38 Best Ways for Teens to Make Money 2020

At some point in life, the feeling of self-reliance does creep in. This was the position I was in a while in college. I wanted the money badly as what I got as a surplus wasn’t enough for my needs.

I had to formulate the best ways to make extra cash quickly. In the internet world, there are various ways any teen can make money. Some of the work available is part-time, while others are full time.

As a teen in school, I used to work on a part-time basis. Once in a while, I had to go for fulltime jobs when in long holidays. This hustles earmarked my financial breakthrough, I got my first asset, a car during this period. I developed a sense of independence and freedom.

The experience I got from working built my skills significantly. It immensely developed my finance skills, majorly saving. Every time I got profits, saving was the top priority. 

I bet that any teenager who opts to go along this way will surely be financially stable. If you yearn to put extra coins into your wallet, you can begin working part-time.

Does having another job a hindrance to a side hustle?

If you want to make some money as a young, whether you have a career or not, you will succeed. It’s your sole decision to decide on which path to follow. You can have a job and still earn online or quit your job to settle down on the online hustle.

When looking for a side-hustle, don’t be worried about your age. Whether you almost 20 or just turned 13 years, take advantage of these tips, and begin making money right away.

Herein, are the side businesses, earning opportunities, ideas, and part-time hustles that are goldmines for your money hunting excursion. Remember, your determination is the

only guarantee for success or failure.

How to Make Money Online as a Teenager

1. Be a YouTuber

Do you know that many teens are earning substantially through this channel? I bet you should have heard this somewhere. Tons of teenagers are earning from Youtube ad revenue, pocketing around $1 – $20 per thousand views. So, you should jump this train right away!

If you want to begin earning, your age should not be a hindrance. A 14+ can be Youtube channel owner!

So what next?

Are a video fanatic, don’t you be worried. It’s simple, take that video right away! After that, create a YouTube channel and post the video. 

Remember, it is to your advantage to begin young. The channel will have its time growing will you be of age too. Yes, you will learn and correct all the wrongdoings you do while young!

Get more information on the links on Youtube usage,

2. Make Money Playing Games and Searching Web 

Swagbucks has been there for some good time. Most of the time, they’ll pay you for doing quite some things. The tasks you’ll be doing there are just what you do currently in your life. What are these normal things?

  • Playing games
  • Watching videos
  • Web search

Notably, other jobs can also be done. Statistics has it that Swagbucks has paid over 300 million dollars to its customers. The payments come in the form of Paypal cash, gift cards, and other rewards.

However, Swagbucks has a limit. You have to be 13 plus years to be a subscriber.

If you yearn for more knowledge, read Swagbucks review and guide, and for signups, go ahead.

3. Sell stuff at School

If you want to know your business potential, you can try this out! This act involves buying goods or commodities at a relatively lower price and selling at a slightly higher price.

I bet you know how ladies love being trendy. You can walk into a store and purchase some jewelry for resale at some extra coins. Alternatively, you can buy cheap products at eBay or Amazon and sell it to your colleagues in School.

If you are clueless on what to sell, here is a list of what you can try out:

  • Candy 
  • Energy drinks
  • Gum 
  • Accessories or Clothing 
  • School supplies like pens, pencils, books, etc.

A point to note: Before venturing into a product, test it first. For example, if you want to sale some clothing, try it out with a few pieces. If you experience some tremendous sales, invest the entire capital and profit, and earn more.

4. Do Surveys

Just because a specific survey site was named crap doesn’t guarantee that all of them are scams. There are legit survey sites present, and you have to find them. Take an example of Swagbucks, one of the most legit survey platforms.

Though not a sure way of making a lot of cash, taking surveys guarantee some easy money. You may be lying in bed or watching Netflix while doing a survey. Don’t you think this can be the best way to add some coins? Try it out!

