Top 5 Apps That Make You Look Old for Android 2020

From how your unborn son or daughter will look like to how you yourself will look in a couple of years. This is the newest trend in town for the last few months. Everything is all about the curiosity to know how one would look in the future. Something that can be predicted by some of the popular apps that make you look old.

Since these apps were made available for android, everyone is interested to know how the other individual will look as an elderly person or lady. It has therefore given mobile app developers the need the need to come up with a ways to satisfy the demand. The reason mobile app development is picking up as users have various demands and there is a need to cater to these requirements.

Statistics have shown that it is the kids or the young people between 18 years and 35 years who are eager to know about their future.

In 2020, the apps that make you look old have been booming everywhere before we were invaded by the deadly COVID-19 Virus. Every single youth seemed to upload a photo of them in their 60s. If you are not keen enough, you will fall for it and believe that that is exactly so and so in his or her old age.

Have you tried it?

If you haven’t tried this yet then this is the opportunity to also join this mass obsession and try to create the old you images in seconds. These new apps are using new technologies which to grow old your face. Some of them even attempt to predict your future.

Before the apps got viral, the question was, do people really want to know how they are going to look when they grow old?

Well, it seemed like they wanted it so badly.

Let’s look into some of the apps that make you look old, try them out – and in the future, we will see how true it all was.

1.     AgingBooth

apps that make you look old-aging booth

AgingBooth is one of the most used apps that make you look olds and it as emerged to be almost true to say that people have almost invented time machines. Now you have a great opportunity to oversee the future and see how you’re going to look in the next 50-60 years. Funny right?

What you need to so is upload your photo from your gallery or take a selfie and age yourself. You will get the old you results in a matter of seconds.

It is usually more fun when you use this app with your friends. You will all see how you’re going to look when you’re old. Once you get your results, you can share them via Facebook, WhatsApp or mail.

You don’t have to worry about editing some parts of the image by yourself. The AgingBooth application will detect your face automatically and make the necessary crops. And you know what? This app works without the Internet, so don’t worry about spending an extra con on data; your face can be aged even without a connection. Shake your phone in order to see the before and after results.

Also, you don’t have to confine yourself to the final image that will be generated by the app. The app has an additional option of how you can alter your face.

It has additional functionalities for making you fat, bald, ugly and even stache.

Please note that this application is just for fun and it gives you no guarantees of the actual look when you are old.

2.     Face Secret

It is true that at some point, it’s crazy how in the age of science and technology people still believe in miraculous existence. Sometimes it seems that all these predictions, magical tricks, and spirituality are actually getting more and more popular along with how the Internet gains more and more presence in our lives.

apps that make you look old -face secret

This app will not only make your face look old but it can also foretell your destiny. The destiny prediction is extracted according to your palms’ image.

Using the data it gathered from your palm Face Secret can predict who your future child will be and analyze ethnicity.

Additionally, it has a beauty scanner where you can compare your beautifulness or handsomeness with another person and see who is more beautiful. This is because it analyzes your face features as well hence making position two in our list of the best apps that make you look old.

It is such a great application because you will basically know everything about your life.

The app has a horoscope forecast and you can easily use this function as well. The main core of the app is built on the idea is that it analyzes features of your face and it gives you predictions a prophecy based on them. It can be useful, though.

Some people use it just for fun especially couples. If you want to improve your relationship with your partner or just have fun there is horoscope compatibility. You can use it to explore the underlying reasons of you being together and maybe get to find the solution to some of your problems. Age your face together and see how you’re going to look as an old couple.

3.     FaceApp


Ranking in the top 3 apps that make you look old is the FaceApp and for sure judging by the name, it is obvious that this app is not just a one task application but instead a multi-tasking tool for manipulations with your face.

You can create your best selfies and grow your face old. The app uses new neuron technology for facial changes and photo editing.

Apart from making you old, you can play around with this cool feature that changes your gender, hair and many other changes.

The important thing is to add a smile to your face. You can find the unique style of your mustache or beard. Backgrounds can also be changed. In addition, you can apply various filters on your photos and also apply some makeup on your face.

This app is cool because you don’t have to select everything by yourself. There is also an option which you can use to ask the artificial intelligence (AI) the best style that suits you. It lets you try the images of Hitman, Joker and so on.

An additional feature is that besides making your face look old, FaceApp can also make your face look younger.

4.     Old Face Maker

Have you ever been eager to know how you are going to look when you’re old? Well, if not, maybe it is that time that you should see it and maybe prevent some changes that may happen to your face today.

apps that make you look old -old face maker

There are many analysis that you can get extract from the final images that you receive.

Playing around with different features of this app is indeed a great way to have fun with your friends. You make use of the different stickers and effects that the app has to make your face old even more. The feature to add grey hair for the image to be  more realistic effect is also available.

You can come up with a huge transformation with Old Face Camera. You want to know why it appears on our list of top 5 apps that make you look old? Well, it is the grandpa’s glasses, gray beard and brows that the app has for generating that old face you wanted to face of you were eager to see.

Just take a selfie and upload it to the app. Give the app some seconds and you will see yourself looking like an old man or an old woman. No much hustle right?

From the results, you can make conclusions and find out whether you look like your grandparents or not.

5.     Make Me OLD

apps that make you look old -make me old

I believe that in from where you come from, ever since you were a child, you were taught to respect the elders.

Well, now it is time to see the elder you that will deserve the respect from kids 50 years to come. It is usually great to see the younger generation take care of the aging one. For some societies it is a law.

You can have fun when you and your family are together after dinner. It could be a good idea to have fun with them. Take their photos and generate their old faces and show them how they ill be. It will be fun. Just give it a try.


Well those are the top 5 apps that make you look old that you should download for your android this 2020. While we stay safe, don’t say that there is nothing you can do as a family.

You can make good use of these apps and for a moment forget about the problems and challenges that the world is facing. See, that little joyful moment can make you feel better.

You have a 5 year sibling? Generate his or her face 20 years to come and show them how they will be. It is a good way to joyfully spend time with your family.

However, keep in mind that these apps are just for fun. They do not have any scientific or spiritual proof of the exact look you will have when you are old. Therefore, don’t take it on someone and stick to it that that is how they will be.

Share this post with your friends and have fun.

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