Top 5 Graph Paper Digital Drawing Apps for Android 2020

Why should one use visuals backed with proven statistics when presenting content to an audience or readers? Statistical data have shown that most people understand and can make educated decisions based on the information well if they are presented in a visual way. This has been the trend ever since we were kids. You will agree with me that you have gone through the entire book just to see and admire the pictures in it. Maybe they did not communicate well but now that you have grown, as an adult, you are likely to make a hasty purchase by just taking a look at a pretty image. This is where digital drawing apps for android come in.

What I mean is that we like visuals the funny thing is that they don’t lose their attractiveness. If you are looking forward to creating high quality images or maybe if you need to present graphic information to people then you can try one of the digital drawing apps for android that we have discussed in this piece.

Using these applications you can to represent statistic data in to an audience in a professional manner. Need unique graphics for a vital presentation? Well we’ve got you sorted.

The following apps will help you to create drawings of any kind and also will help you to present that information an interesting and structured way that will keep the audience motivated.

Let’s dive right in.

1.     Bamboo Paper

The creativity of a designer depends upon the software and tools that he or she has. You cannot expect quality graphics to b derived from poor tools. Bamboo Paper is one of the most coveted digital drawing apps for android that will give you the best experience ever. Using this app, you will be able to turn your imaginations and ideas into reality. As seasoned designers say, classic drawings start with imagination and inspiration.

digital drawing apps for android -bamboo paper

Designing is a well paying field but you will find it tedious if you don’t try this app. Other digital drawing apps for android can make you lose hope due to their sophisticated features that just don’t produce perfect returns.

If you find that you are not productive as a designer then you are not the problem here instead the software you are using is. I say this because nowadays, especially in this era of social media marketing, graphic designers are in high demand. Want to practice your own designer skills? Then try out this app.

Why this is a great app

Well, like bankers, you chose a bank make saving with depending on their interest rates. The same ideology stiles through if you want to become an expert in drawing.

Bamboo paper app is great because it can turn your android device into a mini-studio! This is so because you can easily convert the ideas that hit your head immediately into graphics and store them in this app.

Some other cool features about this app are:

  • You will be able to create your own colors and choose different shades available.
  • This app as opposed to many who think that it might not be that comfortable to draw graphics using an android device mobile device, the truth is that it is very convenient to use. You can easily make sketches and drawings in no time.
  • You can also add your own photos from the device gallery and edit them by drawing however you want. This is something that most digital drawing apps don’t have.
  • Again, the application comes with an advanced palette of colors which can give you the ability to craft special graphics.
  • For those who have used other digital drawing apps for android know that it is not easy to add thin lines to sketches. However, using Bamboo Paper app you draw your lines to fit the thickness or thinness you want with ease.
  • A functionality to share your designs with friends on social media so that you can gather feedback and reviews from friends is also available. So, you can always get a chance to be corrected by other designers and improve your drawing.

Well, it doesn’t end there because for those of you who prefer using both paper and digital applications, this app has provided a way to combine the two options.

You can start by creating your sketches on a sheet of paper and later transfer it to the app. This can be achieved by scanning the sketch and edit it however you want.

2.     Adobe Illustrator Draw

digital drawing apps for android-adobe illustrator

There is no way this tool could have been left out. We all know how powerful this app is and the numerous feature it comes with.

Do you want to challenge your skills and as well upgrade them? Try this Illustrator from Adobe. You will be assured to get amazing pictures which have the quality and feel to use in your portfolio or maybe present to your friends and family and also pitch a project with.

Here is something that you did not know. The Adobe Illustrator digital drawing app won Editor’s Choice Award in Play Store. This makes it one of the most used application among all the digital drawing apps for android out there.

What is so unique about Adobe Illustrator?

This application works with layers when editing images and when making sketches. The functionality to implement layers when designing using Illustrator makes it easy to edit the same image or sketch using Photoshop. That is something that many apps have not yet managed to do.

Apart from Photoshop, this application can also work simultaneously on several other software and apps. Considering that it uses layers, you can rename, double, mix and also edit each layer using the following apps:

  • Illustrator for Desktop and Mac
  • Capture
  • Photoshop Sketch

With Illustrator, graphic designers can now enlarge the scale of an image up to 64 times just in case they want to see more details of the picture being edited. It also has five customizable brushes with adjustable transparency, size, and color.

Why should one use Adobe Illustrator?

Well, this is the big question.

  • You should consider using this application if at all you find it hard to get the background that you need, you can try out the Adobe Stock to get some variations.
  • Also, using Adobe CreativeSync technology, you can synchronize all your projects and any updates made on them so that you can work on it on multiple devices. This means that you can start drawing using your android device and then continue later using a tablet or a PC.
  • Just like the Bamboo Paper, you can share or post pictures you created on social platforms so that other users can leave comments. You can also leave a feedback on any of their works as well.

Do you want to use an application from the best company that is known to produce quality applications and one that is appreciated by many users? If that is so then this is the app.

3.     ArtFlow: Paint Draw Sketchbook

Have you been thinking of becoming an artist or maybe a  painter but you did not have the right tool or maybe you could not afford the expensive computers to handle the same tasks? Well all troubles are now wiped out because you can achieve just that using your smartphone. Thanks to technology that now everything is possible.

digital drawing apps for android-artflow

ArtFlow is an awesome assistance app that you can use to develop your painting abilities.

