very nice and convenient user interface that is easy to use and navigate.

The app features many samples of eye changes and each sample is a whole composition of different shapes and colors. There are so many variations that there is no need to combine them manually.


There is one concern about the NiceEyes – Eye Color Changer  app. You should make sure that the photos you want to edit are of good quality in terms of clarity and pixels. This is very important because it happens that the changes you make may look unnatural when you are editing low-quality photos. Therefore, you need to edit photos only with high resolution.

Finally, to add up o the nice editing features that this app provides you, the application is absolutely free with a set of more than a hundred variations of samples.

Wrapping Up

The above are some Best Eye Color Changing Apps for android that you can use in 2020. Use the help of these apps to change your look by changing your eye color and make more effect on your friends.

It is simple, download any on the apps now and change your eye color . If you find that you need to show off the artwork you just created, simply share your new look on social media and make your day perfect.

We hope that you found this article interesting and helpful. Feel free to share it with your friends so that you can save on their time of searching the web and doing a trial and error test. Also, feel free to comment which app you find the best.

Remember, everything depends on your goal. If you want to create a cool naturally looking picture, it is better to choose one of the apps described above.

Top 5 Apps That Make You Look Old for Android 2020

From how your unborn son or daughter will look like to how you yourself will look in a couple of years. This is the newest trend in town for the last few months. Everything is all about the curiosity to know how one would look in the future. Something that can be predicted by some of the popular apps that make you look old.

Since these apps were made available for android, everyone is interested to know how the other individual will look as an elderly person or lady. It has therefore given mobile app developers the need the need to come up with a ways to satisfy the demand. The reason mobile app development is picking up as users have various demands and there is a need to cater to these requirements.

Statistics have shown that it is the kids or the young people between 18 years and 35 years who are eager to know about their future.

In 2020, the apps that make you look old have been booming everywhere before we were invaded by the deadly COVID-19 Virus. Every single youth seemed to upload a photo of them in their 60s. If you are not keen enough, you will fall for it and believe that that is exactly so and so in his or her old age.

Have you tried it?

If you haven’t tried this yet then this is the opportunity to also join this mass obsession and try to create the old you images in seconds. These new apps are using new technologies which to grow old your face. Some of them even attempt to predict your future.

Before the apps got viral, the question was, do people really want to know how they are going to look when they grow old?

Well, it seemed like they wanted it so badly.

Let’s look into some of the apps that make you look old, try them out – and in the future, we will see how true it all was.

1.     AgingBooth

apps that make you look old-aging booth

AgingBooth is one of the most used apps that make you look olds and it as emerged to be almost true to say that people have almost invented time machines. Now you have a great opportunity to oversee the future and see how you’re going to look in the next 50-60 years. Funny right?

What you need to so is upload your photo from your gallery or take a selfie and age yourself. You will get the old you results in a matter of seconds.

It is usually more fun when you use this app with your friends. You will all see how you’re going to look when you’re old. Once you get your results, you can share them via Facebook, WhatsApp or mail.

You don’t have to worry about editing some parts of the image by yourself. The AgingBooth application will detect your face automatically and make the necessary crops. And you know what? This app works without the Internet, so don’t worry about spending an extra con on data; your face can be aged even without a connection. Shake your phone in order to see the before and after results.

Also, you don’t have to confine yourself to the final image that will be generated by the app. The app has an additional option of how you can alter your face.

It has additional functionalities for making you fat, bald, ugly and even stache.

Please note that this application is just for fun and it gives you no guarantees of the actual look when you are old.

2.     Face Secret

It is true that at some point, it’s crazy how in the age of science and technology people still believe in miraculous existence. Sometimes it seems that all these predictions, magical tricks, and spirituality are actually getting more and more popular along with how the Internet gains more and more presence in our lives.

apps that make you look old -face secret

This app will not only make your face look old but it can also foretell your destiny. The destiny prediction is extracted according to your palms’ image.

Using the data it gathered from your palm Face Secret can predict who your future child will be and analyze ethnicity.

Additionally, it has a beauty scanner where you can compare your beautifulness or handsomeness with another person and see who is more beautiful. This is because it analyzes your face features as well hence making position two in our list of the best apps that make you look old.

It is such a great application because you will basically know everything about your life.

The app has a horoscope forecast and you can easily use this function as well. The main core of the app is built on the idea is that it analyzes features of your face and it gives you predictions a prophecy based on them. It can be useful, though.

Some people use it just for fun especially couples. If you want to improve your relationship with your partner or just have fun there is horoscope compatibility. You can use it to explore the underlying reasons of you being together and maybe get to find the solution to some of your problems. Age your face together and see how you’re going to look as an old couple.

3.     FaceApp


Ranking in the top 3 apps that make you look old is the FaceApp and for sure judging by the name, it is obvious that this app is not just a one task application but instead a multi-tasking tool for manipulations with your face.

You can create your best selfies and grow your face old. The app uses new neuron technology for facial changes and photo editing.

Apart from making you old, you can play around with this cool feature that changes your gender, hair and many other changes.

The important thing is to add a smile to your face. You can find the unique style of your mustache or beard. Backgrounds can also be changed. In addition, you can apply various filters on your photos and also apply some makeup on your face.

This app is cool because you don’t have to select everything by yourself. There is also an option which you can use to ask the artificial intelligence (AI) the best style that suits you. It lets you try the images of Hitman, Joker and so on.

An additional feature is that besides making your face look old, FaceApp can also make your face look younger.

4.     Old Face Maker

Have you ever been eager to know how you are going to look when you’re old? Well, if not, maybe it is that time that you should see it and maybe prevent some changes that may happen to your face today.

apps that make you look old -old face maker

There are many analysis that you can get extract from the final images that you receive.

Playing around with different features of this app is indeed a great way to have fun with your friends. You make use of the different stickers and effects that the app has to make your face old even more. The feature to add grey hair for the image to be  more realistic effect is also available.

You can come up with a huge transformation with Old Face Camera. You want to know why it appears on our list of top 5 apps that make you look old? Well, it is the grandpa’s glasses, gray beard and brows that the app has for generating that old face you wanted to face of you were eager to see.

Just take a selfie and upload it to the app. Give the app some seconds and you will see yourself looking like an old man or an old woman. No much hustle right?

From the results, you can make conclusions and find out whether you look like your grandparents or not.

5.     Make Me OLD

apps that make you look old -make me old

I believe that in from where you come from, ever since you were a child, you were taught to respect the elders.

Well, now it is time to see the elder you that will deserve the respect from kids 50 years to come. It is usually great to see the younger generation take care of the aging one. For some societies it is a law.

You can have fun when you and your family are together after dinner. It could be a good idea to have fun with them. Take their photos and generate their old faces and show them how they ill be. It will be fun. Just give it a try.


Well those are the top 5 apps that make you look old that you should download for your android this 2020. While we stay safe, don’t say that there is nothing you can do as a family.

You can make good use of these apps and for a moment forget about the problems and challenges that the world is facing. See, that little joyful moment can make you feel better.

You have a 5 year sibling? Generate his or her face 20 years to come and show them how they will be. It is a good way to joyfully spend time with your family.

However, keep in mind that these apps are just for fun. They do not have any scientific or spiritual proof of the exact look you will have when you are old. Therefore, don’t take it on someone and stick to it that that is how they will be.

Share this post with your friends and have fun.