Have a look at best sites which will allow you to survey with age limit indicated on them:

  • Swagbucks: This is one of the most trusted survey sites with over $330 million users. An average user is 13 years and above.
  • Toluna: You have to be 13+ to earn money from filling survey forms. It also has a refer-a-friend program.
  • Survey Junkie: Requires you to be 13+ and do simple surveys to earn.
  • Treasure Trooper: The minimum age is 13+. Pays to answer questions, play games, etc.
  • Ipsos i-Say: Allows only 14+ years with the most extended history backdating to 1975.
  • VIP Voice: Allow 13+ for the USA and 18+ for CA. You can earn points that take you to sweepstakes.
  • MyPoints: Allows 13+ to earn money from surveys, watching videos, and reading emails.
  • E-Poll: Allows 13+ to take surveys about celebrities, sports, and entertainment.

5. How to Make More Money through Surveys

Set up a new email account apart from the primary one. When you do so, your primary email won’t be filled up by survey offers.

Try out all the listed sites above – When you test all these sites, you’ll find the best sites you can work on — this a guarantee of better earnings and proper time management.

Have a survey schedule – When you program the time, take surveys, you won’t miss any opportunities hence being more efficient.

Refer friends – I bet your friends also want to earn some money. Maximize on the referral program to make some good coin.

6. Sell your old belongings

By posting that old iPhone you’re no longer using on Facebook, you can get some quick buck. 

Social media is the new wave sweeping across the marketing world. You never know, one of your friends could be interested in phone or jewelry you deem old.

Consider selling your books, sports goods, toys, electronics, clothes, etc. Alternatively, you can join the online craze by posting your products on eBay for resale.

7. Install Apps

If you own a mobile phone, a tablet, or a PC, you’ve got a high potential of earning some passive income. You can install software that is one of your gadgets and get some cash.

Once you install the app, let it just work remotely. It will collect some data in the background. By this, the owners will be able to see the apps you are using, frequented websites, and the amount of time you do in browsing.

However, all this personal information is kept confidential. You are also at liberty to uninstall the software when you want.

Try these apps to see how it works:

  • Smart Panel
  • SurveySavvy

7. Tutor

Having widespread internet usage, having a specific skill gives you an upper hand. You can begin by teaching people what you’re good at and charge them for the lessons.

You can tutor people on:

  • School subjects
  • Drawing
  • Comedy
  • Sports
  • Instrumentals

There is no limitation on what you can tutor, try, and find some more fields that are interesting.

8. Delve into Profitable Skill

Learning is a continuous process. If you yearn to learn, there is a high possibility of making money from the skill learned.

Once you are sufficiently good at the skill, you can begin making money from it. 

Check these skills paying handsomely:

  • Coding
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media management
  • Freelance writing

Are you not yet started? Make Google your all-time friend!

9. Walk Dogs

Walking dogs sometimes sounds absurd more so when we talk of a side hustle. That’s not the case. This is an avenue you can use to make extra cash. At the same time, you will be exercising, isn’t that good?

Begin by talking to dog owners on your new venture. Once you are established, you can market yourself around the neighborhood through posters for more clients.

10. Pet Sit

If you don’t like dog walking, try this one out! 

If you are a pet owner or pet enthusiast, you can make a kill from your love for pets. You can take care of other people’s pets.

Having experience dealing with pets, you can take care of people’s pets when they are at work or go on vacation. This way, you will have some money in your pocket.

11. BabySit

Babysitting has been around for ages, the right way for a teen to make money. It’s of no doubt the lump sum amounts paid to do this easy work.

You can begin by contacting babysitting for family friends or people within your network. With this, you can have a good testimonial and have further referrals to other parents.

Note that CPR license will make you even standout, better pay!

Instead, if you’re not comfortable being a babysitter, look for a mother’s helper job. Here, you will help with mother tasks while she is away.

12. Part-time job

When you get a job, whether part-time or fulltime, there is a guarantee of money. However much it may be stressful; working makes you gain experience and socialize.

