Top 5 Address Book Apps for Android 2020

Android phones (smartphones) have become common in our lives. Ever since they were introduced, we have changed the way we carry out activities including communication, social interactions and storage of data. Statistics have proved that if you happen to take someone’s phone, you will get access to a tone of secrets you have never thought of. We have come to utilize our Android smartphones to perform many different pieces of stuff like surfing the web, watching videos, listening to music, and many more. The ideal use of smartphones is to primarily make calls. There are some of us who don’t feel the need for having a third party contact manager app. Even though they don’t, address book apps for android could be useful to some extent.

Typically, we save the contact numbers of family, friends, cooperates and business partners at a regular interval. At times you might not know if you already saved that number and accidentally save the same number twice.

Let’s take a challenge right now, browse through your contact list and let me know if you don’t have duplicate contacts. For me I have found a few duplicate contacts.

What does this mean?

This means that the default contact app which is pre-loaded on our Android is only capable of performing basic tasks. It cannot go deeper and check for existence of the same contact instead it only checks for duplicate names.

Therefore, having something that will not be 100% helpful calls for a third party application to at least extend the features. We need to rely some of the best third-party address book apps for android.

You can get access to some unique features if you have a third-party contact manager app installed. Some of the features you will get include the ability to create a backup, caller ID, better filters, duplicate contact finder, etc.

Top 5 Address Book Apps for Android 2020

Having many contacts on your phone can be confusing. You will find that your personal connection contacts get mixed with your business contacts which can turn out to be a total nightmare when you want to make a quick call. It is therefore vital for you to make an effort to organize your contacts list for them to be manageable. Before you do anything, remember to backup Android contacts from time to time. This is just to be safe in cases of contact data loss. If you don’t make a backup now, you will be forced to recover deleted contacts from Android with an Android Data Recovery software.

Technology has increased inter-connectivity of the world. This great improvement has made it possible for people having to interact with more contacts than before. During that time, there is exchange of contacts and nowadays it is common for one to have as much as 300+ contacts in their phone book.

For that reason, we have tried to find out address book apps for android that you’ll love to have on your Android device.

With them, you will be able to effectively manage your contacts so that everything will be organized.

So, let’s have a look at the top 5 best address book apps for android in 2020.

1.   Google Contacts

Address Book Apps for Android-google-contact

Well, if at all you are using a Google Phone or maybe Android one device then, count yourself lucky because there is no need to install any third-party address book app. This is because Google Contacts comes pre-loaded into those phones.

This application is by far one of the best free address book apps for android that you can use. It automatically syncs all your saved contacts to your Gmail address book account. It makes it easier for you to access your contacts from any device provided that you sign in to your Gmail account.

2.   Hiya

Address Book Apps for Android-hiya

This app is also outstanding address book app to have because you will never forget a number any more. Hiya has a very large database of registered users. This makes the discovery of phone numbers fairly easy process.

If you’re a registered customer then you can use this application to find contacts of several local businesses near you. It is not different from an actual address book because it lets you monitor everyone who calls you and also block spammers or other anyone you feel is of no use to contact you.

The beauty of this app which makes it rank among the best address book apps for android is the fact that it comes with a fairly decent call log feature, which is capable of displaying the contact image of a particular person.

However, for that to happen, one requires to be an existing member of the Hiya app.

With its spam identification features, this app also works as an excellent Caller ID app. You will be provided with spam alerts instantly. This helps you to make a decision on which call you should not answer.

The application is freely available on the Google Play Store. You will never run into ads, but however, it does have some in-app purchases for additional features.

Grab it here here

3.    PureContact

People say that PureContact is a refined version of the stock Android contacts app at a glance but, it’s a whole lot more.

Apart from offering a sleek contacts view, this app can effectively help you assign gestures for quick actions like calling, sending a text, or even text using IM apps. All these settings can be customized using the app’s settings page.

PureContact comes with ten beautiful Material Design based themes just to make it look a little nicer than its custom appearance. However, this feature can only be enjoyed by paying customers only.

Additionally, you can choose to categorize some of your contacts into groups.

The free version of the app doesn’t have ads or in-app purchases but you will need the paid version to add a couple of new features. This is because the free version only includes the basic functionalities.

To make sure you reap its full benefits, it makes sense to replace your existing address book app. Simply go for paid version. Here

is a link to download it

4.   Contact Optimizer

Address Book Apps for Android-contact optimizer

Do you have a number of duplicate contacts in your phonebook? Well, if you do then Contact Optimizer is exactly what you need at the moment. It is a reliable Contact Manager app was developed to remove or merge duplicate contacts.

Contact Optimizer is the best choice for you in that allows you to easily find and delete duplicate contacts from a huge list of contacts in a quick manner.

Also, you can restore any contacts that are saved on your Google account with ease.

Let me also bring to your attention that some functions of this app are paid. What makes is to be in our top address book apps for android is the idea that the most popular features like the Removal of Duplicates is readily available to users for free.

5.   FullContact Address Book

Full contact

FullContact Address Book is just another cool contact manager app that you must have on your Android phone.

Here is why you should have it:

See we people have more than one Gmail account and I strongly believe that each of those accounts has contacts. So what happens if you want to manage the contacts in all of those accounts? The answer is FullContact address book app for android.

This app can easily sync contacts with up to 5 different Gmail and iCloud accounts and it is capable of loading the social profiles to your contacts.

Therefore, if you have a disorganized contact list and you do not have the skill organize them, FullContact is your solution.

It allows you to easily import contacts from those accounts and gives an easy interface for weeding out duplicate contacts.

Concluding Lines

It is true that everything has it own weakness and that is also the case with all of the above address book apps for android. Some are free and some are paid. However, the most important thing is that all of them help to make your contacts manageable and easier to go through.

The five are the best address book apps for android ideal for contact management which you can use.

If you feel that we have not included any important app that could be of help, then it will be wise for you to drop the name in the comment box below.

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