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What Does Restore iPhone Mean?

Restoring the iPhone means that wiping out of all the data on the device. i.e. If you were to restore your iPhone, all the data, apps, settings, etc, on your mobile device will be lost. If you are thinking of restoring the iPhone device, it’s always advisable that you back up the data on the […]

How To Fix Spotify Error Code 4 Problem

Spotify is probably the most popular online music streaming service. Spotify error code 4 appears to some users. Every time they launch the Spotify, it will give the error code 4. Nothing will be playable. The error message says “No internet connection detected. Spotify will automatically try to reconnect when it detects an internet connection […]

Fix iPhone X Won’t Swipe Up Problem

Some iPhone X users have complained that their device won’t swipe up. It is quite annoying when this occurs, as your display is locked. Then, you can not do anything using your iPhone X. Making or receiving calls and messages, apps, camera, etc, are locked if the swipe up does not work. Minor software problems […]

Fix iPhone X Can’t Restore Backup Problem

Some iPhone X users have complained that they were unable to restore from the backup source. Though it is quite rare, sometimes this problem does happen. Causes of iPhone X Can’t Restore Backup Problem Fix iPhone X can’t restore the backup problem is mainly caused by Wi-Fi problems. The cellular mobile internet connection can not […]

Fix iPhone 8 Can’t Turn ON Problem

Some iPhone 8 users have complained that their mobiles devices does not turn on or is unresponsive. Though the reasons for this behavior can be different, the issue can be resolved easily in many cases. We will discuss the causes and the fixes for the unresponsive iPhone 8 that failed to turn on. Causes of […]