Top 5 Green Screen Apps for Android 2020

Green screens are well-known software among video editors and video shooters. There are many specialized apps for personal computers, but sometimes it is not convenient to use or carry around bulky laptops and computers. Sometimes you could be making a video on the road be on the road, outdoors, or maybe the video might be very small that it does not require a computer for you to handle the task. This the main reason that the android mobile app market has gone ahead to provide the very basic editing tools. Green screen apps for android are now in the app stores to offer the functionality of trimming video and formatting image size, overlaying audio tracks and slowing down or accelerating the video itself.

Over the time there has been no app for replacement of a background of a particular image or video with expertise. Those apps that existed when used were discovered that, the image loses quality after processing, and as a result the editor receives bad quality and unsatisfactory result.

Therefore, we have tried our level best to find and list for you some of the acceptable 5 top green screen apps variants of video processing.

What you did not know

What most people did not know is that the background affects that you use are likely to determine the exact quality of your videos and photos as well.

Also what many of you haven’t realised is that many award winning videos use green screen apps for android to edit still images and also short video clips.

What exactly does green screen entail?

Green screen are basically used to change the scenes of images and videos in movies and other adverts. For example, movies that have scenes from the white-house were not shot there.. Also, movies like game of thrones, superman and other movies have been edited with fictional scenes. Green screen apps are the software behind that.

What Is a Green Screen App for Android and Its Uses?

Green screen app for android is an application used by most filmmakers, videographers and photographers to ideally create unique backgrounds.

Many great apps have been found to work perfectly with windows and Mac. However, developers have gone a milestone to create similar applications for Androids and iOS.

Other applications require internet connection for use but can only be used once download and installed on the device.

Uses of Green Screen Apps for Android

So, why is it that green screens are so important to filmmakers? What are their uses? 

Well, the answer is simple:

To replace the background of your videos and photos.

Other uses include:

Green screens can be used during weather forecasts. Here, television producers often use green screen applications in order to shade regions of interest.

They are also used in cases where there is extensive use of single color in a video. Filmmakers could use a green screen app to cut the color pixels from the video.

Finally, green screen applications have quite a number of editing effects which are often used to enhance the quality and the thrill of videos.

Top 5 Free/Paid Green Screen Apps For Android

Have you been wondering about which green apps for android you should use to edit you short clips and image? Worry no more because here, you will get to learn about the 5 best apps that can make you editing simplified.

1.     Chromavid

When shooting a video, standing against a green background and seting up the camera is not enough to take care of all the magic. The process itself is complicated.

However, Chromavid green screen app for android will simplify everything if you are shooting your video or images using your mobile phone.

Green Screen Apps for Android -chromavid

Nowadays android cameras allow you to do it on green screens without interfering with the quality of the image.

Before you start the shooting process, check whether everything is set and configured correctly. How everything should be set up is explained in the app.

This green screen application is compatible with several devices including Androids 5.0+, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad (iOS 12 or later). It is a paid application with a price tag of $2.99

It functionality is superb in that it works perfectly well with both photos and videos. This is something that you will be proud of because you will not need any extra app for image or maybe video editing.

Chromavid  is the best green app for android if at all have been looking for an android supported editing app.

Chroma Key Effects

Despite its affordable price, this application has some of the finest Chroma Key effects like:

  • More Chroma colors
  • Unlimited recording time
  • Image merge functions

However, for you to access some of its advanced Chromavid commercial use, you will need to subscribe to their specific commercial version on their License page.


  • This green screen app for android is simple and easy to use.
  • The Chromavid plus plan produces videos and photos without watermarks.
  • Edited videos  can be saved directly into your phone.


  • Only real-time videos  and photos can be edited using this application.
  • A lot of personal details are required to open an account with them.

2.     Kinemaster 

Green Screen Apps for Android-kinemaster

Kinemaster is a green sreen app that is available for both  Android and iOS.

It comes with full functionality of the features you will find on a computer editor as below:

  • Trimming
  • Audio editing
  • Sounding
  • Superimposing several layers
  • Connecting subtitles

 If you want to be flexible in video editing and image editing then you should consider having KineMaster as one of the utility applications for your android phone.

The best thing about this application is its interface

When starting, you will have to choose one color out of the available colors. This app does not have any special palette and this serves as a huge drawback about it.

Without a special palette, you must select the one you want using a slider from the entire RGB palette. This is very difficult for those people who are not perfectly capable of getting the color from the whole palette.

KineMaster apart from being one of the best green screen apps for android 5.0+ it is compatible with other platforms like:  Chrome OS, iPhone, iPod and iPad. The best thing about it is that it is completely free.

Its Chroma Key function can also be used to overlay texts, photos and videos.

If you have been looking for a top free green screen app for android then you should consider Kinemaster.

Another best feature about it is the fact that it supports multilayer effect which allows you to lay video clips, images, texts and many more at once.

Although the app is entirely free to use, there will be a watermark placed in your videos and photos. To eliminate the watermark and get unlimited export of 4K resolution backgrounds you will need to subscribe to the KineMaster premium plan.


