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Fix Unable To Reach Windows Activation Servers Easily

Have you ever asked yourself what it means when you get the error message “ unable to reach Windows activation servers “ on your PC? Well, the error typically means that the activation servers are not in a position to cross-check your device against the digital license allocation record.

This error can be automatically resolved after a couple of hours or perhaps some days.

Why do you encounter such an error message?

This might happen if you replace your motherboard after the successful activation of an operating system on your computer. To be more precise, when you run the (version 1607) of  Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

And why does this happen? It is pretty simple, and the Anniversary Update does not provide any fix to a motherboard replacement.

Before we get to the real bread and butter, here are other factors that might be triggering the error.

More reasons why Windows 10 cannot activate

It might be due to:

  • Unstable internet connection.
  • The activation servers might be currently busy; that is if Microsoft is working on their server hardware.
  • Product activation blocks from an Antivirus suite or Firewall.
  • There might be a proxy server/ VPN network interference with the connection if you had set up one.
  • Your computer was upgraded to Windows 10 from a pirated version of Windows – Luck we, there is a fix to this issue by Microsoft.

How To Solve Unable To Reach Windows Activation Servers Error?

Are you struggling to fix this issue? Worry no more because you get useful insights on how to fix this irritating error message in this article.

Assuming that you have a legitimate copy of Windows 10 troubleshooting your computer with these methods will fix the error “ unable to reach Windows activation servers. “

However, before we dive in head first, I should tell you that the activation process is prone to be affected by some factors. It is wise to eliminate such potential threats right from the beginning. Make sure that:

  • You’re on a trusted network
  • Disable a Proxy server or VPN network if you have one in place

If you encounter the same errors, try the fixes below.

Fix 1: Install the Creator’s Update

As I said in the beginning, you will encounter the error after making some improvements on your computer’s hardware after a successful Windows activation. It doesn’t matter whether you were on a Windows 10 Anniversary Update or you updated after replacing your motherboard.

Make sure you update to the latest windows version. This is ideal so that you get the motherboard replacement fix in the creators’ update.

Skip this method if you already tried it.

1. Press Windows Key + R to open a run window. Then type Control Update hit enter to open the Windows Update.

2. Click on Check For Updates in Windows Update. Be patient until the utility scans your system and prompts you to restart.

You can run the Windows Update by clicking on here as well.

After running the above fix, return to the activation window and see if the issue is resolved.

Did you manage to solve the error? If no follow the steps in Fix 2.

Fix 2: Use a generic product key for your Windows version

If Fix 1 was not successful, you could solve the problem at hand by keying in the product key matching your Windows edition.

This will not activate your Windows for good, but it will prompt you to reactivate your computer using an associated license.

Follow the following steps.

1. Make sure you are connected to a stable internet connection

2. Press Windows key + R to open a Run Window. Type in the term “slui” and then hit Enter key to open the Windows Activation Client.

3. Click on Change Product Key, then enter the appropriate generic product key for the Windows edition:

Windows 10 Home Edition: YTMG3 – N6DKC – DKB77 – 7M9GH – 8HVX7

Windows 10 Home Edition Single Language: BT79Q – G7N6G – PGBYW – 4YWX6 – 6F4BT

Pro-Edition: VK7JG – NPHTM – C97JM – 9MPGT – 3V66T

Windows 10 Home N Edition: 4CPRK – NM3K3 – X6XXQ – RXX86 – WXCHW

Windows 10 Pro N Edition: 2B87N – 8KFHP – DKV6R – Y2C8J – PKCKT

unable to reach winodws activation servers change product key

4. Press next and wait for the activation window to close and then restart your PC. After restarting your PC, return to the activation screen, confirm if the error message has been replaced with “Windows is activated with a digital license linked to your Microsoft account.” If you have it, then you have resolved the issue successfully, and your version of windows is activated if otherwise

Fix using the command prompt

5. Open a Command Prompt b, clicking the Windows Start icon on the bottom-left corner or press the Windows Key and type “cmd.” Then, right-click on Command Prompt and click on Run as administrator. Insert your password if prompted to and hit Enter.

6. Afterward, type slmgr -ipk hit space and type in your product key; This is how it should be slmgr -ipk xxxxx – xxxxx – xxxxx – xxxxx – xxxxx with X the placeholder is representing your product key. This gives you the ability to replace the generic Windows product key with a user-specified one.


A complete product key should contain 25 alphanumeric characters. Before you submit it, confirm that your license is still valid. Use dashes after every 5 characters if they are not automatically inserted to split the product key into five sections.

7. Exit cmd and restart your PC. The activation may not happen instantly. Give it some hours before you head over to the next method.

Fix 3: Make good use of the Chat Support

If the fixes above didn’t resolve the error “Unable to reach Windows activation servers,” try activating your Windows through a Chat Support.

Luckily, Windows 10 includes a convenient chat option that you can use to activate your product.

1. Press Windows key + R to open a Run Window. Type in “slui 4” and then hit Enter to fire up the Installation ID screen then select your country.

2. When prompted to call the number on your screen, simply minimize the Installation ID window. Hit the Windows Key on your keyboard, search for “get help,” and then open the Get Help app.

3. A Virtual Agent will suggest some troubleshooting steps which we don’t want for this fix. Type the word test and then select No on every prompt until you get to the option of Talking to a person.

4. Head over to Services & Apps > Windows > Setting up and pick Chat online with a Microsoft Answer Tech. Depending on how many are free, it might take a while until you hear from the call agent. Explain that you want a reactivation of your Windows 10 license once the Microsoft Answer Technician arrives.

5. Provide your Windows license key. Then when asked to provide your Installation ID, copy Installation ID from the Installation ID window we minimized earlier into the Contact Support window. You will be provided with the Confirmation ID, which you will paste in the Installation ID window.

unable to reach winodws activation servers confirmation ID

Hit Activate Windows button and wait for reactivation.

Over to You

Shit happens sometimes.

If none of the fixes worked on your PC, you might consider using the Reimage Repair Tool and replace corrupt or missing files and maximize your PC’s performance.

Did any of the methods help you to fix the “unable to reach Windows activation servers  error? Let me know which one in the comment section.

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