This application can turn your phone into a digital album.

It comes with more than 80 painting brushes and several painting modes. The app has a very easy and understandable interface and therefore you don’t have to worry about complex controls.

I personally recommend this app because of its diverse number of tools and its intuitive system of painting which makes the screen of your android device to feel like a canvas.

You can also use gradient filling to get better results of your art work. This is so because you have the ability to set up the colors that you need and even regulate their brightness.

There is nothing to panic about when it comes to file extensions that ypu can save your projects with. The app can save your images and paintings in PSD, PNG or JPEG file formats.

For any digital drawing app to be effective, it should have a functionality to change the brush density with different pressure strength. This is something that has been made available for you. It is this functionality that makes it one of the best digital drawing apps for android on the globe.

Unique aspects about the ArtFlow app

  • The fact that this app has a “Palms ignoring” functionality makes it unique from other apps. This feature when enabled allows the app to avoid any random strokes that might be left by fingers when changing the scale of a picture or even by unintentional touch.

Advantages of ArtFlow

So, are the advantages of this program?

  • First of all, this application is free. This is advantageous because you do not have to pay for the program for you to download and test.
  • Support for large canvases (4096×4096, 2560×2560, 2048×2048) is just another advantage. This makes it possible for one to work with a large number of layers.
  • The PSD format is supported a feature that most don’t include.

4.     Fresco Paint

A good set of brushes and quality variety of colors that the app provides makes it to be one of the best. The size of its brushes just like the Illustrator app can be easily changed. Also, pressure and texture can also be regulated without any much hustle.

Fresco Paint has very convenient eraser and comes with the undo the previous and redo actions.

This application as well works with layers an idea that was well thought out by the developers to make it possible for projects started in it to be completed in Photoshop and other digital drawing apps for android like Adobe Illustrator. At the same time, its interface is very clear in that the toolbar is right in front of your eyes and is always at hand.

Fresco Paint has two versions of the mobile application – the Pro and the Lite versions. The disadvantage with it is that free version does not have a large number of options. This means that you must download Fresco Paint Pro for Android for you to get access to some features like a set of 21 unique effects.

Advantage of Fresco Paint Pro

  • Fresco Paint Pro periodically enables auto-saving. This feature is vital for designers because it prevents loss of work in case the phone unexpectedly shuts down. 
  • It allows for sharing of your drawings with friends, via social networks or put in a personal album.
  • The app has very minimal device requirement for it to fully operate. It effectively works smartphones and on tablets without any sort of hanging.

5.      Adobe Photoshop Sketch

photoshop sketch

As you all know Adobe Photoshop does not need any sort of introduction. It is just one of a kind. This professional app for graphic drawing can be used to draw breathtaking sketches using pens, highlighters, paints, brushes with ink, brushes with soft pastel and aqua colors.

One can later on export the drawings to other Adobe apps, such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

You have full access to over 11 colors. This is something that is highly appreciated by its users. Additionally, you can regulate the intensity of the color, brightness, and transparency.

Using the Capture function, one can customize the brushes up to infinity. You can also layer your images and edit them according to your taste.

Do you want to regulate the density of the stroke of the brushes and also choose its shape and trace? Well, it is possible.

Uniqueness of the app

  • Users can add geometric shapes and subheadings to the picture they are editing.
  • You can scale your drawing or the photo you upload before in order to insert little strokes which, nevertheless, later will add special impression to your sketch.

Even though all the functions that this app has are very basic and all its functions can be performed by many other apps, the only thing that makes it feature among the top digital drawing apps for android is the ultimate quality of the picture that it generates.

Bonus App

This being a bonus app does not mean that its operations are minimal. It has almost all the abilities that the above digital drawing apps for android have. Therefore there should be not thought of ignoring it. Let’s find out what it has to offer.

MediBang Paint is just another simple digital drawing app and also a free solution for drawing and creating comics.

The application has more than a thousand tools, including popular brushes, fonts, backgrounds, effects; you can easily create backup copies, save work in the cloud and transfer it.

digital drawing apps for android -mediabang

This app also has more than 60 brushes which include feathers, pencils, water-colors, blur, and symmetry functions, as well as flat and round brushes, a simple school handle, soft pastels and more.

Like the apps discussed above, the sizes of most instruments can be adjusted. MediBang Paint also produces a smooth increase or decrease in the clarity of its lines. This is a feature that many are proud about because it allows you to radically change the appearance of the outline or the image as a whole.

You will be given access to 850 different textures, backgrounds, visual effects and even text clouds (like in comics). The application allows you to use backgrounds with images of landscapes, cities, cars, etc which can easily be scaled, rotated and transformed.

Its simple and convenient interface makes it easy to use.

A popular feature of working with layers here is also available.

In case you get stuck or maybe you have any questions about the operation of the application and its tools, the developers have included a built-in help function to help you use the app with ease.


Well, of you have been looking for digital drawing apps for android that are effective and easy to use, now you have them.

Their diverse functionality and abilities makes them stand out from the thousands of Graph Paper Digital Drawing Apps for Android available on Google Play Store therefore make good use of them to nature your design skills.

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