Top 5 Graph Paper Digital Drawing Apps for Android 2020

Why should one use visuals backed with proven statistics when presenting content to an audience or readers? Statistical data have shown that most people understand and can make educated decisions based on the information well if they are presented in a visual way. This has been the trend ever since we were kids. You will agree with me that you have gone through the entire book just to see and admire the pictures in it. Maybe they did not communicate well but now that you have grown, as an adult, you are likely to make a hasty purchase by just taking a look at a pretty image. This is where digital drawing apps for android come in.

What I mean is that we like visuals the funny thing is that they don’t lose their attractiveness. If you are looking forward to creating high quality images or maybe if you need to present graphic information to people then you can try one of the digital drawing apps for android that we have discussed in this piece.

Using these applications you can to represent statistic data in to an audience in a professional manner. Need unique graphics for a vital presentation? Well we’ve got you sorted.

The following apps will help you to create drawings of any kind and also will help you to present that information an interesting and structured way that will keep the audience motivated.

Let’s dive right in.

1.     Bamboo Paper

The creativity of a designer depends upon the software and tools that he or she has. You cannot expect quality graphics to b derived from poor tools. Bamboo Paper is one of the most coveted digital drawing apps for android that will give you the best experience ever. Using this app, you will be able to turn your imaginations and ideas into reality. As seasoned designers say, classic drawings start with imagination and inspiration.

digital drawing apps for android -bamboo paper

Designing is a well paying field but you will find it tedious if you don’t try this app. Other digital drawing apps for android can make you lose hope due to their sophisticated features that just don’t produce perfect returns.

If you find that you are not productive as a designer then you are not the problem here instead the software you are using is. I say this because nowadays, especially in this era of social media marketing, graphic designers are in high demand. Want to practice your own designer skills? Then try out this app.

Why this is a great app

Well, like bankers, you chose a bank make saving with depending on their interest rates. The same ideology stiles through if you want to become an expert in drawing.

Bamboo paper app is great because it can turn your android device into a mini-studio! This is so because you can easily convert the ideas that hit your head immediately into graphics and store them in this app.

Some other cool features about this app are:

  • You will be able to create your own colors and choose different shades available.
  • This app as opposed to many who think that it might not be that comfortable to draw graphics using an android device mobile device, the truth is that it is very convenient to use. You can easily make sketches and drawings in no time.
  • You can also add your own photos from the device gallery and edit them by drawing however you want. This is something that most digital drawing apps don’t have.
  • Again, the application comes with an advanced palette of colors which can give you the ability to craft special graphics.
  • For those who have used other digital drawing apps for android know that it is not easy to add thin lines to sketches. However, using Bamboo Paper app you draw your lines to fit the thickness or thinness you want with ease.
  • A functionality to share your designs with friends on social media so that you can gather feedback and reviews from friends is also available. So, you can always get a chance to be corrected by other designers and improve your drawing.

Well, it doesn’t end there because for those of you who prefer using both paper and digital applications, this app has provided a way to combine the two options.

You can start by creating your sketches on a sheet of paper and later transfer it to the app. This can be achieved by scanning the sketch and edit it however you want.

2.     Adobe Illustrator Draw

digital drawing apps for android-adobe illustrator

There is no way this tool could have been left out. We all know how powerful this app is and the numerous feature it comes with.

Do you want to challenge your skills and as well upgrade them? Try this Illustrator from Adobe. You will be assured to get amazing pictures which have the quality and feel to use in your portfolio or maybe present to your friends and family and also pitch a project with.

Here is something that you did not know. The Adobe Illustrator digital drawing app won Editor’s Choice Award in Play Store. This makes it one of the most used application among all the digital drawing apps for android out there.

What is so unique about Adobe Illustrator?

This application works with layers when editing images and when making sketches. The functionality to implement layers when designing using Illustrator makes it easy to edit the same image or sketch using Photoshop. That is something that many apps have not yet managed to do.

Apart from Photoshop, this application can also work simultaneously on several other software and apps. Considering that it uses layers, you can rename, double, mix and also edit each layer using the following apps:

  • Illustrator for Desktop and Mac
  • Capture
  • Photoshop Sketch

With Illustrator, graphic designers can now enlarge the scale of an image up to 64 times just in case they want to see more details of the picture being edited. It also has five customizable brushes with adjustable transparency, size, and color.

Why should one use Adobe Illustrator?

Well, this is the big question.

  • You should consider using this application if at all you find it hard to get the background that you need, you can try out the Adobe Stock to get some variations.
  • Also, using Adobe CreativeSync technology, you can synchronize all your projects and any updates made on them so that you can work on it on multiple devices. This means that you can start drawing using your android device and then continue later using a tablet or a PC.
  • Just like the Bamboo Paper, you can share or post pictures you created on social platforms so that other users can leave comments. You can also leave a feedback on any of their works as well.

Do you want to use an application from the best company that is known to produce quality applications and one that is appreciated by many users? If that is so then this is the app.

3.     ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook

Have you been thinking of becoming an artist or maybe a  painter but you did not have the right tool or maybe you could not afford the expensive computers to handle the same tasks? Well all troubles are now wiped out because you can achieve just that using your smartphone. Thanks to technology that now everything is possible.

digital drawing apps for android-artflow

ArtFlow is an awesome assistance app that you can use to develop your painting abilities.

This application can turn your phone into a digital album.

It comes with more than 80 painting brushes and several painting modes. The app has a very easy and understandable interface and therefore you don’t have to worry about complex controls.

I personally recommend this app because of its diverse number of tools and its intuitive system of painting which makes the screen of your android device to feel like a canvas.

You can also use gradient filling to get better results of your art work. This is so because you have the ability to set up the colors that you need and even regulate their brightness.

There is nothing to panic about when it comes to file extensions that ypu can save your projects with. The app can save your images and paintings in PSD, PNG or JPEG file formats.

For any digital drawing app to be effective, it should have a functionality to change the brush density with different pressure strength. This is something that has been made available for you. It is this functionality that makes it one of the best digital drawing apps for android on the globe.

Unique aspects about the ArtFlow app

  • The fact that this app has a “Palms ignoring” functionality makes it unique from other apps. This feature when enabled allows the app to avoid any random strokes that might be left by fingers when changing the scale of a picture or even by unintentional touch.

Advantages of ArtFlow

So, are the advantages of this program?

  • First of all, this application is free. This is advantageous because you do not have to pay for the program for you to download and test.
  • Support for large canvases (4096×4096, 2560×2560, 2048×2048) is just another advantage. This makes it possible for one to work with a large number of layers.
  • The PSD format is supported a feature that most don’t include.

4.     Fresco Paint

A good set of brushes and quality variety of colors that the app provides makes it to be one of the best. The size of its brushes just like the Illustrator app can be easily changed. Also, pressure and texture can also be regulated without any much hustle.

Fresco Paint has very convenient eraser and comes with the undo the previous and redo actions.

This application as well works with layers an idea that was well thought out by the developers to make it possible for projects started in it to be completed in Photoshop and other digital drawing apps for android like Adobe Illustrator. At the same time, its interface is very clear in that the toolbar is right in front of your eyes and is always at hand.

Fresco Paint has two versions of the mobile application – the Pro and the Lite versions. The disadvantage with it is that free version does not have a large number of options. This means that you must download Fresco Paint Pro for Android for you to get access to some features like a set of 21 unique effects.