  • You can share your projects to social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and also Facebook.
  • There are hundreds of stickers, video backgrounds, video clips, transitions and music clips updated weekly.
  • One can easily create multiple layer videos.
  • It has the EQ presets, speed controls and preview features.


  • This application is not compatible with PCs and mac

3.     Stop Motion Studio

The Stop Motion Studio application was not designed for replacing the video background but it has this functionality.

Initially, it was designed to create clips that contain still images. The Stop Motion Studio application is very effective and super easy to use. Its intuitive management of the features and tools helps even unfamiliar users to use it like pros.

Green Screen Apps for Android-stop motion studio

If you have any animated objects, they will be detected automatically. This ability helps one to highlight a background color that is close to the contour of an image as accurate as possible. By so doing you will have the ability to position the background image frame perfectly.

Stop Motion Studio has a quick selection feature that saves you time and speeds up the process of editing the background image significantly.

It is compatible with Mac, iOS, Android and Windows and its price: For iOS is $4.99, price for Windows is $1.99, for Mac it ranges from $9.99 and finally $4.99 for Androids.

Even though this app was meant to edit motionless images ad clips, it is very much suitable for both photos and videos.

Finding green screen apps for android with stunning features that are easy to use can turn out to the most daunting task. With Stop Motion Studio, one can be able to export edited videos to YouTube and create 4K Ultra HD videos.

When using the green screen feature in this app, you can automatically change the background easily by importing it from any source.


  • This app can enhance videos quality using various backgrounds, foregrounds and transitions.
  • The application has a built-in music which typically helps you to improve the sound quality of the created green screen.
  • Beginner friendly
  • It has a Rotoscoping feature that allows one to create unique videos.


  • There are no free features. One has to fully pay for the app for them to get access to its features.

4.     PocketVideo 

PocketVideo is another powerful video editor developed especially for iPhone and iPad owners but it can serve the purpose on android devices as well. If you are a YouTuber then you need an application like this which has the basics to bring a different feel to your videos.

Green Screen Apps for Android-pocket video

If you happen to shoot a video on a monotonous background, the only way to get rid of it and make the video enjoyable is you replace the background. PocketVideo allows you to replace the monochrome green background with any other necessary image. How does it work?

This application is compatible with the following device software iOS 12.0 or later and Android 4.4 or later, PC and Mac and it is free for use

You will not be able to use PocketVideo for other tasks except to edit videos and photos.


  • The application can record and also edit up to 10 minutes Ultra HD video.
  • Easy to use user interface.
  • Huge collection of free stickers, PNGs and GIF.


  • No training tutorials on how to use it.

5.     Green Screen Wizard Pro Studio Editor

Green screen wizard is an android application that offers great functionality on editing the backgrounds of images. Its compatibility covers a variety of platforms including Windows7,8,10, Mac, Android and iPhone.

The pricing for the app is as follows depending of the operating system of the device.

  • Windows/Mac- $199.95,
  • Android- $4.99

Even though Green Screen Studio application is very costly, professional photographers and editors recommend it because of its extra ordinary features.

Currently, statistics of its usage are over 25,000 users.


  • Has advanced Chroma Key features.
  • In-depth tutorials available for each version.
  • It is suitable for all children and professional experts.


This application is extremely expensive to computer and Mac users.

No image resizing feature.

Here is a table that can help you choose the best app to use among the top 5 green screen apps for android above.

Product NameCompatibilityPricing
ChromavidAndroid 5.0+, iOS 12 or later,$2.99 /year
KinemasterAndroids 5.0+, Chrome OS, iPhone, iPadFree
Stop Motion StudioMac, iOS, Android and WindowsiOS-$4.99, Windows- $1.99, Mac- $9.99, Android – $4.99
PocketVideoWindows, Mac, Android and iPhoneFree
Green Screen Wizard ProWindows, Mac, Android and iPhoneWindows/ Mac – $199.95, Android – $4.99

Sometimes you may not always have professional installation equipment or even a laptop at hand when you want to do a particular editing task. Also, there are some activities which you will not work on for a long time over the editing of a single video. When such cases occur, then the applications on your android can be of help.

Most of us keep our phones with us, we take them with us anywhere we go and therefore, this makes it easier to edit.

Technology has advanced our android phones in that they are not inferior to laptops and desktops. The android apps in this article in terms of technical characteristics are the same as those for PCs, and similarly the green screen applications in terms of functionality are not worse than full versions on the PC.


I believe you have come across many green screen apps for android claiming to have created award winning Hollywood-like videos and the most admired photos.

Whether you want to make a mini-project, or maybe you are on the road, or let’s say that you are just a mobile blogger, and you need to be on finishing up a short clip, then try one of the presented applications.


If you are not using any of the above green screen apps for android, kindly research widely and find out what people are saying about them!

Using tried, tested and proven applications on your android devices is the only way you can protect your device from fraudsters.

Quick Question

Which of the above green screen apps for android have you ecer used? Share your comments or opinion below and we will be right there to follow up.

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