How to Fix iPhone X Black Screen Problem 2019

Many people are facing problem with the black screen of death in iPhone X. The iPhone X gets stuck on black screen and it won’t power on easily. The problem may be caused due to hardware damage or software related issues. If the problem is software related then we can fix it by trying certain steps mentioned below. If the black screen is coming due to hardware issues such as hard fall or liquid exposure then you won’t be able to fix it. You need to give it at apple service center to fix it. However most of the times the black screen on iPhone X comes because of system crashes which is software related issue. Many people have fixed the problem by following below methods. You can try these simple troubleshooting methods to fix iPhone X black screen and won’t power on problem. You can also take any friends help who have encountered such problems and ask them how did they fix it. It’s one of the best solutions. 

Let’s see some of the troubleshooting fixes that you can apply on your iPhone X to fix black screen issue. 

  1. Force Restart of iPhone X
  2. Charge iPhone X for sometime. 
  3. Force Restart while charging. 
  4. Use iTunes on laptop to fix iPhone X black screen. 

iPhone X black screen issue

Now I am going to explain as how you can use these methods to remove black screen in your iPhone X. 

  1. Force Restart of iPhone X – The first solution to any problem in iPhone to restart the iPhone immediately. A force restart is always preferred for iPhone and iPad. You can force restart your iPhone just like usual reboot but it’s carried out in a different way by iPhone. There are normally 3 ways to force restart iPhone X. They are listed below: 
    1. Press and hold power button of the iPhone until Apple logo appears. 
    2. Press and quickly release volume up button of iPhone X.
    3. Press and quickly release volume up button of iPhone X.

    Normally if the iPhone X crashed or froze due to software issues or any other technical problem then press these buttons on your iPhone X until the Apple logo appears and phone finally boots up. Most probably it will resolve the issue. 

  2. Charge iPhone X for sometime – Sometimes people get confused discharging of the iPhone X for black screen. Now the iPhone X is out of power so it will also won’t turn on. You will continue to think that it’s happening because of the black screen problem. You need to make sure that your iPhone X is charged before you assume that it’s having problem due to hardware of software issues. Connect your charger and let your iPhone X charge for sometime. Charge your phone for atleast 30 minutes. This much of time is enough for your iPhone to power on without any difficulty. Make sure you have the original Apple charger to charge the iPhone. Other local chargers may not provide fast charging and may not be compatible with iPhone X. Always use original charger to avoid any other kind of issues such as slow charging or iPhone not charging at all.

  3. Force Restart While Charging – Sometimes few apps cause lot of problem and they drain your battery very quickly making your iPhone unusable. These apps use massive amount of battery life causing your iPhone X to shut down. Connect your iPhone X to an original Apple supplied charger and force restart your iPhone X. Use the first method to force restart your iPhone X. As the iPhone is connected to charger, it won’t shut down and force restart will work perfectly. A restart will also fix apps which are causing the problem. It will also allow your device to charge normally just like previously. If you believe some newly installed app was causing the problem then you can uninstall those apps. Hopefully if the problem was caused due to an app then it will be fixed with this method.

  4. Use iTunes on a computer to fix black screen – The last method that can be used to troubleshoot the issue is to fix it using iTunes on a PC. Connect your iPhone X to a windows or macbook using the lightening cable provided by the Apple. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed in your system. Connect your iPhone and let iTunes recognize your iPhone. Once it’s connected then create backups of all the important items of your iPhone. Once you have created the backup then you can restore your iPhone using 2 methods: 
    1. Recovery Mode
    2. DFU Mode

    Both these methods are advanced methods to restore your iPhone if there is any major software issue with your iPhone and it’s getting stuck on black screen. 

For Recovery Mode on iPhone, follow easy steps given below: 

With you iPhone connected to computer, perform a force restart with below steps:

  • Press and quickly release the volume up button of iPhone X.
  • Press and quickly release the volume down button of iPhone X. 
  • Press and hold the power button when you see connect to iTunes screen. Don’t release buttons as you need to enter the recovery mode of the iPhone X. 
  • On next screen, you will one option out of Restore or update. 
  • Select UPDATE to update the iOS if it’s there otherwise select restore. 

Wait until iTunes reinstalls the iOS on your iPhone X without deleting your data. iTunes will download the updates and installs it on your device. If download time takes longer and your iPhone exist connect to iTunes option then you should wait for the download to complete. Once it complete then you should perform the previous steps to reach recovery mode again. 

If the recovery mode failed to fix the problem then you should try much advanced method which is DFU ( Device Firmware Upgrade ). Device firmware upgrade is one of the last methods to fix any software glitch which made you iPhone unusable and made it to malfunction. You also need to make sure that there is no physical damage or liquid exposure to the iPhone X. If DFU restore methods fails then there is a higher chance of iPhone to brick. 

Follow the below steps to perform a DFU mode restore: 

  • Close any running programs on your computer so that no program can interrupt with the DFU mode restore on your iPhone X. 
  • Connect your iPhone X to computer using Apple supplied USB cable. 
  • Press and hold the power button for few seconds while it’s connected to computer. 
  • Keep pressing power button and press & hold volume down button for atleast 10 seconds. If the Apple logo appears then you have to do it all over again. 
  • If you see no Apple logo then release the power button and keep pressing the volume down button for another few seconds. 
  • If your iPhone X screen stays black and you will be alerted with a message on iTunes that “iTune has detected your iPhone”. Now you have entered the DFU recovery mode. Follow the onscreen instructions on your computer for DFU restore mode. 
  • If you don’t see any alert message then you need to do it all over again. 

You can always pay for such service at local service center if you are not willing to take the risks. If you are not that much tech savy then it’s always recommended to take help from friends or youtube videos for complete help. 

Hardware Damage and Repair 

If none of the above methods worked then there is a chance that it’s a hardware damage caused due to fall or liquid exposure. Your iPhone X must be repaired at Apple service center in such cases. If your iPhone is under warranty then you should get it checked at Apple service center. Don’t try to fix it yourself by opening the iPhone. You will damage it even more and even won’t be able to fix the black screen problem.

Hopefully iPhone X black screen issue will be resolved by following the above methods. 

Comment if you have found any other method to fix the iPhone X getting stuck on black screen. 

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