Advantage of Fresco Paint Pro

  • Fresco Paint Pro periodically enables auto-saving. This feature is vital for designers because it prevents loss of work in case the phone unexpectedly shuts down. 
  • It allows for sharing of your drawings with friends, via social networks or put in a personal album.
  • The app has very minimal device requirement for it to fully operate. It effectively works smartphones and on tablets without any sort of hanging.

5.      Adobe Photoshop Sketch

photoshop sketch

As you all know Adobe Photoshop does not need any sort of introduction. It is just one of a kind. This professional app for graphic drawing can be used to draw breathtaking sketches using pens, highlighters, paints, brushes with ink, brushes with soft pastel and aqua colors.

One can later on export the drawings to other Adobe apps, such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

You have full access to over 11 colors. This is something that is highly appreciated by its users. Additionally, you can regulate the intensity of the color, brightness, and transparency.

Using the Capture function, one can customize the brushes up to infinity. You can also layer your images and edit them according to your taste.

Do you want to regulate the density of the stroke of the brushes and also choose its shape and trace? Well, it is possible.

Uniqueness of the app

  • Users can add geometric shapes and subheadings to the picture they are editing.
  • You can scale your drawing or the photo you upload before in order to insert little strokes which, nevertheless, later will add special impression to your sketch.

Even though all the functions that this app has are very basic and all its functions can be performed by many other apps, the only thing that makes it feature among the top digital drawing apps for android is the ultimate quality of the picture that it generates.

Bonus App

This being a bonus app does not mean that its operations are minimal. It has almost all the abilities that the above digital drawing apps for android have. Therefore there should be not thought of ignoring it. Let’s find out what it has to offer.

MediBang Paint is just another simple digital drawing app and also a free solution for drawing and creating comics.

The application has more than a thousand tools, including popular brushes, fonts, backgrounds, effects; you can easily create backup copies, save work in the cloud and transfer it.

digital drawing apps for android -mediabang

This app also has more than 60 brushes which include feathers, pencils, water-colors, blur, and symmetry functions, as well as flat and round brushes, a simple school handle, soft pastels and more.

Like the apps discussed above, the sizes of most instruments can be adjusted. MediBang Paint also produces a smooth increase or decrease in the clarity of its lines. This is a feature that many are proud about because it allows you to radically change the appearance of the outline or the image as a whole.

You will be given access to 850 different textures, backgrounds, visual effects and even text clouds (like in comics). The application allows you to use backgrounds with images of landscapes, cities, cars, etc which can easily be scaled, rotated and transformed.

Its simple and convenient interface makes it easy to use.

A popular feature of working with layers here is also available.

In case you get stuck or maybe you have any questions about the operation of the application and its tools, the developers have included a built-in help function to help you use the app with ease.


Well, of you have been looking for digital drawing apps for android that are effective and easy to use, now you have them.

Their diverse functionality and abilities makes them stand out from the thousands of Graph Paper Digital Drawing Apps for Android available on Google Play Store therefore make good use of them to nature your design skills.

Top 5 Baby Face Generator Apps for Android 2020

There are some activities wed usually do which brings out fun and joy in our lives. They are the funniest things we do that bring joy and happiness and if you want to have fun and fool around then baby face generator apps will make you to. See, the smartphones we carry around every day give us a chance to have fun. Indeed there are many apps that can cheer you up but baby face generator apps are just exclusive.

Let me ask you a question -if you don’t mind, have you ever thought about your future baby? If yes, are you eager to know how he or she like will look? Or maybe do you want to see yourself as a baby? I am sorry about that, those were three questions.

Anyway, whichever the case, this activity will make you laugh.

There are many apps and websites which can help you to generate the baby-face yourself.

1.     Baby Predictor

baby face generator apps -baby predictor

The Baby Predictor application is a baby face generator app that is designed to make a photo forecast of your future baby. The result or the baby face you will get is usually derived from two photos. This generation usually happens in a matter of minutes.

You can use your image and your husband/wife’s image to see how your baby could look like.

It is like things have been made easier and faster to process because you will not have to wait for nine months for you to begin admiring how your baby will look. You can start your fantasies right now. You also don’t have to incur any costs of going to a doctor and start making those scientific calculations just to have a clue of how you baby will look like.

Things have been made simple. Just find two photos, upload them to the program, and in a few seconds, it will predict the baby’s appearance using the latest face recognition technology.

Being one of the best baby face generator app, Baby Predictor application generates the result, carefully by evaluating the features of the parents of the unborn child, mixing them together.

Advantage of Baby Predictor App

One of the main advantages of this app is its ability to create and generate bright colorful images

You can also use this app for humorous situation. Using it for fun will make you feel relaxed and jovial. When using this app for fun, you can upload photos of popular people and enjoy the results of fun experiments.

You can choose to share the most successful results with your friends via e-mail or upload to social networks.

2.     Baby Maker

baby face generator apps-baby maker

Baby Maker is just another cool application that allows gives you the ability to foresee how your unborn baby might look.

Using this application is pretty simple. Simply upload two photos: both potential parents. After a few seconds, the application will return to you a prediction about of how the child of the couple will look.

This app is one of the best because, when uploading the two photos, you can decide whether you want to take them directly through the application or choose a photo from your phone’s gallery.

After you have chosen the photos, the application gives you a chance to choose the gender and age of the child whom are expecting. The options are either a girl or a boy and age from zero to three years. This is something that makes the Baby Maker app unique from other baby face generator app in Google Play Store.

This application is very fast in generating the predictions because the process of creating your child’s face takes only a few seconds.

After few seconds, you will gladly see the first face of your expected baby created by Baby Maker.

Don’t worry if maybe you are unhappy or did not like the result. Just press the button again and a new face will be generated.

You can repeat the procedure again and again, basically, until you find a face that you like.


Please keep in mind that the Baby Maker application is just a fun application. It doesn’t offer any scientific results and so you don’t have to be so much excited or offended by it in any case. However, it is a nice app to make you laugh.

Do you want to see how the offspring of some people might look like? Well, select photos of two people and have fun.

3.     HiddenMe

The idea behind HiddenMe is simple -fun.

This application works like a photo editor but the difference is that it can scan and age a face right on your phone.

Hiddenme -baby face generator apps

By using some simple tools that the app comes with, you can quickly get to know the appearance of your unborn child and also make an accurate ethnic analysis.

The app has many interesting and useful functions, through them, the most mysterious secrets of our life can be revealed.

The main function of the application is to play around with the age of the face, of course, in the photo. What gives us a similar effect? Not every person will decide to open the veil of secrecy that time has prepared for us, but there have been more and more daredevils in recent times.

You currently don’t have to use complex graphics editors like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator or do photo montage to come up with a look of your future young one. In fact, y don’t even have to turn on the computer, all that is needed is already on your Android device.

I believe you have long wanted to know how he/she will look in after 9 months. Well now that curiosity will be satisfied.

Simply download and install the HiddenMe app and run the face aging scanner.


The app has a full version which will give you the opportunity to use all Pro functions without any restrictions. However, even the basic version of the application contains a lot of interesting things.

Functionalities of the HiddenMe for android

With this application, you can be able to:

  • Find out how you will look after decades
  • Admire the looks of your unborn baby
  • Remember how you looked in infancy
  • Make a cunning ethnic analysis, find your roots
  • Change gender, of course, in the photo
  • Uncover other secrets that were previously hidden from the person

What are you waiting for? Grab this app and make use its features right now.

4.     Baby Predictor – Future Baby Face Generator Prank

Since it turned out that everyone wants  to know the appearance of future baby. Developers gave us exactly what we wanted. They gave us something that could ease our anxiety and fantasies. They gave us Baby Predictor baby face generator app for android.

