Fix Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumps On Windows

Are you wondering what to do if your mouse scroll wheel jumps on Windows? It isn’t charming to have a mouse whose scroll wheel jumps now and then. The best experience is when a mouse scrolls smoothly without skipping or scrolling on its own because it is an essential component of your computer.

Many people, including myself, have been in the same situation. You tend to ask yourself many questions. The funny part is that you reach a situation where you start talking to your PC, asking it why the misbehavior.

Imagine a situation where you are reading through a long post to extract urgent data. What will you do?

Are you going to rush to a nearby shop and purchase another mouse? Are you going to give up and crush your mischievous mouse?

I advise you to do none of the above.

Do you want to know why?

It is because I am going to tell you the answers to your troubles. I will take you through every step required to fix mouse scroll wheel jumps.

How to detect mouse scroll wheel jumps

This often appears when scrolling down or up on a given page or document.

You detect a jump when the mouse scrolls erratically in the wrong direction i.e., scroll up when you intended to scroll downwards or skips a couple of pixels when scrolling either way.

A mouse scroll wheel is essential because of one reason – it helps you to scroll quickly and smoothly through web pages or documents.

Why your mouse wheel not scrolling smoothly

The reasons are many which may include;

  • Problematic mouse scrolling features – There are plenty of features inside the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center. Disable the problematic features.
  • Old and outdated drivers –It is vital to keep drivers up to date because New drivers can resolve problems caused by old or previous versions.
  • Laptop’s touchpad – The disable the scroll feature of a laptop’s touchpad since it can cause problems.
  • Hiding the pointer while typing – This feature isn’t related to a scroll wheel, but unchecking it could resolve the problem.

Solutions for mouse scroll wheel jumps on Windows

The following are the ways of how to fix mouse scroll wheel jumps in Windows.

Before doing anything technical, try the following necessary checks first.

  • Reboot your PC.
  • Replace the mouse’s batteries or recharging the mouse.
  • Shift the mouse on different USB ports on your computer.
  • Move any wireless devices away from your wireless mouse. Wireless mouse signals can be interfered with by other devices, which may cause the scroll wheel jumps issue.
  • Scrolling in different programs to confirm that it is not a software/document issue. This is because Microsoft reported that some programs have issues with scroll wheels.

If the above necessary fixes can’t solve your problem, work your way down the solutions below to find the one that works out for you.

Solution 1: Change mouse settings

Your mouse scroll wheel jumps issue can be solved by tweaking the settings. If the wheel speed is set maximum, the mouse scroll wheel may misbehave. Follow the steps below to adjust/disable settings:

1. Hit the Window button on your keyboard and type in control panel in the search bar then press Enter.

2. Click the Wheel tab then adjust the settings. Turn down the speed of the wheel scrolls fast.


Some mouse may disable scrolling, ensure scrolling is enabled. Not all PCs offer this option.

3. The Mouse Properties window opens up, navigate to Pointer Options tab. Under the Visibility, uncheck the Hide pointer while typing option.

Solution 2: Update your computer’s drivers

Missing or outdated drivers may cause scroll jumping problem. Update your computer’s device drivers to solve the issue.

You can update your driver manually or automatically.

Update your drivers manually – Basic computer skills and patience are necessary to update your drivers using this method. It is because you must find exactly the right device driver on the web, download and install it step by step.


Update your drivers automatically – This is the quickest and most comfortable option. It’s just a couple of mouse clicks, and it’s done – you can do this even if you’re a computer novice.

You don’t need to risk downloading and installing a wrong driver. Try using Driver Easy to update your device drivers. It automatically recognizes your system and installs the correct drivers.

Image by Driver Easy

fix mouse scroll wheel jumps driver update
Image by Driver Easy

Solution 3: Turn off the touchpad on your laptop

If you’re using a laptop, there is a possibility that your touchpad is too sensitive to cause the scroll jumps problem. Please turn it off and try using an external mouse, which may, in turn, help you to solve the problem. You can easily disable it in the Device Manager.

Press the Windows button + I then go-to devices. Alternatively, click the start button and search for “Settings” in the search bar or even click the cog icon above the Start menu button. Finally, click the Touchpad tab and disable the device.

Bonus Tip

Try to Disable Certain Mouse Scrolling Features

For Microsoft mouse, you can get access to many features in the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center. They are troublesome when it comes to mouse wheel scrolling the wrong way.

It turns out that disabling some features can be helpful when it comes to fixing the issue of mouse scroll wheel jumps.

Do as follows:

  1. Open Control Panel and let all the items to be displayed by large icons.
  2. To open the Mouse settings window, click the Mouse link.
  3. Go to Change Mouse Wheel Settings > Change Microsoft Mouse Settings to open the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center.
  4. Under the Basic Settings tab, disable Accelerated Vertical Scrolling and Reverse Scroll Direction.

Bottom Line

If all the solutions above don’t help, the problem may be caused by a hardware failure.

In this case, please open it and clean off the dust and debris or instead buy a new one to replace it.

Contact the manufacturers if the warranty of your mouse is active.

I hope the above solutions have helped you. If you have any questions, a suggestion or any ideas, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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