Check on these teen part-time jobs that can suit you:

  • Work in a restaurant – You can be a dishwasher and get hourly wages and other tips. 
  • Have a paper route – Get paid to listen to music and exercise.
  • Deliver pizza – One of the best teenager jobs, get a license and get rolling.
  • Work in retail – If you frequent a store for shopping, look for a job there.
  • Grocery store – Most of the grocery stores are ever looking for workers. Get up and drop your application; you never know how lucky you can be.
  • Movie theatre – Check out for job alerts around you a position. This job will be fun as you’ll be dealing with your age mates.
  • Become a referee if you are a sports enthusiast.
  • Landscaping – Be a landscaper if you like being outside. All you need is to be active and energetic.
  • Golf caddy – If you like golf, try it out. You are likely going to get some free tee time.
  • Bowling Alley – If you’re a bowling fanatic, find your way into a bowling alley. You can get some free games if you luck happens to be your side. 
  • Amusement park – Quite some workers in the parks are teens. Why don’t you try out?

13. Be a Yarder

You can try doing yard work. It can be for yourself or your neighbors.

Find these examples of yard work and do:

  • Pain fences
  • Scoop dog poop
  • Mow lawns
  • Shovel snow
  • Rake leaves
  • Weed
  • Water plants

If you do a good job, future referrals are imminent. You can as well retain the regular clients you have.

Your excellent job can be your future business!

14. Car Wash

Many people tend to dislike washing their cars. Don’t you think this is a perfect gap to jump into?

You can begin washing cars by asking your parents and family if you can offer them a service. After fully being confident, you can provide exterior and interior cleans to get your business going. 

15. Do Odd Jobs

If your parents are of the habit of outsourcing odd jobs, you can capitalize on the opportunity.

You can begin earning at that tender age, imagine the experience!

16. Create an Etsy Store

Have your handmade goods marketplace. You can delve into this excellent marketplace to resell your products. It deals with majorly vintage goods and craft supplies.

However, if you are 18 years and below, you will need parental guidance to open an Etsy store.

17. Start a Fiverr Account

For any online savvy person, Fiverr is a known marketplace. It is a market place were at $5, you can buy and sell freelance services.

As a teen, you can use Fiverr to make money online. Offer any service you want, for example, design a logo or do voiceovers if you have a lovely voice.

Don’t worry about anything; be creative. What would a client need to be done to pay you $5?

Do the work and keep rolling!

18. Be a Renter

Do you know that renting out your stuff can be the best avenue to make some income? Robert Kiyosaki has it that he opened a comic book library in his house together with his friend. 

Do you know that this is what made them $9.50/week? This was their eye-opener. You can do it as well. 

Know what you like and can do. From there, try incorporating a business idea in it and start small. 

This can be the foundation of your success story, rent out your video games, and earn from it.

19. Recycle Bottles and Cans

Gatherings are the best avenues to get bottles and cans for recycling. When people feast or party, they drink a lot. Empty cans and bottles are the results which can, in turn, be turned into a money-making hustle.

You can make it a habit of collecting bottles and cans into a big trash bag. Once you’ve done the collection, you can take them to bottle depot and have your cash through resale.

The prices differ per state, but I once sold mine at $0.05 each and got quite some good money. 

This hustle can also fetch you some income. Make it a routine visiting gathering to collect bottles and cans for resale.

20. Be a Technology Wizard

Given that many people aren’t up to the game with technology, maximizing the opportunity is the best you can do. If you are a teenager and technology versed, you can help people solve their tech problems at some cost.

You can help with installation services, fixing small problems, setting up computers, etc. Besides, you can continue learning by visiting Google quite often.

21. Sell your Art

If you are an art person, can draw, paint, or do graphic, try to exploit your talent. The skill you possess can fetch you some good money.

Being that social media has turned into a market place, you can sell your artwork online. Moreover, you can do paintings for people and put designs on shirts or mugs that can sell.

You can further your art skills by learning more, for example

22. Compete based on your skill

Check around you, are there competition being done? If your area has frequent tournaments and competition organized, this can be an opportunity to showcase your talent and earn.