There are many baby face generator apps that you can use to create your future baby but this one is just one of the best.

Using it is very easy and intuitive. What you need to do is simply choose 2 photos and upload them to the app. The app will detect the face features of the two photos and do the rest for you.

Trust me, the result will surprise you!

If you are going to be father or mother, the app will be useful for you.

It will give a prediction of the appearance of your baby.

You can also use the app to make fun of your friends. Create a photo of the baby and send it to your friends. They will be amazed. Look at their reaction. It’s very funny. The design of the app is awesome. A beautiful wooden interface will delight your eyes.

5.     Baby Filter : Baby Photo

It can be a challenge to use some baby face generator apps out there. The complexity of an app will scare away people and leave them wishing that it needs some expertise. However, that is not how Baby filter will make you feel.

Do you want to be a baby again? Well, it is possibe.

This application allows you to make use funny baby filters on your photos. You  simply need to choose the photo that you want to edit them from your image library and then select the filter that you prefer and boom! Enjoy your baby look.

You can create infinitely many funny photos.

Don’t forget about social media. You can create several baby face looks of yourself and share them with friends. You can even prank your family members and tell them how you have transformed and become a baby. Sounds funny right?

They will be shocked.

This app is easy to use and you don’t need to learn about any graphic design stuff for you to start working in the app. Just a few steps and your baby photo will be out.

Hurry and install the app as soon as possible. Go and fill up your gallery with tons of baby photos. The quality of the photos generated will be just excellent. No one will sense that this is a fake photo you. Many will be convinced that this is indeed your baby. You can make fun of your friends.


Which of the above baby face generator apps have you ever used? Let us know how the experience was right in the comment box below.

Also, if there are other apps that you feel should appear on the list, how about you mention them in the comments too. We will be glad to test how they work.

Top 5 Address Book Apps for Android 2020

Android phones (smartphones) have become common in our lives. Ever since they were introduced, we have changed the way we carry out activities including communication, social interactions and storage of data. Statistics have proved that if you happen to take someone’s phone, you will get access to a tone of secrets you have never thought of. We have come to utilize our Android smartphones to perform many different pieces of stuff like surfing the web, watching videos, listening to music, and many more. The ideal use of smartphones is to primarily make calls. There are some of us who don’t feel the need for having a third party contact manager app. Even though they don’t, address book apps for android could be useful to some extent.

Typically, we save the contact numbers of family, friends, cooperates and business partners at a regular interval. At times you might not know if you already saved that number and accidentally save the same number twice.

Let’s take a challenge right now, browse through your contact list and let me know if you don’t have duplicate contacts. For me I have found a few duplicate contacts.

What does this mean?

This means that the default contact app which is pre-loaded on our Android is only capable of performing basic tasks. It cannot go deeper and check for existence of the same contact instead it only checks for duplicate names.

Therefore, having something that will not be 100% helpful calls for a third party application to at least extend the features. We need to rely some of the best third-party address book apps for android.

You can get access to some unique features if you have a third-party contact manager app installed. Some of the features you will get include the ability to create a backup, caller ID, better filters, duplicate contact finder, etc.

Top 5 Address Book Apps for Android 2020

Having many contacts on your phone can be confusing. You will find that your personal connection contacts get mixed with your business contacts which can turn out to be a total nightmare when you want to make a quick call. It is therefore vital for you to make an effort to organize your contacts list for them to be manageable. Before you do anything, remember to backup Android contacts from time to time. This is just to be safe in cases of contact data loss. If you don’t make a backup now, you will be forced to recover deleted contacts from Android with an Android Data Recovery software.

Technology has increased inter-connectivity of the world. This great improvement has made it possible for people having to interact with more contacts than before. During that time, there is exchange of contacts and nowadays it is common for one to have as much as 300+ contacts in their phone book.

For that reason, we have tried to find out address book apps for android that you’ll love to have on your Android device.

With them, you will be able to effectively manage your contacts so that everything will be organized.

So, let’s have a look at the top 5 best address book apps for android in 2020.

1.   Google Contacts

Address Book Apps for Android-google-contact

Well, if at all you are using a Google Phone or maybe Android one device then, count yourself lucky because there is no need to install any third-party address book app. This is because Google Contacts comes pre-loaded into those phones.

This application is by far one of the best free address book apps for android that you can use. It automatically syncs all your saved contacts to your Gmail address book account. It makes it easier for you to access your contacts from any device provided that you sign in to your Gmail account.

2.   Hiya

Address Book Apps for Android-hiya

This app is also outstanding address book app to have because you will never forget a number any more. Hiya has a very large database of registered users. This makes the discovery of phone numbers fairly easy process.

If you’re a registered customer then you can use this application to find contacts of several local businesses near you. It is not different from an actual address book because it lets you monitor everyone who calls you and also block spammers or other anyone you feel is of no use to contact you.

The beauty of this app which makes it rank among the best address book apps for android is the fact that it comes with a fairly decent call log feature, which is capable of displaying the contact image of a particular person.

However, for that to happen, one requires to be an existing member of the Hiya app.

With its spam identification features, this app also works as an excellent Caller ID app. You will be provided with spam alerts instantly. This helps you to make a decision on which call you should not answer.

The application is freely available on the Google Play Store. You will never run into ads, but however, it does have some in-app purchases for additional features.

Grab it here here

3.    PureContact

People say that PureContact is a refined version of the stock Android contacts app at a glance but, it’s a whole lot more.

Apart from offering a sleek contacts view, this app can effectively help you assign gestures for quick actions like calling, sending a text, or even text using IM apps. All these settings can be customized using the app’s settings page.

PureContact comes with ten beautiful Material Design based themes just to make it look a little nicer than its custom appearance. However, this feature can only be enjoyed by paying customers only.

Additionally, you can choose to categorize some of your contacts into groups.

The free version of the app doesn’t have ads or in-app purchases but you will need the paid version to add a couple of new features. This is because the free version only includes the basic functionalities.

To make sure you reap its full benefits, it makes sense to replace your existing address book app. Simply go for paid version. Here

is a link to download it

4.   Contact Optimizer

Address Book Apps for Android-contact optimizer

Do you have a number of duplicate contacts in your phonebook? Well, if you do then Contact Optimizer is exactly what you need at the moment. It is a reliable Contact Manager app was developed to remove or merge duplicate contacts.

Contact Optimizer is the best choice for you in that allows you to easily find and delete duplicate contacts from a huge list of contacts in a quick manner.

Also, you can restore any contacts that are saved on your Google account with ease.

Let me also bring to your attention that some functions of this app are paid. What makes is to be in our top address book apps for android is the idea that the most popular features like the Removal of Duplicates is readily available to users for free.

5.   FullContact Address Book

Full contact

FullContact Address Book is just another cool contact manager app that you must have on your Android phone.

Here is why you should have it:

See we people have more than one Gmail account and I strongly believe that each of those accounts has contacts. So what happens if you want to manage the contacts in all of those accounts? The answer is FullContact address book app for android.

This app can easily sync contacts with up to 5 different Gmail and iCloud accounts and it is capable of loading the social profiles to your contacts.

Therefore, if you have a disorganized contact list and you do not have the skill organize them, FullContact is your solution.

It allows you to easily import contacts from those accounts and gives an easy interface for weeding out duplicate contacts.

