What is Microsoft Network Adapter Multiplexor Protocol

There have been questions about the Microsoft network adapter multiplexor protocol and if it should be enabled or disabled. This feature is usually in the “Items this connection uses” list. You can find it when you go to the Wifi Properties. By default, the option is often usually off for many users. Being disabled is what often […]

What Does Restore iPhone Mean?

Restoring the iPhone means that wiping out of all the data on the device. i.e. If you were to restore your iPhone, all the data, apps, settings, etc, on your mobile device will be lost. If you are thinking of restoring the iPhone device, it’s always advisable that you back up the data on the […]

How To Fix Sedlauncher High Disk Usage Issue

If you asked me the importance of Windows updates, I would tell you that they are specifically supposed to improve and make advancement on the operating system’s performance. However, there are cases whereby the same updates cause or trigger issues that affect user experience. For example, when the Microsoft released the Windows 10 KB4023057 update […]