Fix We Couldn’t Create The Outlook Data File in MS Outlook

It is excellent that Microsoft Outlook allows you to work with multiple accounts like Exchange, Office 365, Gmail,, and many others. These accounts entirely simplified how different client emails are managed using a single interface. It is easy to configure an email client with Outlook, irrespective of the type of profile. But sometimes users may be hit by a message pop up like we couldn’t create the outlook data file.

This problem bothers many people because it is not specific to a machine.

Why couldn’t Outlook create the data file?

It is crucial that the error is experienced only when adding a Gmail account but works fine when adding a different account from other email providers.

The following are the widely known causes of the bug.

  • Bugs: outlook bugs may not allow you to add a new account in Outlook. You will see the error when you try to add an account using the File ->Add Account option rather than using the conventional Control Panel>Mail path method.
  • Simplified Account Creation Wizard for Outlook: Apart from the above cause, “we couldn’t create the outlook data file” error may appear when you start the outlook application using this feature. You can fix this by disabling the simplified outlook account creation wizard.

Solutions for “We Couldn’t Create the Outlook Data File” Error


Make sure that before you try any of the fixes below, you allow Outlook from your email service provider side. Without proper permissions from your client-side, you will not be able to add any email accounts to Outlook.

To do this, go to Sign-in & security options from Gmail settings then select App passwords. From the next screen, appropriately choose options like your device, etc. The option will generate you a 16 digit code that you will enter as your password. 

With that said, let’s get on board.

Method 1: Use Manage Profiles

Since the problem is likely to be caused by a Microsoft Outlook bug, you can use the alternative way of adding your client account.

You can successfully do this via Outlook’s manage profiles window.

The following steps should guide you through.

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click File from the top left corner
  3. Click Account Settings. When a new drop-down menu appears Select Manage Profiles and confirms any additional prompts.
we couldnt create the outlook data file

4. Close Outlook to make sure Outlook isn’t blocking any changes

5. A new dialogue box should appear. Select Email accounts

we couldn't create the outlook data file mail setup

6. In the new screen that appears – Account Settings window, click on New under the E-mail tab. Enter any required information for your new email account. Follow all the onscreen instructions, and now everything should work just fine.

Method 2: Use the Mail Option 

This is an alternative method to approach the one above. If you are still experiencing, we couldn’t create the outlook data file; then, you should consider method two. Use the Mail option from the Control Panel if at all you do not want to use Outlook to add an email account from another provider.

Here is how to go about it

Step 1: Hold Windows key and press R

Step 2: Type control panel and press Enter

Step 3: Click Small icons from the drop-down menu from View By option, click on Mail.

Step 4: Select your Outlook profile and click OK.

From this point, proceed using step 5 of method one.

Method 3: Disable Simplified Account Creation By Modifying Registry Editor

Since there are many ways to kill a rat, Disabling the Simplified Account Creation could solve your problem. Modifying the registry editor will disable the “Connect Outlook to Office 365” feature and let you add an email account via the conventional way.

Before you proceed, back up the current Registry state. To do this, click on File then Export to save a copy of the current state. 

Step 1: Press the Windows key and R to invoke the Run window.

Step 2: Type in the word regedit then click OK to open the Registry Editor.

Step 3: Expand the following folders one by one to locate the Setup key or perhaps copy the path below, then paste it in the address box.


Step 4: Right-click in empty space from the right pane, then select New and press DWORD (32-bit) Value.

we couldn't create the outlook data file registry

Step 5: Now, rename the new entry as “DisableOffice365SimplifiedAccountCreation,” then press Enter.

Step 6: Double-click on the new key, set its Value data as 1 and finally click OK.

In this way, you have disabled Simplified Account Creation successfully. You can close Registry Editor and try to add new accounts again.

What next?

Well, after you successfully add your email account to Outlook, it is vital to create a consistent and up-to-date backup of Outlook data.

The reason for this move is because Outlook is prone to damage. Setting up regular backup will protect you against Outlook data loss. Backups will help you recover damaged PST data without much effort.

Summing Up

I believe that one of the above methods have sorted out your problem. You can read this resource by Microsoft for more insights about we couldn’t create the outlook data file error.

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