How to Open Folder Options in Windows 10 Easily?

Folders are very important in Windows. They are the building blocks of file organization and storing. Every Windows user must know basic things about folders and files. You will see folders everywhere. We create new folders to save our favorite files. We can save music files in one folder, video files in another folder, photos in another folder and so on. Windows 10 already offers a folder named “Documents” in which you will find photos, audio and video folders. You can use them accordingly.

As folders are very important they are given many options to customize them. You can do multiple things such as copying files from one folder to another folder, moving of files from one folder to another, delete files from folder etc… You can even hide folders within folders. You can change the settings via folder option to show hidden folder or not. You can customize appearance of files inside folders. There are direct options given in Windows menu to do most of the things. However as Windows is continuously updating, few settings in newer Windows 10 have changed a bit. It confuses many people specially who are first time users. They don’t know the path of folder options in Windows 10. Follow the steps below to open folder options in Windows 10.

Steps to Open Folder Options in Windows 10:

1. Open File Explorer on Windows 10.

2. Click on “View” in Menu.

3. Click on “Options” on the right side.

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6. Click on “View tab“. You will see a number of settings option that you can change by ticking radio button. If they are already ticked then unselect to change settings. Here are few settings that you can enable/disable for folders:

  • Always show icons, never thumbnails.
  • Always show menus.
  • Display file icon on thumbnails.
  • Display file size info on folder tips.
  • Display the full path in title bar.
  • Show/Don’t show hidden files and folders
  • Hide empty drives.
  • Hide extension for known file types.
  • Hide protected operating system files (recommended)
folder options view tab

There are many more option that you can choose to select or not for folders. If you forgot default settings for any one of the options then you can choose to restore defaults. It will bring back default settings of the folder options.

7. “Search” option will give you options as how to search for items on your computer. You can check the suitable options in the option given. As search is very important functionality of Windows 10, you need to choose the best options. If you don’t know then let the default settings be there. It will give you 2 options:

  1. How to Search
  2. When searching non-indexed locations
search option folder options

8. You can click on restore default settings any point of time if you feel that changes made by you are not working. Restore default settings will fix.

Watch Below video to understand all steps:

This is how you can change settings in Folder options. It’s almost similar in Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1. If you have opted for best performance in system properties then few of these options will be off by that setting. You can manually change from Folder options.

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