Top 5 Golf Games Apps for Android 2020

Golf is among the most popular sports in the world. You simply grab the clubs, then hit the course, and have fun. Apart from the golf games you play on PC and Mac, there are golf games apps for android as well. The truth is that the golf games apps for android you find on the market will not be as good as the real thing, or even the console golf games. However, with the positivity in your mind, playing it is a very good way to at least kill a few minutes for golf fans. While you are looking for these applications, you will come across many with which you will have to download and uninstall in order to find out which one fits your needs.

Therefore, because we don’t want you to waste your data bundles doing a trial and error game, we have tried our best to find out only a few good golf games apps for android from the many options available.

The state of Golf as a game

A we all know, golf is usually a game of wealthy people. You need to have a stable income and not just a stable income but a very sustaining one for you to beat the odds. Here is real fact that might leave you mouth open. Who on earth if not the wealthy guys is willing to pay thousands of dollars only for a full equipment.

Apart from the thousand dollars for equipments, you also need a personal coach. Paying a coach is even more expensive, you will need to pay him or her about  $300 for every 2 hours to get equipped with several detailed lessons and at least get those basic skills.

Also, as a golf player you will need to rent a golf car for you to move around the playing ground. This is often around $150 per day. There are many other expenses that will come along. Things like having a luxury dinner with other golf players.

Very costly right?

Are there any alternatives?

Well, if you are a golf love and you feel tempted to go to a golf club and do one or two things and up your skills just stay still. Don’t make a move until you are fully equipped and that you have the cash to spend on a coach.

Before then, there is another way that you can have a good time to at least play golf without incurring any huge costs or maybe without spending a penny!

What you don’t have to do is to search for a fit-table field and go there. Eveything can be done right on your smartphone.

We have selected 5 top golf games apps for android so you can have fun as a golf player.

1.     Desert Golf

Golf Games Apps for Android-desert golf

Desert Golf is not a free game. Its price is currently at $1.99.

The Desert Golfing game is a perfectly acceptable arcade game. The game has greate scenes that you will like and enjoy playing in. What happens is that you will be playing in the sand somewhere in a desert. The desert golf game for android is one that features simple 8-bit graphics, simple and easy to use controls, the rare offline support in arcade games, and many more cool features.

See the fun side of Golf is to hit the ball in a hole and this is what will be happening with this game. You will be hitting a ball into a hole over and over again.

The game is not a complicated game whatsoever as it might be with other golf games apps for android. It is just simple. But if at all you are looking for deeper and larger golf games then this might not be the best choice for you.

You will have to look for another one elsewhere.

Just kidding.

If you have played some games on your phone you might have noticed that you need to purchase coins of you to go to the next level. Ads may be filled in it just because the developers are trying to make extra bucks. However, this is not the case with this one. A single game will cost $1.99 but, it does not contain any in-app purchases and surprisingly you will never bump into any sort of advertising while playing.

2.     Flick Golf Extreme

If you happened to witness the game about Madagascar Golf, then you will be pleasantly shocked with this one. Priced at free/$2.99, this game is entirely akin to the Madagascar Golf. The game is designed and developed professionally with recreated course graphics superb for a new generation.

Golf Games Apps for Android- flick golf extreme

One thing that lights up this game is the fact that there are no 3D players. The game was designed for you to play in the 1st person something that you will enjoy during the campaign. Also, the game has are no clubs and no rules at all. It doesn’t matter if you need a flick, a spin or even a curve for your shots to sink in the perfect hole, you’ve got it.

The only things you need to be watchful of are the hazards. This is because they will challenge your skills and ability as you find to hit the high score. The hazards may include, bunkers, sand, trees, and also the wind which will distract you and give you a hard time from hitting high scores.

The other thing is that you will be able to change the weather conditions and also have a chance to keep all controls for in-flight spin and curve.

It is also a great idea to test you gaming skills when you finally become a professional of Flick Golf. Try to challenge your friends via Game Center and compete! All your achievements will be saved and can be displayed on the Game Center leader-boards and achievements.

The game is alo supported by a number of operating systems like iPad 2 and latest, iPhone 4 and latest and all Android 2.1 devices and latest versions.

Why is it loved

The Flick Golf Extreme game is part of the Flick Golf series if maybe you didn’t know. It has been ranked among the most popular arcade golf games apps for android.

This game has a game play similar to the arcade golf games you see in casinos and the likes.

When playing, just flick your finger in order to hit the ball. The quickness of your flick will determine the distance that the ball will cover. It is loved because of its decent graphics, leader-boards, and unique maps that are featured.

