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What is InetCtrl.exe? How to Remove or Fix InetCtrl.exe

InetCtrl.exe is an executable program file that is part of the CloudCare program currently developed by Avast. Some previous versions were developed by Bsecure Technologies. There have been reports of this file getting infected with malware in some rare cases. In this article, we will be discussing on the malware issue related to the InetCtrl.exe […]

What is Distnoted.exe? How to Remove or Fix Distnoted.exe

Distnoted.exe is an executable program file that is developed by Apple Inc. It is part of the ‘Apple Application Support 32-bit’ program. This program is part of the Apple iTunes program. Sometimes, the distnoted.exe file gets malware-infected. What is Apple Application Support (32-bit)? Apple Application Support (32-bit) is a program that is installed automatically when […]

What is SynTPEnhService.exe? How to Remove or Fix SynTPEnhService.exe

SynTPEnhService.exe is an executable program file that is part of the Synaptics Pointing Device Driver program. It is developed by Synaptics Inc. This driver program is the default driver for the trackpads of many laptops. Rarely, this file may get malware-infected. We will discuss malware infection related to the SynTPEnhService.exe file and how we can […]

What Is Nwupdate.exe? How To Remove Or Fix Nwupdate.exe

Nwupdate.exe is an executable file that is part of the Neverwinter Nights Platinum program developed by BioWare. Sometimes, this file gets malware-infected. We will discuss more on this file and malware infections below. Common Nwupdate.exe Error Messages Some of the common nwupdate.exe errors are listed below. “nwupdate.exe failed” “nwupdate.exe application error” “Cannot find nwupdate.exe” “nwupdate.exe […]

What is AutoReactivator.exe? How to Remove or Fix AutoReactivator.exe

AutoReactivator.exe is an executable program file that is part of the Advanced SystemCare 9 program, a PC optimization utility. Sometimes, AutoReactivator.exe gets virus-infected. (At times, even your physician gets virus-infected. ) More About Advanced SystemCare 9 Program Advanced SystemCare 9 application helps to speed up, optimize, and clean your computer or laptop. It also helps […]