Monthly Archives: September 2020

5 Ways to Download Videos from Facebook to iPhone

Well, let’s leave aside all the underrating topics that have been rising about Facebook and get to serious things. If you happen to hear someone speaking bad things about Facebook, it is because they were not around when it was first launched. This platform is one of the largest social media networks where you can […]

Fix Default Gateway Not Available in Windows 2020

Windows users often encounter many issues that can make a user not enjoy a reliable internet connection when using their PC. When a default gateway is not available on Windows 10, installing a new Ethernet driver can fix the issue. You can also change your network adapter from Power Management settings. What are the causes […]

Fix the ‘Internet May not be Available’ Error on Android 2020

Android Operating System(OS) is justifiably the most used around the world. The OS works efficiently, but it can have many shortcomings hindering its regular operation. Some of these issues are “Internet May Not be Available” and today we discuss how to resolve the problem. We offer solutions to all technical issues. But for now, let […]

Fix Host Process For Windows Tasks Has Stopped Working

Have you bumped through a pop up message saying that “Host Process for Windows Services has stopped working?”  It is frustrating to figure out what might be the ideal cause for such an error because the pop up does not display any additional information related to it. However, even though there is no particular cause […]