19 Transcription Jobs from Home No Experience Required

Everything we watch on TV, Netflix, or YouTube has subtitles. Do you know the origin of the captions? That’s where you can chip in, transcribe. The world today has varied importance of transcription that we can’t do without.

You can help in writing the captions, watch this space.

I bet you yearn to know more about transcription, right? Here are the best 19 sites that can aid you in learning as an amateur. After learning, you can land a transcription gig without much hassle. The sites are legit and paying some good bucks as well as providing free training.

Let’s begin,

What is transcription?

The transcription process involves a transcriber(transcriptionist) listening to audio files, i.e., interviews, podcasts, etc. After getting what people are talking about, you type what was being said. 

Sounds simple. For you to succeed, impart enough hard work and learn more during training to become a good transcriptionist. 

Work on the following skills if you want to be a great transcriber:

  • High typing speed
  • Good attention span
  • Determination
  • Strong listening skills

Through practice, your typing speed will increase as well as transcription skills. Therefore, when you set your foot into this path, be ready to work more for you to be skillful within the shortest time possible.

A point to note: This is not a get rich quick scheme, you must toil to have everything right. So, when you get rolling into the job, be ready to learn skills before you begin earning a dime.

Pros and Cons of Transcription


  • You can work remotely – As a transcriber, the only essential tool is Wi-Fi. Having it in possession means that you can transcribe from anywhere.
  • Have competent rates – Because you have invested a lot while learning the skill when experienced, you have to set standards that match your experience.
  • Flexible – Being a transcriptionist carries with it some joy – own boss. It’s your sole discretion to know when to work and going on vacation.
  • Lend a helping hand – You will never know how positive your impact on other people’s lives. Imagine the great satisfaction a deaf person gets when he can access a piece of information in writing. He wouldn’t have understood, were it not for transcription.
  • Personal nourishment – When you begin transcribing, you are better placed. These skills will stay around with you until you become of age.


  • Boredom – As a beginner, you might find this path annoying. Some audio clips may be so dull to listen to at times. Remember to hang on as this is just the beginning.
  • Low pay – Some sites available on the internet can frustrate you with peanut pays. Watch out! If you come across adverts with no experience attached to them, anticipate low pay. Stay safe by looking for clients once you become a transcription guru.
  • Loneliness – Remember that you are moving from social life to private life. Your guess is right as mine; you will be lonely. However, there are other transcribers in the world, connect with them via Facebook.

What to Expect to Earn as a Transcriber

When you traverse the internet, there are many testimonials of successful transcriptionists. However, it is not as easy as said. Many sites pay per audio hour or word done. Therefore, your speed will make you earn more. If you can transcribe files quickly, you’re going to make more money.

With these said, you have to keep in mind these critical points:

  • Quality

All clients desire to have quality work. When doing your job, remember to give out a flawless transcription. In as much as you are working on the speed, let it be that the output will be top-notch. 

Most sites will suspend your account if the quality of work you offer happens to be below par. You can be served a warning, but with persistent mistakes, you will be banned.

For an amateur, you can make around $10 per hour. The same amount triples to $30 or more an hour for a guru. 

Also, if you are bilingual, you stand an upper chance of an additional payment. If the audio file is of bad quality or has a speaker with a heavy accent, the amount will be more.

  • Tools

When you want to get started, you need:

  • A laptop or desktop
  • Superb internet connection
  • Headphones

Just like any other career, invest in other tools as well if you want to be more experienced.

  • Foot Pedal

When you want to improve your speed efficiency, get a foot pedal. While transcribing, you can recess, play, move fast-forward, or better still rewind with your feet. 

Remember, this is a tool to build your way up. If you look forward to earning some good bucks, this tool is essential in accomplishing your dream faster.

However, it can be unfortunate if the site you are using is not compatible with a foot pedal. Some of these sites use web-based software, not recognized by some of the tools.

  • Headphones

If you are indeed a severe transcriber, this is a must tool you should not miss! For maximum success, pick some pair of comfy headphones or earbuds. You can go with your preference, either over the ear headphones or earbuds.

For a good transcription, you can go for the recommended headphones for transcription or buy a cheap pair when starting.

Alternatively, check out the cheap earbuds meant for transcription.

  • Training

Put yourself in the clients’ shoes, you advertise a job, and two people apply, one with experience and the other with no experience.

Would you go to a new transcriptionist? 

For me, I would gladly take on board an experienced transcriber. In simple terms, I want someone with in-depth training from a good mentor.

If you are looking for a transcription training, check this free course offered by TranscribeAnywhere. You’ll be acquainted with the basics as well with any FAQs asked by all newbies.

Additionally, have a look at the legal transcription course after finishing the free course.