Concluding Lines

It is true that everything has it own weakness and that is also the case with all of the above address book apps for android. Some are free and some are paid. However, the most important thing is that all of them help to make your contacts manageable and easier to go through.

The five are the best address book apps for android ideal for contact management which you can use.

If you feel that we have not included any important app that could be of help, then it will be wise for you to drop the name in the comment box below.

I hope that this piece helped you! Feel free to Share it with your friends also.

Top 5 Golf Games Apps for Android 2020

Golf is among the most popular sports in the world. You simply grab the clubs, then hit the course, and have fun. Apart from the golf games you play on PC and Mac, there are golf games apps for android as well. The truth is that the golf games apps for android you find on the market will not be as good as the real thing, or even the console golf games. However, with the positivity in your mind, playing it is a very good way to at least kill a few minutes for golf fans. While you are looking for these applications, you will come across many with which you will have to download and uninstall in order to find out which one fits your needs.

Therefore, because we don’t want you to waste your data bundles doing a trial and error game, we have tried our best to find out only a few good golf games apps for android from the many options available.

The state of Golf as a game

A we all know, golf is usually a game of wealthy people. You need to have a stable income and not just a stable income but a very sustaining one for you to beat the odds. Here is real fact that might leave you mouth open. Who on earth if not the wealthy guys is willing to pay thousands of dollars only for a full equipment.

Apart from the thousand dollars for equipments, you also need a personal coach. Paying a coach is even more expensive, you will need to pay him or her about  $300 for every 2 hours to get equipped with several detailed lessons and at least get those basic skills.

Also, as a golf player you will need to rent a golf car for you to move around the playing ground. This is often around $150 per day. There are many other expenses that will come along. Things like having a luxury dinner with other golf players.

Very costly right?

Are there any alternatives?

Well, if you are a golf love and you feel tempted to go to a golf club and do one or two things and up your skills just stay still. Don’t make a move until you are fully equipped and that you have the cash to spend on a coach.

Before then, there is another way that you can have a good time to at least play golf without incurring any huge costs or maybe without spending a penny!

What you don’t have to do is to search for a fit-table field and go there. Eveything can be done right on your smartphone.

We have selected 5 top golf games apps for android so you can have fun as a golf player.

1.     Desert Golf

Golf Games Apps for Android-desert golf

Desert Golf is not a free game. Its price is currently at $1.99.

The Desert Golfing game is a perfectly acceptable arcade game. The game has greate scenes that you will like and enjoy playing in. What happens is that you will be playing in the sand somewhere in a desert. The desert golf game for android is one that features simple 8-bit graphics, simple and easy to use controls, the rare offline support in arcade games, and many more cool features.

See the fun side of Golf is to hit the ball in a hole and this is what will be happening with this game. You will be hitting a ball into a hole over and over again.

The game is not a complicated game whatsoever as it might be with other golf games apps for android. It is just simple. But if at all you are looking for deeper and larger golf games then this might not be the best choice for you.

You will have to look for another one elsewhere.

Just kidding.

If you have played some games on your phone you might have noticed that you need to purchase coins of you to go to the next level. Ads may be filled in it just because the developers are trying to make extra bucks. However, this is not the case with this one. A single game will cost $1.99 but, it does not contain any in-app purchases and surprisingly you will never bump into any sort of advertising while playing.

2.     Flick Golf Extreme

If you happened to witness the game about Madagascar Golf, then you will be pleasantly shocked with this one. Priced at free/$2.99, this game is entirely akin to the Madagascar Golf. The game is designed and developed professionally with recreated course graphics superb for a new generation.

Golf Games Apps for Android- flick golf extreme

One thing that lights up this game is the fact that there are no 3D players. The game was designed for you to play in the 1st person something that you will enjoy during the campaign. Also, the game has are no clubs and no rules at all. It doesn’t matter if you need a flick, a spin or even a curve for your shots to sink in the perfect hole, you’ve got it.

The only things you need to be watchful of are the hazards. This is because they will challenge your skills and ability as you find to hit the high score. The hazards may include, bunkers, sand, trees, and also the wind which will distract you and give you a hard time from hitting high scores.

The other thing is that you will be able to change the weather conditions and also have a chance to keep all controls for in-flight spin and curve.

It is also a great idea to test you gaming skills when you finally become a professional of Flick Golf. Try to challenge your friends via Game Center and compete! All your achievements will be saved and can be displayed on the Game Center leader-boards and achievements.

The game is alo supported by a number of operating systems like iPad 2 and latest, iPhone 4 and latest and all Android 2.1 devices and latest versions.

Why is it loved

The Flick Golf Extreme game is part of the Flick Golf series if maybe you didn’t know. It has been ranked among the most popular arcade golf games apps for android.

This game has a game play similar to the arcade golf games you see in casinos and the likes.

When playing, just flick your finger in order to hit the ball. The quickness of your flick will determine the distance that the ball will cover. It is loved because of its decent graphics, leader-boards, and unique maps that are featured.

3.     Mini Golf 3D City Stars Arcade

Golf Games Apps for Android -mini golf

The Mini Golf 3D City Stars Arcade is one of the best entertainment games you can have on your phone for your little sister, brother or children. It is ideal for children because its design is created with animated cartoon style. This game is exactly what children need. It attracts their attention and also it is essential for improving their thinking ability.

Being a game for children, it is free to play. All its features are entirely free in that there are no in-built fees and paid subscriptions and therefore, you can confidently give your phone to little users without having to worry that they will buy something. While playing, they will collect stars from previous courses which will help them to unlock a new one.

The game has 7 curious courses with over 70 holes. Also, you can dodge obstacles using the 3 unique putter and ball upgrades available.

The Mini Golf 3D City Stars Arcade game is free and is one among a few decent mini golf games apps for android you can find. The game comprises a variety of courses to play through including the online PvP, a chat function, challenges, and many more.

This game is kinder of realistic in that it has an energy system. I know that might be disappointing but it is also fun because realistically you are not a robot. You must get tired, you must lose energy. That is the idea why they designed to develop an energy system. However, you will not be charge any cents to recharge, you can simply get more energy by watching some ad videos.

4.     Super Stickman Golf 3

Enough talking about real 3D golf games apps for android and now look at this minimalist super Super Stickman Golf game.

Developers managed to get in our brains when the developed this game: It might be hard to believe but trust me, “Once you press the start game button in this game, you may not be able to hit the exit game button and put it down. Actually, you will never play “golf” the same again”.

super stickman

The game has classic features. You will be able to choose one club out of the 6 un-lockable clubs. Very impressive right?

Here is a little secret about these 6 clubs that many of you might not know: Each super club has unique abilities that can be of help to make your round a little easier. The game give you 261 unique holes, including all the classic courses from Stick Golf 1 plus new ‘super’ courses.

You can also have a campaign to compete with your friends via Game Center and compare progress and achievements.

How about the graphics?

Well, talking about its graphics, all animated character players are in an High Definition (HD) quality. This is because of the Retina Display and the high resolution it has.
It is supported on iPad 2 and latest, as iPhone 4 and latest and all Android 2.1 devices and latest. And free for all.

Being the latest in a popular series of arcade golf games this game includes twenty golf courses, 2 online PvP types, it also has various power ups, a number of playable characters, several customization elements to choose from, Google Play Games achievements, and different game modes just to name but a few.

