Top 5 Barometer Pressure Forecast Apps for Android 2020

With the massive changes in technology and android development, many smartphones nowadays have inbuilt sensors one of them being the famous barometer. With such technology being available for phones, one can now download and install barometer pressure forecast apps that can be used to measure atmospheric pressure. Besides, that functionality, these apps can this useful in helping one to determine their geo-location.

Primarily, the barometer is designed to carry out just a few of its traditional purposes and its presence in phones does not necessarily allow the sensor does to perform of all its functions.

For that case, developers have gone an extra mile to come up with programs (applications) that can utilize it well. There are barometer applications on the internet but the challenging part comes in on how to choose the best program and why specifically you need it.

Due to many environmental factors, many people are now affected by changes in weather conditions. One can prepare himself on how he will deal with this. For you to be well prepared, you will need to use some of the barometer pressure forecast apps available. Using these apps, one can can view the atmospheric pressure forecast and then make plans from te data that has been gathered by the app.

These apps have been in so much demand that is why we have taken time to list down the best 5 applications with which you can measure atmospheric pressure. Besides measuring the atmospheric pressure, they have many extra useful features.

That said all that is required of you is to install a special barometer program from Play Market. Below are some of the applications that you can install for your android device:

1.     Barometer Plus

barometer pressure forecast apps- Barometer Plus

Barometer Plus is one of the easy to use atmospheric pressure tracker and barometer application.

Being aware of the level of atmospheric pressure helps one to improve the condition especially for some of us who suffer from unrelenting headaches. These problems can be curbed if you can track the level of atmospheric pressure and how it affects your well-being using the Barometer Plus app.

Also, there are many different ways you can use this application. For people who like fishing or for those fishermen out there, you can make good use of this app to track the changes in air pressure and get the best result.

The Barometer Plus app has a modern and unique design making it one of the best barometer pressure forecast apps for android to be developed. It utilizes the sensors on your android device show only current information about atmospheric pressure.

Units supported by the application:

The following units are supported by the Barometer Plus application

  • millimeters of mercury
  • hectopascal
  • torr
  • millibar
  • inches of mercury

The Barometer Plus app usually store its history of data collected in the history tab from which you can be able to see the level of atmospheric pressure changes occurred over the past week.

For you get the accurate forecasts or predictions you have to specify your location because they are generated depending on those predefined locations. The app refreshes twice a day just to improve the accuracy of any information that you receive.

If you need any hourly forecasts, then you should generalize them to “night, morning, day, evening” or “night, day”.

High forecast accuracy is achieved through the use of hybrid weather forecasting technology. It is based on a continuous analysis of data flows and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Apart from predicting the pressure levels of the atmosphere, this app can also with measure the height level. The application automatically calibrates the sensor data. To do this, use satellite GPS data.

The Barometer Plus application is free for download on Google Play Store.

The main features of the Barometer Plus app:

  • It contains both the barometer and an altimeter
  • The design is made in a classical analog style
  • Notification (alerts) of pressure changes can be set
  • You can customize the barometer to your liking (there are several themes and backgrounds to choose from).

2.     Barometer Reborn

This application normally displays the forecast of atmospheric pressure predicted for the next 7 days. Barometer Reborn can automatically track your location using GPS location tracker. Also, it has the ability to update the weather widget of your android device after a specified time interval.

Barometer Reborn -barometer pressure forecast apps

When you open the application a screen fires up containing all the necessary information. The window or the screen that is displayed by default shows you information about atmospheric pressure. You can also add extra indicators that you need the application to display. For example, air temperature, humidity and wind speed.

Selecting specific days can be done using swipe and if you want to view the hourly forecast of a particular day, you will have to select the Today Weather tab which is located at the very bottom of the screen.

What the app contains

  • The barometer reborn also has a clock displaying the current time and the name of the city selected by default. This can be found in the upper left corner of the screen. Again, in the upper right corner, there are function keys that give you the ability to activate the weather widget.
  • Well, there is also two function keys found at the top of the screen which you can use to update data in the app and change the current city by default.
  • Among the functions, you can use the “Add Location” key to change or add your location.
  • The “Maps and Media” allows you to change the background of the screen.
  • The “Nearby Stations” soft key allows you to view your current location on the map.
  • The “Refresh all” button gives you the functionality to update data in the program.
  • Finally the app also has an “Advanced” soft key which allows you to work with the program settings and edit the list of locations.

It is easy to use the Barometer Reborn application because its settings are very conveniently divided into groups. This makes it easy for you to find the desired variable parameter. 

Using this atmospheric pressure meter app

You will be able to monitor how changes in atmospheric pressure impacts or affects your well-being. It is beneficial to people with migraines and seasonal health changes.

Knowing in advance about the upcoming changes, you can try to reduce their unpleasant effect to a minimum. For example, if the barometer shows an increase in pressure, then you should try to reduce the physical loads to the minimum.

Also, if you are suffering from respiratory diseases (such as asthma) or hypertension and you notice a pressure reduction from the app, then know that it is time you need to be the open air.

The main functions and features of the app:

  • It has a nice user-friendly interface 
  • Shows current atmospheric pressure
  • Supports multiple units: hPa, inHg, mmHg, psi, atm
  • You can use a widget on your home screen
  • One can also set notifications about atmospheric pressure changes.