Enter competitions for skateboarding, scootering, or biking if you got the skill. Remember, there is a likelihood of rewards, gifts, and bonuses for being a participant.

Imagine playing an online video game at the comfort of the couch and earning some dollars, isn’t that fantastic? 

Though not an obvious source of income, this can be a better way to supplement your income.

23. Sell Photos

Most businesses require photos to market their content online. Some of them get the images at Getty Images and iStock.

If you eye photography, you can upload your photos to the sites and earn. Remember, every good photo downloaded makes you some dollars.

24. Join Sweepstakes

Though not a consistent way to earn, sweepstakes could allow you to win rewards or hard cash. 

You can join the sweepers’ movement and sweepstake every day. If you treat this as a daily hustle, you can win hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes.

Just like other sweepers who have won, you can win too. 

25. Stream on Twitch.tv

Have you ever streamed live video games? If not, here is a chance to experience it. When you play a game, you can stream yourself live. By doing so, you can earn money through the ads, subscribers, or donations.

You can earn as much through streaming, imagine hitting your first $100 through being a streamer? Sounds good.

You can be a top streamer on Twitch by playing video games all day long. 

First, build an audience on Twitch by learning the hacks of the platform. Continue sticking around and enjoy the game as the payoff will be massive. Join the game and earn it!

26. Wash Windows

Washing windows can be daunting but hang on. Being a good summer job, dirty washing windows are present, thus an excellent business opportunity. 

Washing windows needs a cleaning product and microfiber cloths. Simple, right? Get started. Go out and hunt for businesses with dirty windows if you get one or two, well and good. Keep moving!

If a business turns your service down, don’t get discouraged. Knock on all doors until you build your success story.

27. Run errands

Get to do other people’s chores if you have a license. Just find people who are not in a position to do their tasks and do for them at pay. 

You can do picking groceries, picking up other products, and other errands.

28. Do cleaning

If you like neat and organized spaces, you can venture into cleaning other people’s houses.

You can begin the business as a sole proprietorship or get a partner. Since you are starting, you can join someone already in the market. Work as an assistant to help someone clean the house and get your share of the buck.

29. Be a Blogger

If you want to learn while earning, you can start a blog. Note that you have to be interested in the topic or want to know more about it. 

By writing about the topic often, you will become an authority on that topic. You can

teach other people on the subject as well to earn more.

Learn more about how to make money through blogging. Here you will make money even if you’re sound asleep.

30. Sell in Game Items

Most of the games on the internet have some parts of the game that can be sold to people who want them. 

Many people tend to buy video game items rather than getting them from the internet themselves. However, not all games allow part of their things to be sold separately.

You have to do due diligence before starting in this venture. Least your account gets banned upon going live.

Though this is a good hustle, it won’t give you a ton of money. Have it in mind you are already purchasing a game to sell its items in bits.

31. Scholarship

Instead of being worked up by student loans while studying, you can opt for scholarships. If you have a good strategy in place, you can have thousands of dollars of free money. 

Check on testimonies on the web to ascertain the beneficiaries of scholarships. For example:

 Gabrielle McCormick received a $150,000 scholarship fund.

With this example, I hope the point is home. You can get a scholarship too. Check on informative guides to increase your odds of winning an award.

32. Gather Golf Balls

If you are a golfer living on a local course, you can earn. Collecting balls and stack them somewhere.

After having some good collection, you can make a standpoint outside the course and sell the balls. Alternatively, you can seek parental guidance in selling online like on the eBay site.

33. Walk and Earn

The primary mode of transportation ever is through walking. Being that you are a teenager, you can make every step and put a coin in your pocket.

How does this work?

It’s simple. Earn cash and other physical rewards through walking, use Sweatcoin. Download the app and get going.

34. Drive for DoorDash

Do you know how to drive? If yes, DoorDash is looking for you. It is a food delivery service in search of drivers to help with food deliveries. All you need is t set your hours of operation and earn after doing delivery.