5.     WGT Golf

WGT Golf

Do you want to be a part of the world-famous tournaments like Chambers Bay (2015 USGA U.S. Open), Bandon Dunes (Golf Digest #1 rated resort), Harbour Town (PGA RBC Heritage), Pinehurst (2014 USGA US Open), St Andrews (2015 British Open), and Valhalla (2014 PGA Championship), Congressional (2011 USGA US Open) and all that kind of staff?

If your answer was yes, then there is no other golf games apps for android that will give you that opportunity apart fro the WGT Golf application.

This game offers you a great 3D graphics game play and perfect simulation. Apart from that, you will get access to a full 18-hole stroke play with putting and also a 9-hole closest-to-the-hole golf game formats.

The coolest thing about it is that, you can create your own tournament with up to 6 players, compete, swing, drive, chip and putt using different golf shots from different lies on the tee, fairway, rough, bunkers and get scores.

For any best shots, you can share them with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

This game is apart from android devices, it is also supported on iPad 2 and latest, iPhone 4 and latest.

It is free for all devices mentioned above

The WGT Golf Game app is actually one of the best golf games apps for android that we found. It is one of the best because it features some of the finest real brands, decent graphics, real courses, and fairly has good controls and ball physics.

Not forgetting that it also has an online PvP mode, multiplayer leader-boards, tournaments, and more.

You know what?

This android game has one tournament where the winner wins a trip to the U.S. Open.

The fact that it is a free game means that there are free game mechanics like equipment level ups and the like.


Well, all the above golf games apps for android are some of the best that you will find out there. Its great that you have reached this far and for that reason, here is a bonus game to enjoy.

6.     Golf Clash

Golf Clash also one of the most popular free golf games apps for Android you will come across. Its game play is almost similar to that of an arcade game.

To play, simply flick your finger to hit the ball. It has one cool feature that will help you to be accurate when hitting the ball- the aiming mechanic for improved control.

Here is why I told you that it is one of the best; It also has some cool features which include online PvP, weekly events, in-game chats, and many more. The game is kinder real due to the weather conditions like wind and rain that can affect the game.

Summing Up

You came to this article without a clue about which golf games apps for android exist in the gaming industry. You had your worries on which one you should choose but now I believe that you can make up your mind and make a firm decision.

Both the paid games and the freemium games have almost the same features which make all to lie under the same category of top 5 golf games apps for android devices in 2020.

Have any questions concerning these games? Let us know through the comments.

Top 5 Green Screen Apps for Android 2020

Green screens are well-known software among video editors and video shooters. There are many specialized apps for personal computers, but sometimes it is not convenient to use or carry around bulky laptops and computers. Sometimes you could be making a video on the road be on the road, outdoors, or maybe the video might be very small that it does not require a computer for you to handle the task. This the main reason that the android mobile app market has gone ahead to provide the very basic editing tools. Green screen apps for android are now in the app stores to offer the functionality of trimming video and formatting image size, overlaying audio tracks and slowing down or accelerating the video itself.

Over the time there has been no app for replacement of a background of a particular image or video with expertise. Those apps that existed when used were discovered that, the image loses quality after processing, and as a result the editor receives bad quality and unsatisfactory result.

Therefore, we have tried our level best to find and list for you some of the acceptable 5 top green screen apps variants of video processing.

What you did not know

What most people did not know is that the background affects that you use are likely to determine the exact quality of your videos and photos as well.

Also what many of you haven’t realised is that many award winning videos use green screen apps for android to edit still images and also short video clips.

What exactly does green screen entail?

Green screen are basically used to change the scenes of images and videos in movies and other adverts. For example, movies that have scenes from the white-house were not shot there.. Also, movies like game of thrones, superman and other movies have been edited with fictional scenes. Green screen apps are the software behind that.

What Is a Green Screen App for Android and Its Uses?

Green screen app for android is an application used by most filmmakers, videographers and photographers to ideally create unique backgrounds.

Many great apps have been found to work perfectly with windows and Mac. However, developers have gone a milestone to create similar applications for Androids and iOS.

Other applications require internet connection for use but can only be used once download and installed on the device.

Uses of Green Screen Apps for Android

So, why is it that green screens are so important to filmmakers? What are their uses? 

Well, the answer is simple:

To replace the background of your videos and photos.

Other uses include:

Green screens can be used during weather forecasts. Here, television producers often use green screen applications in order to shade regions of interest.

They are also used in cases where there is extensive use of single color in a video. Filmmakers could use a green screen app to cut the color pixels from the video.

Finally, green screen applications have quite a number of editing effects which are often used to enhance the quality and the thrill of videos.

Top 5 Free/Paid Green Screen Apps For Android

Have you been wondering about which green apps for android you should use to edit you short clips and image? Worry no more because here, you will get to learn about the 5 best apps that can make you editing simplified.

1.     Chromavid

When shooting a video, standing against a green background and seting up the camera is not enough to take care of all the magic. The process itself is complicated.

However, Chromavid green screen app for android will simplify everything if you are shooting your video or images using your mobile phone.

Green Screen Apps for Android -chromavid

Nowadays android cameras allow you to do it on green screens without interfering with the quality of the image.

Before you start the shooting process, check whether everything is set and configured correctly. How everything should be set up is explained in the app.

This green screen application is compatible with several devices including Androids 5.0+, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad (iOS 12 or later). It is a paid application with a price tag of $2.99

It functionality is superb in that it works perfectly well with both photos and videos. This is something that you will be proud of because you will not need any extra app for image or maybe video editing.

Chromavid  is the best green app for android if at all have been looking for an android supported editing app.

Chroma Key Effects

Despite its affordable price, this application has some of the finest Chroma Key effects like:

  • More Chroma colors
  • Unlimited recording time
  • Image merge functions

However, for you to access some of its advanced Chromavid commercial use, you will need to subscribe to their specific commercial version on their License page.


  • This green screen app for android is simple and easy to use.
  • The Chromavid plus plan produces videos and photos without watermarks.
  • Edited videos  can be saved directly into your phone.


  • Only real-time videos  and photos can be edited using this application.
  • A lot of personal details are required to open an account with them.

2.     Kinemaster 

Green Screen Apps for Android-kinemaster

Kinemaster is a green sreen app that is available for both  Android and iOS.

It comes with full functionality of the features you will find on a computer editor as below:

  • Trimming
  • Audio editing
  • Sounding
  • Superimposing several layers
  • Connecting subtitles

 If you want to be flexible in video editing and image editing then you should consider having KineMaster as one of the utility applications for your android phone.

The best thing about this application is its interface

When starting, you will have to choose one color out of the available colors. This app does not have any special palette and this serves as a huge drawback about it.

Without a special palette, you must select the one you want using a slider from the entire RGB palette. This is very difficult for those people who are not perfectly capable of getting the color from the whole palette.

KineMaster apart from being one of the best green screen apps for android 5.0+ it is compatible with other platforms like:  Chrome OS, iPhone, iPod and iPad. The best thing about it is that it is completely free.

Its Chroma Key function can also be used to overlay texts, photos and videos.

If you have been looking for a top free green screen app for android then you should consider Kinemaster.

Another best feature about it is the fact that it supports multilayer effect which allows you to lay video clips, images, texts and many more at once.

Although the app is entirely free to use, there will be a watermark placed in your videos and photos. To eliminate the watermark and get unlimited export of 4K resolution backgrounds you will need to subscribe to the KineMaster premium plan.


  • You can share your projects to social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and also Facebook.
  • There are hundreds of stickers, video backgrounds, video clips, transitions and music clips updated weekly.
  • One can easily create multiple layer videos.
  • It has the EQ presets, speed controls and preview features.


