Fix Default Gateway Not Available in Windows 2020

Windows users often encounter many issues that can make a user not enjoy a reliable internet connection when using their PC. When a default gateway is not available on Windows 10, installing a new Ethernet driver can fix the issue. You can also change your network adapter from Power Management settings.

What are the causes of the default gateway not available?

There are a number of aspects that can lead to this kind of error message on your PC.

Here are just but some of them:

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  • Incorrect IP settings – Internet users come across problems. One of the widespread errors Windows 10 reported is The default gateway is not available. Incorrect IP settings can make your default gateway unavailable or even ISP configuration settings.

  • Router settings and outdated drivers – Security solutions like McAffee have been reported to block your connection, causing default gateway is not available at times. 



The default gateway is not available can block you from accessing and using the internet. Therefore, you must find a way to fix it as it may cause you problems or prevent you from accessing the internet.

That said, let’s have a look at some of the…

Solutions to default gateway is not available

There are a number of fixes you can try on your PC and see if you’ll be able to resolve this problem.

The solutions listed in this article have been proven to work and I am certain that they will be of help to you.

If one method doesn’t work for you, please proceed to the next solution.

Let’s get rolling.

Method 1: Check and Install a New Ethernet Driver

Check the ethernet driver you are using to see if it is the latest version on Windows 10. If you need to install the newest Ethernet driver, go to the website’s motherboard manufacturer. Download and install it, and once done, the default gateway error should now be fixed.


Most Windows users unknowingly have outdated drivers. Share this article to help others. Also, a manual download of drivers is quite risky and you can permanently damage your system by downloading the wrong driver versions. To prevent damaging your device, we recommend TweakBit’s Driver Updater as it is 100% safe. All outdated drivers on your PC will be automatically downloaded. The only setback with the tool is that some of its features are not free.

Method 2: Change your router’s channel

Your wireless channel and dual-band wireless adapters can cause gateway issues. Access your wireless router to fix the problem by changing the channel from automatic to a value.

Some users reported that setting the channel to 6 fixed the default gateway issue, but you can also try other avenues. Meanwhile, you will find more detailed instructions on your wireless router’s manual on how to make such changes.

Also, other users advise on changing the encryption method to fix the gateway issue. Using WPA-WPA2 worked for some users. So, you can try it and see if this option can fix the problem.

If the above methods don’t fix the issue for you, try different encryption methods. Also, keep it in mind that some encryption methods are outdated, and they don’t provide protection at all.

Method 3: Change Power Management settings for your network adapter

According to some users, the default gateway is not available to use can be fixed by changing the Power Management settings of your network adapter. The simple guidelines below will help you:

  1. Hit the Windows Key + X to launch Power User Menu and choose Device Manager.
image 2
  1. Locate and double-click on your network adapter 
  2. The Properties window will open when you tap on the Power Management button. Make sure that the Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power option is not checked.
image 1
  1. To save the changes, select OK.

We recommend that you read more about network adapter what it is and how to fix problems associated with it.

Method 4: Change the power saving mode on your wireless adapter.

Some users have reported that you can fix The default gateway is not an available error by changing your power options on Windows 10. The few simple steps below will guide you:

Method 5: Change the frequency of your wireless router

  1. Tap on the Windows Key + S then types power options. Locate and choose Power Options from the menu.
  2. Once the Power Options window opens, navigate to your current plan, then tap on Change plan settings.
  3. Tap on Change advanced power settings.
  4. Locate and select Wireless Adapter Settings and change it to Maximum Performance.
  5. Hit Apply then OK and save the changes.

Most of the current routers support 5GHz frequency, which might not work with your current adapter on this frequency. You have to change it to 2.4GHz. Most users reported that a frequency change resolved the default gateway problem. Check your router’s manual for more details on how to change the frequency.

Method 6: Change the wireless mode from 802.11g/b to 802.11g.

The default gateway is not available problem can be fixed by setting the wireless mode from 802.11g/b to 802.11g. Follow the few simple steps below to achieve this.

  1. Launch Network Connections by pressing the Windows Key + X then select Network Connections from the menu.
  1. Locate and right-click your wireless network adapter—select Properties from the menu.
  2. Tap on the Configure tab
  3. Navigate to the Advanced tab, then choose Wireless mode. A drop-down menu will appear, choose 802.11g. 
  4. Save the changes then go back to see if the issue is fixed.

Method 7: Use the netshell reset command

Another way to fix The default gateway is not available error is to reset TCP/IP. But, how do you do that? First, launch Command Prompt then enter the IP reset command following the steps below:

  1. Press the Windows Key + X then select Command Prompt(Admin)
  2. Once Command Prompt launches, enter netsh int IP reset then hit Enter.
  3. When the process completes, shut the Command Prompt then restart your PC.

Method 8: Uninstall McAfee

The McAfee antivirus program has been reported by users to interfere with network configuration sometimes. As a result, errors like the default gateway not available will be witnessed. To resolve this problem, uninstall McAfee from your PC and see if the problem is fixed. 

Sometimes, the tool you use to uninstall might not do a thorough clean up. But, using a third-party uninstaller like Ashampoo Uninstaller or Iobit Advanced Uninstaller for better results and they are free.

After removing the antivirus, your PC will be protected by Windows Defender. Still, you can install an antivirus software of your choice. The recommended antivirus software is Bitdefender, BullGuard, and Panda.

Using Restoro PC Repair Tool

We recommend the restoro PC repair tool for all PC owners as the software repairs common computer errors. Also, it protects your computer from file loss, malware attacks, hardware malfunction, and optimizes your PC to guarantee maximum performance. The three steps below will fix all problems on your PC and rid it of viruses.

  1. Download Restoro PC Repair Tool on
  2. Launch the tool then select Start Scan. The device will find the issues on your Windows PC.
  3. Tap on Repair All to fix the issues found 

Concluding Lines

The above solutions can help resolve The default gateway is not an available error, as we have discussed on this post. The most common causes are outdated drivers or improper network configuration. Share this article to assist others, and if you have more questions, please leave them below.

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