3.     Barometer & Altimeter

The Barometer & Altimeter application is also one of the to five barometer pressure forecasting apps for android that can help you to find out the level of atmospheric pressure.

barometer pressure forecast apps barometer and altimeter

Using the app

  • When you first open the app, it will ask you to choose a geographical area from a list of the locations provided to you. There are two ways to do this: mark on the map and find in the catalog.
  • After that, you can configure the forecast. Set the duration, step, resolution and choose what data you want to see.

Just like the Barometer Reborn, this application also provides a forecast about  the strength and direction of the wind.

The weather data gathered and analysed by this app is usually provided or displayed to the user. These formats include; overlaid on a map, in the form of graphs or in tables.

Overview of the functions of the app

  • On the map, winds are indicated by standard arrows, pressure – isobars. Precipitation levels are marked by the darkening of various shades. A single click on the map will pull out a tool tip box with detailed information in case you forget what is indicated.
  • The play icon at seen at the bottom of the screen is used to turn on the animation. The animation is for showing how the weather changes over a forecast period of time.
  • There is a Meteogram which displays a graph of changes for each weather parameter. This graphic information is very useful especially if you need to quickly get an idea of ​​any changes in atmospheric pressure.

Under the settings tab, one can specify which units of measure they want the forecast to be displayed. You can choose the format as Knots, kilometres per hour, miles per hour or on the Beaufort scale for wind speed. Y=You can choose to set degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit for temperature. The pressure is displayed by default in millibars or inches of mercury.

One cooler feature about this app is the fact that is has excellent graphics and animation. This enables it to offer you a detailed forecast of atmospheric pressure in an organized and cool manner. Also, you can view the hourly forecast for the current day or week.

What is so unique about this app?

  • Based on your location, you will receive detailed information about the level of atmospheric pressure
  • If the program cannot analyze data using the built-in GPS it find data from the Internet hence it allows you to accurately know the atmospheric pressure, temperature, wind speed, visibility, and altitude above sea level all the time.
  • The app is certainly an additional help for those of you who love extreme species sports and for other situations.
  • The Barometer & Altimeter application does not take up much space in your android device and also it does not require high power consumption of the battery like game applications.
  • It has a simple interface and is easy to use. 

4.      WeatherX Forecast

When it comes to best barometer pressure forecast apps for android, the WeatherX Forecast application cannot luck from the list. WeatherX forecast application majors its forecast of atmospheric pressure on the terrain. This is a beautiful alternative to submitting forecasts in the form of an hourly chart.


It has the ability to supply you with a 7-day hourly forecast of atmospheric pressure. The statistics gathered in the application are presented in the form of maps, tables, and graphs.

Familiarizing with the app

  • The main screen of the app has two graphs. One graph is for details of the forecast for the next 48 hours. The app normally displays it at the top of the screen. The bottom graph provides information on changes in temperature over 7 days.
  • Secondly, the main information in the application is divided into several lines which provide information for about the atmospheric pressure for the next three hours.

The application WeatherX Forecast gets your current location or selects a location from the database. The program supports metric units.

It as well has a GPS tracking too and other essential tools for route planning. This app has some extra features that will be useful for those who are travelling. It has the ability to pull out the fastest route and at the same time calculate the best departure date.

There are also 3D weather maps with QuickView. This allows you to view forecasts simultaneously in several cities. In addition, apart from the set of features of the application WeatherX Forecast has, it also offers support for push notifications.

5.     Altimeter & Barometer

barometer pressure forecast apps -altimeter and barometer

The Altimeter & Barometer application has the capability to get you a forecast of atmospheric pressure for 7 days.

Also, unlike other barometer pressure apps that have been developed out there, the application is available for almost any city in the world. Weather info updates every 6 hours.

The app has three modes for displaying forecasts to choose from. The three modes are broken down into the current forecast for the today, the forecast for two days in advance and the forecast for 7 days in advance.

Using the app

  • When you first open this application, a window will pop up asking you to select a city. For the accurate functioning of the app, make sure that you provide the exact city that you are currently in because the weather forecasting depends on it. You can do this using the on-screen keyboard.
  • The main menu interface of the program is presented in the form of a screen on which the main controls are located. They are necessary to optimize the work with the app.
  • You can switch between different modes of the application using the function buttons available. They are located at the bottom of the app. Therefore, you can navigate through the app for you to be able to view information about changes in atmospheric pressure.

The seven-day displays data on the current level of atmospheric pressure. The list of cities contains more than 58 thousand settlements. If necessary, the desired city can be entered manually. To search for cities and add them to the list at the bottom of the window there are soft buttons.

From the “Settings” menu one can configure:

  • auto-update
  • units
  • Interface language
  • today screen

You can schedule Auto-updates in the app. This allows you to select the time for updating the weather.

The “Today” screen in the app gives you the ability to select the number of forecasts and the sizes of the icons you want. The app will display on the screen the information each contains.


Medical statistics have shown that more than half of people do react in some way to weather changes. However, some people may react practically unnoticeable, but for some, on the contrary, could suffer from any changes in the weather, pressure or magnetic storms very hard.

Also, changes in the weather can cause problems to those who have chronic joint diseases, cardiovascular system, in people with low or high blood pressure.

Therefore, having information about the upcoming changes can reduce their unpleasant effect to some extent. To be able to predict such changes, you need to download and install at least one of the above barometer pressure forecast apps for android.

It is true that not everyone knows that many Android devices have interesting features such as a barometer. For some, they know it is there but they don’t know why it is needed on the phone. If you did not know, now you know. Barometer pressure forecast apps are only for predicting the atmospheric pressure.

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