  • This application is not compatible with PCs and mac

3.     Stop Motion Studio

The Stop Motion Studio application was not designed for replacing the video background but it has this functionality.

Initially, it was designed to create clips that contain still images. The Stop Motion Studio application is very effective and super easy to use. Its intuitive management of the features and tools helps even unfamiliar users to use it like pros.

Green Screen Apps for Android-stop motion studio

If you have any animated objects, they will be detected automatically. This ability helps one to highlight a background color that is close to the contour of an image as accurate as possible. By so doing you will have the ability to position the background image frame perfectly.

Stop Motion Studio has a quick selection feature that saves you time and speeds up the process of editing the background image significantly.

It is compatible with Mac, iOS, Android and Windows and its price: For iOS is $4.99, price for Windows is $1.99, for Mac it ranges from $9.99 and finally $4.99 for Androids.

Even though this app was meant to edit motionless images ad clips, it is very much suitable for both photos and videos.

Finding green screen apps for android with stunning features that are easy to use can turn out to the most daunting task. With Stop Motion Studio, one can be able to export edited videos to YouTube and create 4K Ultra HD videos.

When using the green screen feature in this app, you can automatically change the background easily by importing it from any source.


  • This app can enhance videos quality using various backgrounds, foregrounds and transitions.
  • The application has a built-in music which typically helps you to improve the sound quality of the created green screen.
  • Beginner friendly
  • It has a Rotoscoping feature that allows one to create unique videos.


  • There are no free features. One has to fully pay for the app for them to get access to its features.

4.     PocketVideo 

PocketVideo is another powerful video editor developed especially for iPhone and iPad owners but it can serve the purpose on android devices as well. If you are a YouTuber then you need an application like this which has the basics to bring a different feel to your videos.

Green Screen Apps for Android-pocket video

If you happen to shoot a video on a monotonous background, the only way to get rid of it and make the video enjoyable is you replace the background. PocketVideo allows you to replace the monochrome green background with any other necessary image. How does it work?

This application is compatible with the following device software iOS 12.0 or later and Android 4.4 or later, PC and Mac and it is free for use

You will not be able to use PocketVideo for other tasks except to edit videos and photos.


  • The application can record and also edit up to 10 minutes Ultra HD video.
  • Easy to use user interface.
  • Huge collection of free stickers, PNGs and GIF.


  • No training tutorials on how to use it.

5.     Green Screen Wizard Pro Studio Editor

Green screen wizard is an android application that offers great functionality on editing the backgrounds of images. Its compatibility covers a variety of platforms including Windows7,8,10, Mac, Android and iPhone.

The pricing for the app is as follows depending of the operating system of the device.

  • Windows/Mac- $199.95,
  • Android- $4.99

Even though Green Screen Studio application is very costly, professional photographers and editors recommend it because of its extra ordinary features.

Currently, statistics of its usage are over 25,000 users.


  • Has advanced Chroma Key features.
  • In-depth tutorials available for each version.
  • It is suitable for all children and professional experts.


This application is extremely expensive to computer and Mac users.

No image resizing feature.

Here is a table that can help you choose the best app to use among the top 5 green screen apps for android above.

Product NameCompatibilityPricing
ChromavidAndroid 5.0+, iOS 12 or later,$2.99 /year
KinemasterAndroids 5.0+, Chrome OS, iPhone, iPadFree
Stop Motion StudioMac, iOS, Android and WindowsiOS-$4.99, Windows- $1.99, Mac- $9.99, Android – $4.99
PocketVideoWindows, Mac, Android and iPhoneFree
Green Screen Wizard ProWindows, Mac, Android and iPhoneWindows/ Mac – $199.95, Android – $4.99

Sometimes you may not always have professional installation equipment or even a laptop at hand when you want to do a particular editing task. Also, there are some activities which you will not work on for a long time over the editing of a single video. When such cases occur, then the applications on your android can be of help.

Most of us keep our phones with us, we take them with us anywhere we go and therefore, this makes it easier to edit.

Technology has advanced our android phones in that they are not inferior to laptops and desktops. The android apps in this article in terms of technical characteristics are the same as those for PCs, and similarly the green screen applications in terms of functionality are not worse than full versions on the PC.


I believe you have come across many green screen apps for android claiming to have created award winning Hollywood-like videos and the most admired photos.

Whether you want to make a mini-project, or maybe you are on the road, or let’s say that you are just a mobile blogger, and you need to be on finishing up a short clip, then try one of the presented applications.


If you are not using any of the above green screen apps for android, kindly research widely and find out what people are saying about them!

Using tried, tested and proven applications on your android devices is the only way you can protect your device from fraudsters.

Quick Question

Which of the above green screen apps for android have you ecer used? Share your comments or opinion below and we will be right there to follow up.

Top 5 Local Chatting Apps for Android 2020

With the increasing number of android app developers, we have a long list of chatting apps for android at our disposal. However, while they make it to stay connected, the number of available applications can be overwhelming.

Other applications don’t just match your needs and therefore, before you download any app, you want to make sure that it will not just be adding more clutter to your android device.

It is important to ask yourself these important questions before you hit that download and install button:

  • How about sending and receiving files?
  • Is it free to use or has paid features?
  • Can you use it on your desktop?
  • If the application contain annoying ads?
  • Does the application allow you to video and voice chat?
  • Does it give you the ability to create group chats?
  • How secure will your discussions be?

Often whether you have job issues or not, you will need to keep in touch with clients, friends, and family and also other people in your circle from all across the world. Since they exist, you will find yourself using about every major chat app available. 

However, people’s needs are different and therefore the type of apps they use might differ from those you personally use. While your needs may be different, the ability to stay connected to those important to you is fundamentally the same.

That said; let’s take a look at the top five chatting apps for android this year.

1.     WhatsApp

Local Chatting Apps for Android -whatsapp

I believe that you have already heard of the famous WhatsApp. For good reason this application lets you make free voice calls and video calls. You can also send instant messages, all via an intuitive interface on all Android devices.

You can use WhatsApp Web on any browser, or even download a desktop version for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

It has been found that WhatsApp has more users that any other chatting app on the globe. Therefore, there’s a high possibility that your friends and business associates already have the app installed and active.

 If you have someone saved as a contact on your phonebook, you’ll automatically be connected to them via the app. This will be so if they also have an active  account.

Under what circumstances can you choose WhatsApp?

Well choose WhatsApp When…

  • You have someone on your contact list whom you often enjoy talking to WhatsApp also allows you to create a shortcut to conversations directly from your home screen if you are using an Android device. These shortcuts conversations can be with a person or group of your choice.
  • When you need to connect with a large group of people. Using the broadcast feature, one can send a single message and reach up to 256 people simultaneously.
  • You are a fan of group chats. If you are in group chats that always disturb you, WhatsApp allows you to mute them for eight hours, one week, or even up to a year.
  • You’re living or doing business in Saudi Arabia, where WhatsApp is used by 73% of the population!
Supported PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Windows, MacOS
Associated CostsFree, other than the cost of using data when not connected to WiFi
Popular in…Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay, Saudi Arabia, India, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Finland, Spain, United Kingdom, Morocco, Indonesia, Germany, Yemen, Oman, Israel, Chad, South Africa, Nigeria, Niger, Tanzania
Voice ChatYes
Video ChatYes
Group ChatYes
End-to-End EncryptionYes
Send/Accept FilesYes

2.     Facebook Messenger

Local Chatting Apps for Android -facebook messenger

Facebook is another app that is well known by even grade three students. It is not only the largest social network on the globe but also the second biggest messaging app in regards to of monthly active users.