Transcription Jobs with No Experience Required

1. Scribbie

For any beginner, this is the number one site recommended for your use. Since you’re beginning, the pay is not so right here. 

To begin, you need to submit an application and take the online test. Once approved, you can start taking on orders. 

Audio files here are six minutes longer or shorter, a small file that shouldn’t take you a whole decade to transcribe.

Scribie pay ranges from $5 to $20 per audio hour. Payments are usually channeled through the Paypal platform.

2. TranscribeMe 

The site is ideal for transcribers with some experience. Here, larger audio files are split into shorter segments, which are then posted on WorkHub. It is at the WorkHub where you will pick the work and transcribe. 

The site works differently from the others. You register then take English exams first. If you’re qualified, a notification will come through within 12 working days. You can begin working immediately.

Don’t give up if you fail, and you can try again later on.

You will get your hefty bucks weekly via Paypal.

3. Rev

Are you a newbie? Rev is for you! Click on the signup button. The site doesn’t need any experience plus it provides free training, isn’t that great?

Check on the tutorials, and do the jobs. Through regular practice, you will gain a lot. You can as well seek the advice of experienced transcriptionists in the active forum within site. 

Note: You will only be able to work on Rev if you pass the grammar and transcription test.

Top earners in Rev get a figure close to $1495 received via PayPal.

4. GoTranscript

Just like other beginner-friendly sites, GoTranscript gives room to amateurs to learn while earning. However, it pays a bit lower for the newbies.

You have done a test before you embark on real work. 

GoTranscript stands out because it has editors on board. Once you submit your work, it will be thoroughly checked then rated according to their scale. 

If you haven’t jumped on this train, then what are you waiting for? Being paid and trained at the same time, isn’t that awesome?

You will get a $0.60 per minute audio pay every Friday via Paypal or Payoneer. Scale up your earnings, who knows? You can pocket $150 or even $1215 monthly.

5. Accutran Global

US and Canadian citizens can only access the Accutran site. You have to complete a test when you apply and wait for approval. Additionally, you are required to have a high typing speed of 70 words a minute for you to transcribe here.

If you prove consistent with the work you are doing, you can be given room to expand your services other than transcription. 

Expect to receive payment via your bank account on the 15th every month. PayPal is not accepted here.

6. CastingWords

If you are a teen thinking of transcription, CastingWords can lock you out. It requires you to be 18 years and above. After achieving the age cap, you have to do a test consisting of a short audio transcription. 

Note: read this guide before taking the test.

Be sure to work smart while using this site. They use badges to rank you. Being ranked high gives you room to access more jobs. If your badge drops, that implies that your quality is flipping back. You can be banned if your trend persists in the downward direction.

Your payment will be channeled through PayPal every Friday.

7. Birch Creek Communications

If you want to know more about corporate transcription, we got you covered. Here, you will be transcribing for corporate firms/clients.

They do not offer any training. However, all they need is an experienced transcriptionist once they present an offer. 

Expect to get PayPal payments ranging from $0.40 to $1.75 per minute. Moreover, proof of consistent high accuracy will attract you higher incomes.

8. Kendall Creek Communications

It the same as Birch Creek Communications only that it is for legal transcription.

Averagely, they pay $0.75 to $1.75 per legal job a page. You can try out this course if you yearn to be a legal transcriptionist.

9. Crowdsurf

If you want to begin earning while learning, Crowdsurf is for you. No experience is required.

After making an application, take an assessment test. Now, the work mostly ranges from 5 to 30 seconds per clip. 

With these short limits, you can crack 10 minutes or so. You will get a $0.03 to $0.20 per clip plus other tokens.

10. Daily Transcription

Daily is one of the sites ever in search of both Novice and Expert transcribers.

The only requirement for application is, filling out a form and attaching your resume. After this, you will be invited to an assessment test. If you pass, you’ll be notified and be guided on how to begin working.

Though not sure, they seemingly pay $0.75 to $ 1.10 per audio minute as per the reviews. You will access your payments through PayPal Bi-Weekly.

11. GMR Transcription

GMR is known to hire US transcriptionists. Though, there are positions for Spanish translators or transcribers.

They have their rigorous grading policy, thus need no experience for beginners. This implies that the test is likely tricky for the novice. However, you should have a try as a starter.

The GMR rates are not disclosed. However, they pay every two weeks.

12. Neal R. Gross

Having been around for over 35 years, Neal R. Gross does report and transcription to various government and private firms. They’ll need you to:

  • Be fluent in English
  • Have 60 words per minute typing speed plus
  • Work on a minimum of thirty hours a week
  • Transcribe at least 5 hours of audio weekly

If you meet the above terms, you can go ahead and apply.