3.     Mini Golf 3D City Stars Arcade

Golf Games Apps for Android -mini golf

The Mini Golf 3D City Stars Arcade is one of the best entertainment games you can have on your phone for your little sister, brother or children. It is ideal for children because its design is created with animated cartoon style. This game is exactly what children need. It attracts their attention and also it is essential for improving their thinking ability.

Being a game for children, it is free to play. All its features are entirely free in that there are no in-built fees and paid subscriptions and therefore, you can confidently give your phone to little users without having to worry that they will buy something. While playing, they will collect stars from previous courses which will help them to unlock a new one.

The game has 7 curious courses with over 70 holes. Also, you can dodge obstacles using the 3 unique putter and ball upgrades available.

The Mini Golf 3D City Stars Arcade game is free and is one among a few decent mini golf games apps for android you can find. The game comprises a variety of courses to play through including the online PvP, a chat function, challenges, and many more.

This game is kinder of realistic in that it has an energy system. I know that might be disappointing but it is also fun because realistically you are not a robot. You must get tired, you must lose energy. That is the idea why they designed to develop an energy system. However, you will not be charge any cents to recharge, you can simply get more energy by watching some ad videos.

4.     Super Stickman Golf 3

Enough talking about real 3D golf games apps for android and now look at this minimalist super Super Stickman Golf game.

Developers managed to get in our brains when the developed this game: It might be hard to believe but trust me, “Once you press the start game button in this game, you may not be able to hit the exit game button and put it down. Actually, you will never play “golf” the same again”.

super stickman

The game has classic features. You will be able to choose one club out of the 6 un-lockable clubs. Very impressive right?

Here is a little secret about these 6 clubs that many of you might not know: Each super club has unique abilities that can be of help to make your round a little easier. The game give you 261 unique holes, including all the classic courses from Stick Golf 1 plus new ‘super’ courses.

You can also have a campaign to compete with your friends via Game Center and compare progress and achievements.

How about the graphics?

Well, talking about its graphics, all animated character players are in an High Definition (HD) quality. This is because of the Retina Display and the high resolution it has.
It is supported on iPad 2 and latest, as iPhone 4 and latest and all Android 2.1 devices and latest. And free for all.

Being the latest in a popular series of arcade golf games this game includes twenty golf courses, 2 online PvP types, it also has various power ups, a number of playable characters, several customization elements to choose from, Google Play Games achievements, and different game modes just to name but a few.

5.     WGT Golf

WGT Golf

Do you want to be a part of the world-famous tournaments like Chambers Bay (2015 USGA U.S. Open), Bandon Dunes (Golf Digest #1 rated resort), Harbour Town (PGA RBC Heritage), Pinehurst (2014 USGA US Open), St Andrews (2015 British Open), and Valhalla (2014 PGA Championship), Congressional (2011 USGA US Open) and all that kind of staff?

If your answer was yes, then there is no other golf games apps for android that will give you that opportunity apart fro the WGT Golf application.

This game offers you a great 3D graphics game play and perfect simulation. Apart from that, you will get access to a full 18-hole stroke play with putting and also a 9-hole closest-to-the-hole golf game formats.

The coolest thing about it is that, you can create your own tournament with up to 6 players, compete, swing, drive, chip and putt using different golf shots from different lies on the tee, fairway, rough, bunkers and get scores.

For any best shots, you can share them with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

This game is apart from android devices, it is also supported on iPad 2 and latest, iPhone 4 and latest.

It is free for all devices mentioned above

The WGT Golf Game app is actually one of the best golf games apps for android that we found. It is one of the best because it features some of the finest real brands, decent graphics, real courses, and fairly has good controls and ball physics.

Not forgetting that it also has an online PvP mode, multiplayer leader-boards, tournaments, and more.

You know what?

This android game has one tournament where the winner wins a trip to the U.S. Open.

The fact that it is a free game means that there are free game mechanics like equipment level ups and the like.


Well, all the above golf games apps for android are some of the best that you will find out there. Its great that you have reached this far and for that reason, here is a bonus game to enjoy.

6.     Golf Clash

Golf Clash also one of the most popular free golf games apps for Android you will come across. Its game play is almost similar to that of an arcade game.

To play, simply flick your finger to hit the ball. It has one cool feature that will help you to be accurate when hitting the ball- the aiming mechanic for improved control.

Here is why I told you that it is one of the best; It also has some cool features which include online PvP, weekly events, in-game chats, and many more. The game is kinder real due to the weather conditions like wind and rain that can affect the game.

Summing Up

You came to this article without a clue about which golf games apps for android exist in the gaming industry. You had your worries on which one you should choose but now I believe that you can make up your mind and make a firm decision.

Both the paid games and the freemium games have almost the same features which make all to lie under the same category of top 5 golf games apps for android devices in 2020.

Have any questions concerning these games? Let us know through the comments.

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