Statistics say that in the United States, Facebook Messenger’s 105 million users make it the most used chat app.

Using Facebook Messenger, one can connect for free with anyone in the world who has a Facebook account. The funny thing is that you do not have to be a Facebook user for you to use the application – Simply download the messenger app, create a Messenger account and get rolling.

This application has most features similar to WhatsApp. Facebook Messenger lets you send text message, voice call, or video call and also send and receive files to and from anyone on the same messaging system.

Here is another cool feature; you can call someone’s PC from your phone and vice versa. This means that you can always stay in touch with anyone in spite of of which device you’re using.

When should you use the facebook messenger app

Choose Facebook Messenger When…

  • You want a fun way to connect with your friends and contacts. Facebook messenger as well has several games available where you can challenge your friends, or maybe play alone if you are more of the solo type.
  • You can also choose to use facebook messenger app if you want to share recipes, news updates, flight details or other details. This has been made easy using other integrated third-party app extensions that can be used with facebook messenger.
  • Also if you like new technology. Using Facebook’s code scanning feature provided, you can add more Messenger users by simply scanning their unique codes.
Supported PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Windows 10, there’s also an unofficial version for macOS named Messenger for Mac
Associated CostsFree, other than the cost of using data when not connected to WiFi
Popular in…United States, Canada, Algeria, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Madagascar, Mongolia, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Portugal, Ireland
Voice ChatYes
Video ChatYes
Group ChatYes
End-to-End EncryptionYes

3.     Line

Line has made quite popular in East Asia. This application has more than 200 million users and it is chat app of choice for most people in Thailand, Japan and Taiwan.

Line may not be very popular as other chatting apps for android like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger but it is a chatting application with a wide range of features which includes several value-adding functions.

Line-Local Chatting Apps for Android

These features are:

  • Line Games. These are games which you can play with your friends 
  • Line Pay, you can use this feature for sending and receiving money from friends 
  • Line Taxi, this feature gives you the ability to call a cab for pick up services
  • Finally the Line Today functionality which provides you with prompt today’s top news.

Choose Line When…        

  • You’re an emoticon person then Line application has a number of stickers that you cannot find on other chatting apps.
  • If you like sending high-quality or professional photos. Line allows you to share your photos in full without having to tamper with the image resolution. This is an option that most chat apps don’t provide to users. If at all you don’t want to send images as they are and feel that you’d rather save data, you have an option to send the images in a lower resolution version.
  • Well, do you want a chatting app which has some in-built social media functionality? Line provides you with a fanatical timeline from which you can post updates, share posts  and thoughts for your contacts to see.
Supported PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS
Associated CostsFree to voice or video message other Line users, other than the cost of using data when not connected to WiFi. There are costs associated with some of Line’s premium features, such as dialing a landline and non-Line members (costs depend on location)
Popular in…Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Turkmenistan
Voice ChatYes
Video ChatYes
Group ChatYes
End-to-End EncryptionYes
Send/Accept FilesYes

4.     Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is one of the focused enterprise chatting apps for android that has ever been developed. The Google Hangouts has rebranded some of its app services. It has cut it into two different business-focused applications—Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat.

Currently, these two apps are only available to Google Suite users. Google earlier announced that the free versions of both Meet and Chat will be made available to the general public once the Google Suite users have fully switched to these new apps.

Also, Google has decided to keep the text-based chatting app, the video-based chatting app, Google Duo, and Google Messages intact for staying in contact with your network.

Why Choose Google Hangouts

  • You can choose to use this application if you are an organization and would like to carry out business meetings that constitute up to 100 participants. You can achieve this using the new function of the recently released Hangouts Meet.
  • If you want to keep in touch with your customers who are not using the new Hangouts Chat app. This can be achieved by inviting those users who don’t use Hangouts into your chats.
  • You can also use Google Hangouts if you want to message friends, family, and business associates directly from your Gmail inbox. Messages, video chat, or voice chat with other Gmail or Hangouts users from your browser is allowed.
  • Do you want to video chat ten friends at the same time? Well, use the “classic” Hangouts ap to message up to ten users simultaneously.
Supported PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Google Chrome Extension
Associated CostsFree for “classic” Hangouts users. For Hangouts Meet or Hangouts Chat you currently need to be a G Suite user, which will cost you anywhere from $5 to $25 per month (although free consumer versions are promised to be released once “classic” Hangouts is officially retired)
Popular in…United States
Voice ChatYes
Video ChatYes
Group ChatYes
End-to-End EncryptionYes
Send/Accept FilesYes

5.     Viber

Local Chatting Apps for Android-viber

The Viber app is also among the top chatting apps for android that you will come across.

Viber is not widely use in the west it is one of the most used chatting apps within the Eastern European market. 

Just like other android applications on this list, Viber specializes in free voice chat, video chat, and instant messaging when using a WiFi connection or mobile data.

However, this application has some paid features  such as Viber Out. This feature gives you the ability to call people on their landline ad even cellular phone number using Viber credit, which has to be purchased.

When to use Viber

  • Well, you can choose to use Viber when you are a marketer who would like to crowd-source information in your group chats. Using the Viber’s polling feature, you can easily and quickly gather the opinions of your group members when you  create custom polls.
  • Also you can use it if you would like to send holiday wishes to friends and also family members by taking advantage of specialized holiday stickers that are at your disposal. You will be able to download fun holiday greetings and send them to those you love. These stickers can be found in Viber’s Sticker Market.
Supported PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux
Associated CostsFree to voice or video message other Viber users, other than the cost of using data when not connected to WiFi. There are costs associated with some of Viber’s premium features, such as Viber Out, which allows you to dial a landline and non-Viber users
CostsViber Out, which allows you to dial a landline and non-Viber users
Popular in…Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Tajikistan, Moldova, Armenia
Voice ChatYes
Video ChatYes
Group ChatYes
Send/Accept FilesYes
End-to-End EncryptionYes

Over To You                 

There’s something to be said for all of these top chatting apps for android. Several apps have almost the same features and a few have paid features as well. But which application would you choose?

To make your chat app choice even easier, we have compiled a table of factors that you should take into account before you download and install an app. Sometimes you might feel like you want to hide your apps for privacy reasons. Feel free to checkout these app hider apps for android to help you do the same.

To entirely settle on an individual app, make sure that you have a clue on where specifically your audience or friends are. Also, make sure that you entirely understand what specifically you want to do with the application in terms of socialization, fun, or business activities.

Here are some of the factors that you should be aware of for all the above chatting apps for android:

AppAvailabilityMain AdvantageMain Disadvantage
WhatsAppiOS Android MacOsEasy-to-use interface, and popular in many countriesBoth parties must have the app installed
Facebook MessengeriOS Android MacOs WindowsMessage anyone on Facebook, even if they don’t have Messenger. You can also message those who don’t have a Facebook account as long as they have Messenger as well 
LineiOS Android MacOs WindowsYou can use it to check the news, order a taxi, or many other functions not offered by other appsHardly known outside of East Asia
Google HangoutsiOS AndroidGreat for enterprise-related chat functions, such as holding meetingsGoing through major changes, adding much uncertainty to this apps future
ViberiOS Android MacOs Windows LinuxCreate polls in group chats to crowdsource informationNot all of its features are free