13. TigerFish

If you are a beginner looking for tryout sites, TigerFish is a perfect match. It doesn’t require any prior experience. However, you can only use it if you are 18 plus years and a citizen of the US.

It’s simple, register with them. Transcribe three audio files while following their style guide. From there, paste the transcripts each on the application form and note the time you spent doing the work. 

After completion, fill in your details, and there, your account is set!

You get a pay of around $0.005 per word done.

14. Transcription ‘N’ Translations

If you are interested in knowing more about this company, make Google your buddy. Operating in the suburbs of Miami, his company has a significant clientele like Discovery Channel.

15. Ubiqus

This transcription site is for native English speakers from the United States. They mostly accept proposals for experienced transcriptionists with 1-5 years. However, if you can convince them that you are up to the task, you can be taken on board. 

However, for legal or medical jobs, it is mandatory to have 1-5 years’ experience.

You will be paid per word, and I think you can negotiate this once you get hired.

16. Verbal Ink

We can call this a division of Ubiqus. Its deals majorly in transcription, foreign languages, and translation.

To transcribe here,

  • Be a good listener
  • Have accurate typing
  • Be attentive to detail
  • Be a researcher
  • Follow the style guide

If you want to apply, visit their page for in-depth details.

17. 1-888-TYPE-IT-UP

Knowing that you’re looking for money, this site is for U.S. citizens only. Additionally, when filling your application form, you have to pay a fee of $10.00 or registration.

I bet the registration part is disgusting, right? They give this reason for the fee; they have an employee who’s paid to go over the application since they have bulky applications, the fee weeds out jokers, and leave experienced transcribers to apply.

Upon them receiving your application, you will receive a transcription test.

They offer a range of $60 cents an audio minute to $3 per audio minute. Based on your performances, you can get additional bonuses via PayPal twice a month.

18. 3Play Media

3Play Media requires transcriptionists of U.S. citizenship. Besides, they take on board transcribers with 75 per word typing speed.

This site allows transcriptionists not only to write transcripts from scratch but also edit scripts created by speech recognition software. They do this process to speed the transcription work while maintaining the same quality of work.

You will get a pay range from $10 – $30 hourly depending on your skills.

19. Clickworker

Clickworker is a jack of all jobs, including transcription jobs.

However, there may not be a consistent flow of transcription work. When you get transcript work there, they will be of high quality and from reputable companies.

If you are looking for other jobs, this can be a golden chance to open you to a new world of making money online

What to Know About Transcription Jobs?

From the word go, I highlighted that these sites hiring beginners pay little money. These amounts are enough for your startup job.

However, veteran transcriptionists have their clientele. They include bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers, etc. 

This means that they have continuous work coming their way. Anytime a transcription job creeps up; they are sought for.

Check this out:

When a podcaster releases an episode in a week, he’ll need transcribing. So if you happen to be the potential transcriptionist, you got work weekly.

If you have two or more clients with the same need, that’s a guarantee of some good dollars every week.

Do you think the client will go looking for the workforce on these sites? They might go but won’t get the same consistency and quality of work.

Since you are a person, providing consistent and quality work is a guarantee. You stand a better chance to compete for these sites.

So, how do you get the clients?

If you are a beginner, try out these sites until you become a fully-arsed transcriptionist.

Alternatively, spend a few coins by being mentored by the veterans in the market.

Note: You can as well take the free transcription course and the free legal transcriber course. If at the end of the course, you are particular about your capability, you can know to join a full-blown course.

If you have been looking for side-hustle, this is an opportunity for you. You can work either full-time or part-time. Remember, for you to earn that dream figure, you have been yearning, invest heavily in your skills. Consider these courses:

If you take these courses, you’ll have a hands-on experience with the guru herself, Janet Shaughnessy. She will tell you everything about transcription, the style you need to acquire, how to land clients, perfect ways of starting a business, and many more.

Through these courses, there is guaranteed lifetime access to learning materials and support.


When you decide to partake of the training, commit to about 2-4 months of learning time. Invest in the course to learn all ropes transcription. After the struggle comes the good news, you can earn $15 – $60 per hour as a professional transcriber.


Though transcription is seen as an easy job, it’s not what many think of most of the time. The sites vary with their requirements, and you have to learn the skills before the dollar begins coming your way.

Transcription is not like mere typing where you jump onto a site and begin making money the next minute. You must work smart to get what you want, learn the skills, implement them while practicing, and eventually earn from it.

So, this is the deal; if you want to be a professional transcriber, possess the following: hard work, skills, be knowledgeable, and dedicated. If it were an easy drive, everyone would be a transcriber!

So the bottom of the matter is, 

Get training

If you love yourself dearly, invest in your training. It is a guaranteed win if you can be skillful and grow to be a skilled transcriptionist. 

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