How to Access Blocked Facebook Website in Office, College and School

Are you wondering how is it possible to open Facebook and access blocked Facebook website in office, college and school? There are different options to do this. I will explain those options in detail, in the following paragraphs.

Why Facebook is Blocked in Some Offices, Colleges and Schools?

First, we will discuss the reasons why Facebook is blocked in some of the offices, colleges and schools. The reasons could be different.

Some Employers does not want employees like you to surf the social media websites like Facebook at their cost. By cost, I mean both time and money. They think that your precious time is meant for work, during working hours.

access blocked facebook in office and school

The reasons why Facebook is blocked in some of the schools and colleges are slightly different. Some of the reasons why Facebook is banned in schools and colleges are listed below.

  • The main reason schools and colleges restrict or ban usage of Facebook at their premises is that, they think that usage of Facebook causes higher risk to the personal and emotional safety of the students.
  • Some educational institutes fear that children will be wasting their time on social media, rather than studies.
  • Some other schools and colleges fear that students will misuse Facebook. It is a fact that educational institutions like schools and colleges are not equipped to watch the social media activities of hundreds students, on a daily basis. Hence, their fears are justified to a certain extent.
  • Some school and college managements thinks that Facebook distracts studies. It is true that Facebook distract studies in certain cases only; if you spend too much time on it. Otherwise, it is a boon to students, to gain knowledge.

Whatever be the reason, it is a sad reality that some of you can not access your Facebook page, inside your offices, schools or colleges.

How to Open Facebook and Access Blocked Facebook Website in Office, College and School?

Don’t worry, in case of access to Facebook is blocked to you! There are different options available to you, if Facebook is blocked in your office, college or school. Let us discuss some of the available options to you.

One of the options is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Another option is to go for a proxy website. A third option is to remotely connect to your home computer and access Facebook through that computer. Last but not the least; use the mobile version of their website.

1. Access Blocked Facebook in Office, College and School using a VPN

  • Virtual Private Network or VPN, is the best and most reliable option to use your blocked Facebook account at your workplace or educational institutions.
  • Virtual Private Network acts as an intermediary between you and the Facebook server.
  • Your identity is not revealed to Facebook. Only the IP address of the VPN service provider will be recorded with the authorities.
  • There is an array of VPN service providers. Many Virtual Private Network service providers charge you a fixed monthly rate, for using their services. It is better to go for a paid Virtual Private Network, if you can afford that.
  • Before you sign up for any fixed monthly plan, get an idea of the quality of their services. This could be done by checking with some of the independent review websites.
  • Some Virtual Private Networks are free. School or College students can go for such free services offered by the free Virtual Private Network Service Providers, if you can not afford the paid VPN plans.
  • The problem with free VPN service is that they will display lot of advertisements to you, which can be annoying.

2. Access Blocked Facebook in Office, College and School using a Proxy Web Server

  • The second option to access the blocked Facebook account inside your office, school or college is through a proxy web server which is also known as proxy website, which is also known as proxy website.
  • Proxy web server works as a middleman between you and the Facebook server.
  • Your IP address is not known to Facebook. IP address of the proxy web server will only be revealed to the outside world.
  • There are many proxy web sites or proxy web servers offering access to blocked websites like Facebook. Many proxy websites charge you a fixed monthly rate.
  • Please compare the rates and quality of their services before you commit to their monthly paid plans. Also, look for the review of their services, from their existing and (or) past clients.
  • Few proxy sites are free. But they will display advertisements on your screen. These advertisements are necessary for them to make an earning. It is the small price you pay for using their free services.

3. Access Blocked Facebook through Home Computer

  • A third option to connect to a blocked Facebook account is to remotely connect to your home computer and access Facebook through home computer!
  • You need to keep both your home computer and internet connection switched on.
  • You can use remote desktop feature to gain access to your home computer. You need to grant necessary user rights to perform this action. i.e. You must be in the list of users.
  • Then use your remotely connected home computer to access the blocked websites like Facebook from office, school or college.

4. Use the Mobile Version of Facebook Site

  • In certain cases, your office or school or college authorities forgets to block the mobile version of the Facebook. They just block the main website alone, leaving the mobile version of the website accessible.
  • The URL of the mobile version of Facebook is Try to access this website address. If you are lucky, it should work.

Conclusion : Some Offices, schools and colleges block websites like Facebook. This could be quite frustrating. But, there is hope.

Many different options are available to access blocked websites like Facebook from your office, school or college. Virtual Private Network, proxy web server or proxy website, Remote access through your home computer, accessing the mobile version of Facebook, etc, are to name a few.

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