However, you must meet the requirements:

  • Be above 18 years
  • Own a car with valid insurance
  • Have a smartphone
  • If you meet the threshold, sign up, and begin working immediately.

35. Get Perksy

Just like other apps for iOS Perksy pays to answer short queries about lifestyle. The question there is quite enjoyable. 

After using it for some time, you will earn some points that will be enough for cash out like a $25 gift card. It’s super legit for a few coins.

Alternative Ways Jobless Teens Can Make Money

Other than the above-stated ways of making money, some unethical ways exist too. As a teen, you have to make money even if it’s for fun.

36. Homework Services

If you are better placed in some areas of your course work, you can monetize it. Be discreet when doing this type of work, help other classmates in their homework at a fee if they can’t do their assignment on time.

37. Save Your Lunch Money

If you can be given money for lunch to school, you can save. Skip lunch and pocket the cash. You can as well carry lunch from home or join your friends to have a bit of their food if you don’t want to starve.

38. Be a Poker

This game needs parental guidance before you delve into it. Ask for your parent’s permission before attending any poker’s night.

Though this game impacts significantly on math and strategy, you have to be tactful before indulging in it. It involves playing around with money, and the most brilliant person walks away with the lions share. 

If you are a superstar in the game, you can host one at your house. Remember to practice before getting into the real deal.

Tips for Hustling as a Teenager

Fun – You will only succeed if you are passionate about what you are doing. As a beginner, have fun while learning and correcting a mistake.

Learn from mistakes – As a beginner, you are bound to make mistakes. Don’t tire and get discouraged. Learn to correct the errors and move on.

Do a top-notch work – for your business to grow, your work must be pretty good. Don’t do any crappy job, and expect your business to grow.

Begin working – begin the hustle you want to do regardless of your age. Do not procrastinate!

How to Spend Your Money

Armed with knowledge on how to make money, you should be well equipped on how to spend it. Here are the options:

Reward yourself

Being that you have sacrificed your time and resources in learning, you need to treat yourself. You can’t compare yourself with other youths who haven’t even tried what you have done. 

Therefore, when money begins trickling in, reward yourself. Buy that dream clothe you have yearned for years. Better still, you can go out!

Invest Back in Your Business

If you’ve started a promising side hustle, you can consider blogging. Start a blog for your business. The business needs to grow tremendously. So, plow back your profits into the business to make it grow.

Save Money

For any business done successfully, there is profit made. Do not blow out all these profits. 

As an essential financial rule, saving is a must. Learn to save when the business is young to benefit you later on. 

The savings can help you, too, when expanding the business i.e., when making a big purchase like a car.

Invest it

Even though you will be discouraged about trying to save while young, it’s a great idea. 

If you are starting at 15 years, let’s say you invest $1,000 with no other contributions. Having an 8% return rate implies that at 45, you will have around $ 10,062.66 from the interest alone. 

Imagine you earn that amount by doing absolutely nothing. If you begin investing early, you will reap big when you come of age. The younger you are, the better the chances of getting higher returns on investment when old. 

Are we on the same page? Invest that money today to earn big when grown!


Having learned the hacks and tricks of making money while a teen, now goes to the real deal.

What’s Next?

Take action and begin making money when young. Do the following:

Choose the path you want to follow – Pick the hustle you want to do

If you are not fully satisfied with the hustle, go back to the list and pick another one

Go through the entire list until you are convinced of a particular business that you can easily venture into.

Being that you are young, you’ve got the all-time to try out different hustles. If you fail terribly and can’t continue, it’s better to shift to another one. Continue trying out until you find something that is a perfect match to you.

I have a secret, Don’t tire trying out even on the failed hustles. One day you may find out that the hustle you once failed on terribly can be the best business you can do. 

Do you know why?

The secret is strategies. When one approach fails, try another. Your once hated hustle can turn to be the most exceptional business of your time!

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