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How to Fix Too Low Speaker Volume on Macbook

What is the importance of a Macbook without sound? Most Mac users use their PC for different purposes like personal use, meetings, gaming, presentation Professional Movie/ Video making, Audio making and entertainment among others. Under those purposes, there must be somewhere where you will need to listen to something. Refresh yourself with a movie or […]

Fix Chrome Not Saving Passwords

Some times, the Google Chrome browser asks for the password even when you visit the website, second time or on subsequent visits. Chrome does not ask you whether to save the password or not. In spite of your best efforts, you realize that the password saving feature is not working. It is quite annoying to […]

How to Resolve Too Many Redirects Chrome Error Message?

‘Too many redirects chrome’ is a website redirection error message which may appear with some webpages or websites, while using the Chrome browser. Why redirection is necessary? How can you resolve website redirection errors? We will be discussing those things briefly, in the following paragraphs. Have you Faced ‘Too many redirects Chrome’ Error? Many website […]

How to Solve This Webpage has a Redirect Loop Problem

“This Webpage has a redirect loop problem” is an error message which many website users and owners are faced with. The error is shown as “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS”. What does this error mean? How do you resolve this error? We will discuss these things in detail in the rest of this article. What is Webpage Redirection? Webpage […]

How to Turn ON Spell Checker in Google Chrome 2020?

Google Chrome is the most used internet browser in the world. Google chrome contains lots of features and offers seamless experience to its users. Chrome offers high speed browsing by loading pages quickly. It also suggests you alternate websites, related phrases to search for, predicts the overall phrase as soon as you type few words, […]