Fix Can’t Connect to WiFi on Phone (Android and iPhone)

“Wi-Fi not connecting” on the phone is a major problem for many people. There are multiple reasons as why your phone Wi-Fi won’t connect to your router or any desired network. Most of the time the WiFi problem can be easily fixed with few simple steps. Sometimes it can be really annoying as connection problem continue to exist even after following many troubleshooting methods. You should first follow the simple methods then head on to apply advanced methods to fix your wifi won’t connect problem.

WiFi connection failure is a common problem in Android phones as well as on iPhone. The failure of Wifi connection problem exist in many forms such as authentication problem, Network not in range, can’t connect and sometimes the WiFi button won’t even turn on. It Wi-Fi will get stuck on turning ON in Android phones and tablet.

I am going to tell you few easy methods that you can follow to fix it. It will take few minutes to remove your problem from the root. If your Wi-Fi still doesn’t work after following below steps then you should head over to advanced troubleshooting methods.

Here are top 10 troubleshooting methods for “Can’t Connect to Wi-Fi” problem on Android and iPhone:

  1. Toggle Wi-Fi Button

You can toggle Wi-Fi button from your settings or notification area. The Wi-Fi setting is available in both Android and iPhone inside the settings. The direct Wi-Fi button is available in the notifications area which you can open either by swiping at the top or bottom of the phone. You can ON/OFF Wi-Fi from both areas. Switch off the WiFi and Switch it ON after few seconds. Doing this solves the problem most of the time. If you network is saved then it will get connected automatically otherwise you can select the network in the WiFi settings and click on connect. Many users have found this method really helpful.

  1. Toggle Airplane Mode

You can toggle Airplane mode in the same way as WiFi. Airplane mode button is available in settings as well as notifications area. Switch off the Airplane mode for sometime and then turn it back ON. Airplane mode is really helpful for this problem. It fixes WiFi and data connection problem most of the time. If you are not getting proper data connection on your mobile network then you can try this method. It will search for the mobile as well as WiFi network connection after switching it on. Many people have found this thing very helpful. It is one of the best fixes of WiFi won’t connect problem.

  1. Restart the Hotspot or Wi-Fi network

Sometimes the problem lies at the other end of the network causing the failure of Wi-Fi connection on the phone. In such cases you can try restarting the Wi-Fi network by restarting the router or by restarting the Hotspot network on other mobile or laptop. Many times the problem will be fixed immediately and your phone will get connected to Wi-Fi automatically. Your Android Wi-Fi will start working again. If it doesn’t help then you should proceed to the next method in this tutorial.

  1. The Password Problem

Incorrect password is one of the biggest problem for people. They tend to forget the right password or change the network password and keep entering the previous password in their phone. It will continue to show wrong password for the network. This isn’t a problem with your WiFi network. Your phone or laptop wifi won’t connect with wrong password. You should enter the correct password with all the case sensitive letters and numbers along with symbol keys. It will surely fix the wrong password problem and you will get connected to WiFi network in no time with right password. You should also check for the capslock button on your phone and laptop. ON capslock is also a common problem for many people that people don’t realize.

  1. Forget Network and Connect Again

Believe it or not but this method has helped many Samsung users as it fixed wifi won’t connect problem. You can delete all networks from your WiFi list and then try to connect again with fresh wifi network. Make sure you remember the password and the network that you have to connect to. You can follow the simple steps below to forget network:

  • Go to settings of your mobile.
  • Find Wi-Fi connection settings. It will depend upon your phone. Sometimes you will find it under “Connection” or directly in the settings with the name “WiFi connection”.
  • All saved WiFi networks will be shown here. Tap on it and click on Forget.
  • Now search for Wi-Fi networks. Once your network is shown then you can click and connect it with the right password.

Forgetting the network is really helpful, as it will delete all previous settings related to the network that you used to connect. It will surely troubleshoot Wifi problem in Samsung models such as Galaxy 2, Galaxy 4, Galaxy 8, Galaxy 7 etc… If you will follow the method above then your android and iPhone WiFi will start working again.

  1. The Right Network

You need to make sure that you are trying to connect to the right network in your list. Sometimes you may find WiFi networks with the similar names. You may be trying to connect to the wrong network in the list. Even after entering the right password in the wrong network, your Android phone won’t connect to it. Double check to make sure that you are being connected to the right network.

  1. Power Saving Mode

Power saving mode of the Android and iPhone helps consume less battery. However power saving mode sometimes becomes a major problem for the Wi-Fi that people don’t realize. WiFi drains the battery quickly in most of the phones. Power saving mode disconnects Wi-Fi in few Samsung phones. It was found that in many Samsung phones the power saving mode interrupted with the Wi-Fi network connection when it returned from sleep. Such users have to ensure that power saving mode is turned off.

  1. Switch off Bluetooth

It has been found in many devices that Bluetooth creates a problem with the wifi network. The Wi-Fi doesn’t work when Bluetooth is turned ON. You can make your wifi work again by switching off the Bluetooth. Switch it off and then try to connect again to the WiFi network connection. You can switch off the Bluetooth from notifications area or settings>>Connection or Bluetooth>> Turn off.

  1. Restart your Android Phone/iPhone

Everyone knows that restarting your phone solves most of the problems in your device. You can restart your android phone or iPhone to troubleshoot any problem in your phone. It will also troubleshoot WiFi won’t connect problem. Simply reboot your phone. Switch it on. Now try to connect to the Wi-Fi network that you were trying to connect earlier. Most of the times it will get connected successfully. You can try restarting your Android phone, Android tablet, iPhone and iPad. It work successfully in all the devices.

  1. Data Factory Reset

Most of phone and tablet problem can be easily fixed by doing a data factory reset. Data factory reset will delete all the settings and data on your phone. All the apps, software and settings will become just like new phone. Data factory reset is one of the major troubleshooters to many problems. You should save all your data and documents before your do a data factory reset on your phone. You should search for data factory reset option in your settings>>phone settings or under security. It depends on phone to phone. Find out the option in your Android phone/iPhone/iPad.

Hopefully these 10 troubleshooting methods will help you in solving your wifi problem. Your Wi-Fi will start working again and you can browse your favorite websites on the Internet.

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  3. Markus Nicholson

    As of 10/28/2019 none of these suggestions have worked. I’m using a ZTE Blade Force 5 phone that’s running Android version 7.1.1. If anyone has any other suggestions I would greatly appreciate them.

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